Business nature entrepreneurs can not forget

for the ideal to venture, for life to start a business can also, entrepreneurship can have a variety of reasons, but as a successful entrepreneur, do not forget the nature of business.

this reminder is not out of thin air, in the past we see too many entrepreneurs make a lot of things to deviate from the nature of business, and the trend in front of the tides, the last departure from business at the beginning of the heart; we also see too many entrepreneurs start carrying a full of feelings, a business on the ship immediately face torture we also see a lot of turn; the founder immersed in their own past experience and mode of thinking, opening and closing are their own professional importance first; some founder, simply indulge in their "hard", the circle of friends of various activities and meetings in the daytime in the evening sun, totally do not know their focus where should.

What is the nature of the commercial

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