Micro blog sells chicken farm girl running offbeat entrepreneurial way

whether it is micro-blog or WeChat, is a very good sales network platform, at the same time, in today’s society, a network and a mobile platform for the sale of this mode has also been a lot of people of all ages, a large number of entrepreneurs is through such a platform to reach the goal to get rich.

from rookie to quasi expert

Jia dream with a "white coat", wear shoes, and came to the house, the workers put together more than 2 thousand hen "please come out". Feed, clean the chicken coop, vaccine…… Now she has been known to do these.

"before actually know little of the chicken," she said, according to the book on the guidance of slowly learning practice, "chicken feed mainly on soybean and corn, with his or her own, is not the same as the ratio of different stages."

they drove 20 miles to buy chicken

sales were not as simple, how to let more people know? As a trendsetter 90 Jia Meng thought of selling chickens, in micro-blog. In September 16th, she sent the first micro-blog to sell chicken.

9 28 afternoon, Mr. Zhang drove to the farm, "we are in micro-blog see here are the ecological chicken, drove 20 miles."

"here a chicken egg is 65 yuan, a 1.3 yuan, higher than the market price doubled." Zhang said, but the ecological needs of a long time, large investment, but also acceptable.

"" eleven "for seven days, we sold more than and 300 hen." Jia Meng introduction, a lot of people through micro-blog know their own chicken farm.

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