18 dollars into a car marketing King

in the domestic business ranks, some of the more legendary entrepreneurs, they use their own experience shocked a lot of people, especially some obscure white entrepreneurs, the next step is to introduce a is not the start empty-handed entrepreneurs.

in Changchun first automobile factory car department store faces a bold magnificent "Shanghai Hotel", the hotel owner named Zhu Xiaoming, he has 4 companies, the total assets of more than billion yuan. He is the real estate business, is the automobile marketing. But the king, who can think of, such as this one the generous, the atmosphere almost to style of private entrepreneurs, the beginning is actually only 18 yuan of money to hand the little tailor.

to select suitable self entrepreneurial environment, the environment, personal advantage is displayed, even on their own, but as long as the use of personal advantage, still can dig a bucket of gold.

1985, 20 years old, Zhu Xiaoming carrying a sewing machine to Shanghai soon, met each named Liang Bindi Changchun. When Liang Bin is considerate and warmhearted to Changchun, a pharmaceutical company in Shanghai. The waiter a day after dinner, Liang Bin and Zhu Xiaoming chat, Ran Bin said to Zhu Xiaoming, Shanghai is the clothing market, here at the tailor as you like, so, in Shanghai is not straight, but to the northeast of Changchun is expert, why don’t you go to the northeast. Zhu Xiaoming felt that the analysis in the spring of 1986, Liang Bin, on his back luggage and sewing machine, pocket only 36 yuan, boarded the train to Changchun evaluation. Because of the baggage with the sewing machine overweight, added 18 round tickets, he only   18 round.

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