Visual image search help e-commerce

2010 domestic search engine usage for the first time over the network music, becoming the first major Internet users. Recalling the 2010 search market, Google quit China, Sogou and Alibaba marriage, people search on-line and other events can not be ignored, and visual image search also had to mention. Last year, the visual image search related products on-line, financing, acquisition report is under 10, the Alibaba’s investment strategy, Tao Tao search Baidu map on the line, Google invested $100 million acquisition of news station visual shopping search visual image search concern. read more

SOIREE sherui little public number is or because the three level distribution

news January 6th, billion state power network today received friends broke the news, women’s clothing brand SOIREE sherui Version (hereinafter referred to as the little black dress) suspected of being public, WeChat, little micro mall in an inaccessible state, the number of public entrance menu bar also removed the "buy black skirt".

users provide screenshots

a little friend WeChat founder Wang Siming to billion state power network said earlier today, Wang Siming in the circle of friends, the public number is sealed, but now has deleted this dynamic. read more

Baidu will cooperate with the Administration for Industry and Commerce and other six departments on

from the name of "advertising, money", "pay a twenty thousand fee, earning 2000 yuan, 5 years of easy access to 130 thousand yuan" under the banner of leaving hundreds of thousands of people deceived the "world" event, the billionaire was sitting at home part-time, can make a lot of money, "over lost millions of dollars in real cases. In recent years, network marketing this new form of crime increasingly, criminals under electronic commerce network, capital operation, personal finance, online sales business, online training, distance education and other banner, with low cost and high returns as bait, packaging and weaving all kinds of" get rich quick ", flourishes myth, deceptive and misleading users pay membership fees, franchise fees, deposit and other expenses, swallowed users money, resulting in a bad influence on society. read more

Exploration of new network marketing model

recently appeared in the domestic use of a new model of network marketing network marketing team, she is the network ( According to the responsible person, network will carry out marketing activities to a new model, they no longer stay in the lower SEO, EDM and other technical aspects, but as a marketing concept as the core, based on network technology to explore new marketing mode.

search from the network show that, did not see any situation on the network, its official website is also being perfected. But according to informed sources, the network as a new mode of operation is undoubtedly a subversive revolution in marketing circles, she will be in the low technology SEO, BBS, blog, email etc. through the marketing of the perfect performance, and create new marketing value. Network for the deep marketing background and superb business model operation experience for Chinese enterprises to provide marketing help. According to my understanding, the visual recognition system for the network by the international famous brand design company CBX for its design, and CBX is a very well-known international brand design company, they are only designed for high-end brands, there is a certain scale company, visible network to a certain extent the huge has been very obvious. read more

PEAK electricity supplier does not go low price strategy to achieve profitability goals

recently, PEAK electricity supplier pricing strategy has been exposed, the online pricing to 10% higher than the line pricing. Wang Jianyuan, director of e-commerce at the first session of the conference on cross-border cooperation, said in 2013, PEAK e-commerce major assessment indicators for net profit. And hope that through 2013 to strive to net profit increased to about 8%.

, that is to say, PEAK’s involved in electronic commerce is not to hold the mentality to burn enclosure, but directly towards profitability. Wang Jianyuan also said that the beginning of the PEAK electricity supplier in the pursuit of profit, loss of things never do. read more

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of Taobao platform and independent shopping website


development today, already has tens of millions of online, in recent years, the Taobao web site while creating value for themselves, but also to the countless shopkeepers brought great benefits, for the majority of individual entrepreneurship that provides a great platform for small entrepreneurs, in joy feel the benefits at the same time to the platform myself, many people have begun to consider the transition to the independent online shopping website, numerous independent shopping sites, have also formed a debut, with Taobao, pat, shopping platform competition, contend, is All flowers bloom together.. For many people who are ready to engage in e-commerce online shopping business, in the end is to set up shop on Taobao or create their own independent shopping site, has become part of the problem. read more