Teach you how to enhance the competitiveness of the brand – the coffee shop all over the

today’s era of leisure and comfort of consumer goods gradually welcomed by consumers, which may have a direct relationship with our pace of life accelerated. Now the development speed of the coffee industry in China amazing, from a certain extent inspired many investors, many entrepreneurs have joined the coffee industry mining opportunities, resulting in increasing the market competitiveness of the industry to join the coffee. How to make the coffee shop in the fierce competition to stand out, this is also an important issue for investment entrepreneurs must think about. read more

Hot pot stores what promotional skills

is Hot pot products consumers love, many people love the taste of the market in the Hot pot Hot pot, let Hot pot business is very hot, start Hot pot stores, the store wants to successy implement the normal business, entrepreneurs need to master certain skills in business promotion, so it can store more advantages and better development.

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North Union to send warmth

recently, the North District Federation of trade unions to actively carry out warm activities for the poor workers. According to statistics, the condolences activities, recipients of up to 458 people, involving more than and 40 units, including front-line sanitation workers, difficult illness to poverty tolls workers families, workers of bankrupt enterprises, the difficulty of migrant workers, retired workers in difficulties, issued a total of 687 thousand yuan condolences.
it is reported that the North District Federation of trade unions send warm activity as to actively assist the Party committee and government to promote social construction is an important measure to improve people’s livelihood, for the district belongs to the grass-roots trade unions living condition of the difficulties workers comprehensively investigate thoroughly, grasp the specific situation to the number of workers trapped area and difficult enterprise change. At the same time, the difficulty of the basic level of labor unions in the area of the file to carry out a rigorous audit, in order to meet the conditions of helping workers to establish a detailed file difficulties, and difficult to help workers into the system.
the condolences to the activities above door home condolences and concentrated condolences, and through staff chatted field to understand the difficulties of workers suffering, solve the difficulties of workers of basic necessities of life and other practical difficulties, issuing condolences and goods for the workers in difficulties, so that the majority of workers are cut by the party and the government and trade unions care. read more

Early start to recognize the four dangerous

for many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial risk is to make them very headache, but, since the choice of this road, the risks and difficulties are inevitable. In the early stages of the business we will encounter a lot of danger, which requires a lot of attention. So, the beginning of the business to recognize the "dangerous"? Let’s take a look.

a why business? Entrepreneurship is a thorny road of a close call

start this thing, experience is accumulated out of the blood and sweat, not experienced, listen to others say is not reduced but almost invalid. Before positioning the direction of entrepreneurship, the most important thing is to see whether they are suitable for business, do not blindly venture, please be sure to think about why you want to start a business? Short term goals? Medium term goal? No matter what reason is business, what is the goal, must write, but very precise, like going to within 3 months to complete the product, or to achieve monthly revenue of 300 thousand yuan in the second half of this year; not only think, because thinking is very vague, when you write down your goals. The center of life, ways of thinking, ways to spend money and so on, will be around this goal; the way a lot of people would say "I want a lot of money, but there has been no rich, because only want to do, but also do not have a precise target, so many decades are only thinking the stage. read more

What is the management of tea shop tips

milk tea shop is now a lot of friends like to relax the place, now there are a lot of tea shop on the market. If you want to open a milk tea shop, the management needs to pay attention to what skills? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

a, diversified products to attract more customers

how to manage milk tea shop? A lot of tea shop inside the operating species is very simple, in addition to milk tea juice, there is nothing else to buy varieties. Of course, they will tell you, I have a lot of varieties, strawberry milk tea, pineapple milk tea, chocolate milk tea. No less than 20 kinds of taste, written on the full price of the table. To know that there are always some people do not choose to drink milk tea, how to grasp the needs of this part of the consumer, such as a man and a girlfriend two people go shopping, the girl to drink pearl milk tea and boys do not drink. At this time, how do we grasp this part of the consumer groups. Develop new products for them. This can meet the needs of two people at the same time. read more

Xining will carry out urban drainage network reconstruction project

Urban waterlogging not only brings inconvenience to the public travel, but also eager to solve the problem of relevant departments. The day before, Xining city drainage company "on the review of Xining city drainage pipe network renovation project (key waterlogging area design change) preliminary report", the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction project has organized relevant experts on the preliminary design review, agreed to modify the.

it is reported that the transformation of the two main street, Jia Xiaoyi, Xiang, comity Road, Huangshui River north of your 51 plot, Saline Lake Road, Shi Po Street, Temple Street and water points Hongjue cross water points, gardener road of Dongchuan Development Zone, No. 25 Road, Dongchuan Development Zone No. W Road, and Zhuang Road, Tsinghua Road, Rui Yuan Road, two strokes Road, liberation lane, Beichuan River, three or four Binhe Road car factory planning road, mining district planning road, lane, lane, building a new health forest road.The two read more

How to make their own way of entrepreneurship

venture is a risky investment, as the saying goes: venture capital, investment need to be cautious. Not all entrepreneurs entrepreneurial process is smooth sailing. The process of entrepreneurship will inevitably have a lot of ups and downs, then how can we minimize the business as much as possible, how to make the road to become more entrepreneurial?

to give young entrepreneurs advice, I can give too much, but I think the most important thing is that every young entrepreneurs should find their own master, in spirit, in the business can really help you, because no matter how this industry change, not the nature of the business change, business model has not changed, the corporate governance has not changed, I think these old guys are experienced. Young entrepreneurs to self breakthrough and self growth, but this growth can not rely on their own to realize, it is too slow, can not rely on stumble, because in the event of a somersault fall not, perhaps you could not climb up. read more

Xining Public Security Bureau was awarded the national public security standardization construction

recently, the Ministry of public security of the national demonstration Public Security Bureau of the level of formal assessment of the situation were informed, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau was assessed by the Ministry of public security for the national public security team standardized construction of two demonstration public security bureau.

provincial Party committee, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Jianjun thanked the city’s police work hard. Vice governor, mayor of Xining Luo Yulin hopes to take this opportunity to further consolidate the results, to build a harmonious Xining and peace Xining to make new contributions. Xining city public security bureau Party committee asked the public security organs at all levels to the rating as an opportunity to avoid arrogance, make persistent efforts to further take effective measures to continuously consolidate and deepen the regularized building achievements, and constantly improve the meticulous and scientific and public security management modernization level, and strive to create a firm political, professional, style excellent quality and fair enforcement of public security team, for the economic development of Xining City, people live and work in peace, building a harmonious and safe Xining Xining make new and greater contributions. read more

Learn these men’s franchise business is more fiery

when you are ready to invest in men’s business, you have to pay more attention to the men’s chain store shop skills, because the master skills, men’s chain stores can be more relaxed. How to open a business men’s franchise stores?.

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Always ready for the fulfillment of your desires

everyone has their own aspirations, and for this constant practitioners, I hope tomorrow’s life will be better – beautiful, healthy, have more money to spend, work more satisfactory…… Is it all just a dream? No, don’t say you can’t do it. Many times, the dream seems out of reach, because the target is too vague, people feel unable to start. Try to make a professional plan for yourself, it will help you to achieve a little bit by bit.

determined the moment ready to give up read more

Open shop part-time two not wrong entrepreneurial projects

good project has been waiting for us, right now, open shop has become entrepreneurs fashion choice, but how can money, money constantly? Several women in this paper is very smart, in addition to the well-known investment way, another way to operate, unique personality shop both, interesting, and can attract many young men and women the same hobby fashion city.

Movie Gallery

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What about the investment prospects of dessert shops

many entrepreneurs want to know how to invest in the dessert shop? So they can make the right choice, in order to secure business. So the market is very important, the prospects are very important, if you are also related to this issue, you can learn about the article, you will know what the prospects of the dessert shop.

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The best choice for dry mix minced noodles how delicious the entrepreneurial worry

our country’s choice of pasta is always very popular. For those who want to start a successful business alliance, the choice of joining the pasta industry, is a very promising brand to join the project selection. Dry mix minced noodles? Brand selection advantage. So, let’s take a look at the dry mix saozi mask have joined those practices!

dry mix saozi surface approach

dry mix saozi surface need practice, materials: pork skin 450g, noodles, tofu, carrots, potatoes, 1 200g 1, 4-5 100g, black fungus, ginger, leek flower 4-5, aniseed 2-3 flap, five spice powder 1 tsp, pepper and a tablespoon of salt, a spoonful of sugar 5g Yellow Wine, 30ml, 60ml, 15ml, water and vinegar sauce 150ml, onion ginger at the end of a spoonful of salt, 2-3g read more

How to plan the address of the shop

to open a good shop, three points as in the old people often say, the key lies in the right time. Austria, is particularly important, look at the shop location. Some principles.

specific location principles are as follows:

1. cost principle

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What equipment do you need to open a fried chicken

likes to eat fried chicken a lot of friends, fried chicken agent market is also very hot, attracting the attention of entrepreneurs. You may also want to ask, what kind of equipment to open fried chicken shop equipment shop is to be ready before the shop, the choice of equipment must be careful, so you will be more successful shop.

blast furnaceFryer

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The Ministry of Education issued a joint venture to promote entrepreneurship


of college students is the implementation of the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the main work, therefore, recently, the Education Bureau and other departments have a new policy, business students need to know, a look!

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2009 Xuzhou Internet Conference held in October 31st, the fourth

news: November 2nd 2009 Fourth Xuzhou Internet webmaster conference and Huaihai Economic Zone fourth master conference scheduled for October 31st held in Xuzhou Zhongshan hotel conference hall. The conference is sponsored by the Internet Society of Xuzhou, the conference theme is "the world of Pengcheng mountain station". Attracted from all over the country nearly 500 webmaster and Internet industry elite gathered in Pengcheng on the Internet industry arena, Internet industry development in Xuzhou province. Concerned about the economic situation of the Internet, the network entrepreneurial prospects, how to promote personal website, profitability, development and other issues in-depth and wonderful discussion. read more

The second week of July, the global domain name TOP15 domain name in seventh a total of 1 million 78

IDC network (idcps.com) on 22 August 07 reports: according to the latest data from the latest statistics agency WebHosting.info show that in the second week of July, the global domain name market share and the total domain in smooth water surface, the domain name service provider WILDWESTDOMAINS.COM is still ranked first, the growth rate in this week successfully turned positive. In addition, ranked seventh in the world China million net, its total domain reached 1789460, a net increase of 13798, the chain rose increased, growth and stability, the share was 1.315%; the total domain name ranked ninth and the DNSPOD 1615874, a net increase of 12048, accounted for 1.1874%. Next, look at the review and analysis of relevant data by IDC. read more

The popularization of the novel website (Continued)

designed a novel website promotion method to you yesterday, today to make a lot of friends, and they discuss the specific details of the novel website promotion, A5 is really a good place, what time can be the same as the 9A webmaster Wangzhuan and A5 status, the majority of owners in mind and I have the same idea: do 9A webmaster Wangzhuan like A5, to be able to help! Well, the new method below we talk about fiction website promotion again:

1 circle promotion novel website: do not know is that bastard said the arrival of Web3.0 era, so SNS websites are everywhere, look at the SNS site is not the so-called circle, we can do this, registered several ID, and then their copy several comments on the novel, and then add the fiction circle no, never mind?, you can build the best ah, your choice of SNS class website is the story, and then write the article, this circle of people to see your article to your site will bring some good article, note that the best every day to write to make your website has a link to the article at the top, and the title of the article on the novel, try to lure a specific operational level, see you. read more

Leave the potato king wants to build a Chinese minimally invasive spotlight animation version of pix

Wang Wei

Phoenix Technology News

Wang Wei is a serial entrepreneur, he is the founder and former CEO video sharing website tudou.com, the spotlight animation founder. Born in 1973 in Fujian, Fuzhou, Wang Wei holds a MBA degree from the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD) and a master’s degree in computer science from the Johns Hopkins University.

prior to the creation of tudou.com, Wang Wei is the headquarters of Germany’s business development director and CEO of Bertelsmann online Chinese. After six years of hard work, potatoes network successfully listed on NASDAQ in August 17, 2011. One year after the listing, Tudou announced Youku merger. read more