Junior high school students to promote the success of the dry cleaners

in today’s society, the employment environment is not optimistic, at the same time, there are a lot of young people have started to venture in the society, there have been a number of young people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, and also won the entrepreneurial success.

is a very strange thing for many young people open the laundry, because young people are a group full of vitality, even if entrepreneurs should also find some of the industries which open run around here and there, like a washing machine, sitting in the store business every day. But the following college students are relying on the start of the laundry industry. Let’s take a look at it.

has just entered the senior army is campus of the famous "boss", starting just one year, will now monthly income in the past million yuan. When the dormitory students are still looking for a job when soldiers already in the planning of how to expand his laundry business.

soldier son’s career from a year ago, at the beginning, the soldiers fancy campus is to dress the needs of graduates, want to operate with business occupation. However, understanding after the discovery, this area has been The early bird catches, and the competition is very fierce, many previous predecessors have lost money.

in soldiers for entrepreneurial projects can not find and helpless, no one is looking for a job in the senior between words let him see the dawn. When the soldier son ate supper and the seniors, accidentally put soy sauce over the suit on seniors, seniors said jokingly: "tomorrow to spend dozens of pieces to dry, and then washed several times, the money is enough to buy a." Hear these words as if a child soldiers enlightened, investment ideas that dry cleaners sprout.

suits and coats and other high-end clothing need dry cleaning, and now these are not what rare things, many students have. But there is no laundry near the school, if you open a dry cleaning shop near the school, it can not only do the business of the students, the staff can also get the accommodation area market. And the customer is very stable dry cleaners, management is also very simple, a month into a dry cleaning materials can be. As long as the service is good, the technology is good, each piece of tens of dollars, ten will be a few hundred dollars, more and more old customers.

although spotted dry cleaning market, however, the soldier son cleaners is utterly ignorant of what, even the dry cleaning machine manufacturers, dry cleaning equipment, dry cleaners, the price is the number of how much profit that some of the most basic problems, he has no idea, not to mention how to run a laundry. Once again, the plight of the soldiers found the school’s guidance teacher to find help.

after listening to the soldier son idea, the school teacher also think soldiers sub entrepreneurial projects are promising, he suggested that the soldier son so inexperienced entrepreneurs choose the chain with recommended

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