Children’s room decoration should pay attention to these points

housing renovation is a very important thing, especially children’s room decoration, not only to focus on the design of the aesthetic, but also focus on environmental protection. Children’s room decoration, pay attention to cartoon style, deal with rounded edges and corners, the most critical place to ensure that children’s room decoration materials green. Below we also look at the use of children’s room wall decoration materials which pay attention to.

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First open a flower shop to master what skills

is now the number of operators to choose a lot of shops, but many are the first venture, lack of experience, leading to the probability of success is not high stores. In fact, the Bay flower shop, the cost of investment is actually very small, with a total investment of about ten thousand yuan, the main funds invested in the rent, decoration, flowers and gift wrapping paper, cards. If it is the first shop, want to be successful, you need to grasp more skills.

location: the first open flower shop, it is best to choose a large flow of people or the concentration of young people, such as hospitals, universities, shopping centers or neighborhood. read more

Provincial admissions letter sent an open letter to the college entrance examination students

the upcoming college entrance examination, the provincial admissions in May 27th issued the "open letter" to the 2016 college entrance examination candidates and their parents, the majority of candidates can hope that the integrity of college entrance examination, in any case do not undermine the fairness of the exam system.

open letter pointed out: candidates to participate in the college entrance examination will be subject to the cancellation of penalties for violations, cheating will also be included in the integrity of the file and accept social inquiries. In 2015, the state criminal law (Amendment nine) will also organize cheating, cheating and cheating, cheating and cheating in criminal law. Open letter to remind the majority of candidates: one according to the admission ticket admission admission time to take the exam. Before entering the examination room, all candidates must take the initiative to accept the use of metal detectors to check the safety check and the examinee identity verification. Candidates should remember: it is strictly prohibited to carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, toxic chemicals, cheating equipment and camera, scanning equipment, correction fluid, correction tape, book, notebook and mobile phone, electronic watches, bracelet, with wireless receiving and electronic memory function communication tool into the examination room. The two is to understand the foreign language listening test procedures, so as not to affect the test. If the candidates have opinions on the sound effect, must raise their hands, and are not allowed to make a sound, when the examiner came close to reflect my opinion, and then continue to answer. If the candidates do not raise their hands on the sound effect of the hearing problems, to the end of the examination, leaving the examination room after any comments are not accepted. Three candidates must enter the examination room on time. In the examination room to obey invigilator management, consciously abide by the examination discipline. 15 minutes after the examination is not allowed to enter the test center to take the examination on the spot (foreign language courses at 14:45 after admission, candidates banned 30 minutes before the end of the exam) can you play, you are not allowed to stay out in the vicinity of the examination room or talk. The four is the examinee to correct the test, serious discipline, get rid of all the luck, dispel all cheating idea, honest examination. If the candidates have cheating on the exam, will be in accordance with the Ministry of education, 33 orders, criminal law (amendment No. nine) and other relevant provisions of severe punishment. read more

Beautiful Nanchuan river will return to the people around

March 22nd, Henan Nanchuan comprehensive management engineering section officially started construction, after completion of the project, Nanchuan River Basin will form a complete flood control system, flood control standards across the board to meet the design standards, all along the river of sewage collection, the municipal government will be presented to the general public a clear and coastal green, smooth and beautiful scene of the Nanchuan river.

Deputy secretary, mayor Wang Yubo

, World Bank senior experts, water conservancy project manager Zhang Ximing, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Fan Guoqing, vice mayor Xu Guocheng, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Fan Xingliang attended the groundbreaking ceremony. read more

Qinghai brand CCTV next month focused on appearance

Qinghai products do not have to "wine alley deep" and worry. January 28th, Qinghai export-oriented industry and export brand advertising film news conference held in Xining. February to April, the film will be in the CCTV 1, 2, 3, 4 channels to focus on the play, the number of players close to 400 times (including replay).

this piece of advertising by the Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce, the Qinghai Provincial Department of finance to make joint use of financial resources. The film to promote the province’s overall export brand image as the goal, select the characteristics of our province’s export industry, and access to China’s well-known trademarks and international certification of export brands for publicity. Commercials to the source of life, the source of vitality "as the theme, focus on our province Tibetan carpet, characteristics of textile, Muslim clothing and supplies, medlar four representative of export-oriented industry characteristics and" sheep "and" spring "and" the "Snow" boat "and" Bukhara "5 Chinese well-known trademarks and the international organic certification of the" three "Bluebird" billion "organic wolfberry and other products for publicity. The propaganda film takes "the source of Sanjiang" as the opening point, which indicates that the unique plateau geographical environment of Qinghai has bred the unique plateau animal and plant products, and has formed the unique export-oriented economy industry of Qinghai. (author: Li Yanfang) read more

Tsinghua University held a special job fairs

want to know how to start a business venture. There are significant differences in the way of working, working atmosphere and the demand of talents in the development of entrepreneurial enterprises. Entrepreneurs who are interested may wish to go to the entrepreneurial practice.

10 on Sept. 15, 2015 Tsinghua University enterprise recruitment will be opened, this is the Tsinghua University through "actively explore entrepreneurship training" to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education, is also the first time by the University Organization for large enterprise recruitment will be held. read more

Junior high school students to promote the success of the dry cleaners

in today’s society, the employment environment is not optimistic, at the same time, there are a lot of young people have started to venture in the society, there have been a number of young people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, and also won the entrepreneurial success.

is a very strange thing for many young people open the laundry, because young people are a group full of vitality, even if entrepreneurs should also find some of the industries which open run around here and there, like a washing machine, sitting in the store business every day. But the following college students are relying on the start of the laundry industry. Let’s take a look at it. read more

U.S. aegis destroyers out of Japan broke into the South China Sea China base

The United States announced

aegis destroyers "Larson" will withdraw from the Yokosuka base in japan. This attracted international attention. This "Larson" last year in the South China Sea area China, intended to muddy the situation in the South China sea.

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Business can’t fool customers

different owners, there will be a different business philosophy, some shopkeepers dedicated to "cheat" as their business skills, such a business can be long? In the retail business, we will encounter all kinds of customers, what kind of customers, we have to face. As the owner, we must be realistic, the customer is the most taboo for the deception, if once cheated, then the customer will remember for a lifetime, a lifetime not into his shop. As a result of the loss of one or even a group of customers, it is not desirable. This approach is very stupid, is a short-lived business, is not a permanent solution. read more

What are the names of the toy store notice

if you want to open a toy store, we need to do what work? Many investors may already have a lot of ideas. In fact, to the toy store name is the first thing to do to open a toy store, a lot of friends in order to create new styles unique rarity, a unique name is certainly a good thing, the name of the long-term development of the hugely popular toy store is very beneficial, but need to pay attention to the local nature also need to pay attention to.

, a toy store name can not violate the traditional social ethics, "black" and "a beast in human clothing are very unique" name, caused a sensation, but was soon Industrial and Commercial Bureau banned, because he violated people’s traditional morality, will cause others to follow, the social morals injury, it is easy to mislead people. read more

Health food to join the best ice cream

healthy and delicious ice cream always let consumers can rest assured to eat and drink, if you want to make consumers can buy the delicacy products, then join the ice cream are all excellent projects, good investment business, are popular, not to be missed.


you have ice cream will be favored by the vast number of consumers? Because it tastes great, unique production process of ice cream fresh fruit collocation add color, delicious, no chemical additives, it is low in sugar and fat, make sure to bring health and happiness is delicious, buddy, so healthy and fashionable taste of course welcomed by the people. read more

Baidu to do electricity supplier in India, competitive pressure is not smaller than in China

in addition to mobile phone manufacturers, Internet Co also want to go to India

Baidu not only in the country opened a little electricity supplier Baidu Mall, also want to go to India to sell things.

Baidu invested three companies in this breath. According to Reuters, the three electricity supplier in India are online search and ordering website Zomato, ticketing website BookMyShow and online supermarket BigBasket.

India market showed a huge opportunity, we want to connect more people and services, we will invest more resources in the future." A spokesman said in an email. read more

The company plans to increase the Union Commission started in September 1st

August 25th news, according to sources, VANCL plans to increase the Eslite affiliate commission from September 1st, the adjustment range is between 1-1.5%.

said the person, VANCL Commission adjustment only for VANCL personal website alliance and personal shop alliance members. Among them, the ordinary commodity commission ratio from 15% to 16%, the special commission ratio from 5% adjusted to 3.5%, vip/svip account orders commission ratio from 5% to 3.5%.

the source said that the current sales situation, a special case of goods and vip/svip orders accounted for a smaller proportion of vancl. (end) read more

Copycat domain become official told us all the domain name was registered by a space

webmaster network reported on January 21st: with the "copycat" this new vocabulary is popular, and "copycat" about the domain name is priceless. Jiang Wei initiated the establishment of the association of the cottage was also bred in the application of the cottage Association down the cottage Association.Com Chinese domain name. The reporters found that most of the domain name associated with the association, copycat copycat in recent years was registered by a space. But more interesting is that a registered domain name has been registered copycat association to do a copycat Association website, then, copycat Association Web site can be "copycat" fate. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast popular another big wave website is sealed

1 engaged in network extortion, paid delete posts: there is a big wave of the site was blocked by the letter  

after the last wave of 31 sites, the network letter office yesterday announced that there are 40 suspected of engaging in network extortion, paid delete posts and other illegal activities of the site was closed.

it is reported that the 40 sites were closed according to law are:

"China Information Port", "the network of public relations network", "Shanghai famous enterprises network delete posts, delete posts Jincheng net", "21 headlines network," martial arts "," Shandong broadcast network "," Shanghai crisis management "," network information delete technology center "" taste "," farmer hotline network "," brand maintenance network "," network known public relations "," professional delete posts net "," smart network public relations "," network image maintenance network "," enterprise dimensional network public relations "," crisis delete network "," easy company "," Li Shan network "," network network delete posts net "and" Zibo century "and" Beijing Fullink network delete posts "," Ke Le century "," record of the network platform, "delete" Meiya network public relations "and" baccarat "," Beijing Haotian alliance"," The network "and" chuangying network public relations network "," 120 public relations "," golden technology delete network "," the imagination of the network of public relations "," excellent cat delete network "," Beijing speed clear brand maintenance "," Jin Technology "," speed seconds to maintain the brand "," great network delete "and" delta is media network company "," network public relations crisis assistance center". read more

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s first ten excellent site selection activities launched

to promote the healthy development of the Internet, strengthen the network culture construction, promote the "civilized, civilized" and "sunshine green network project" activities, by the Inner Mongolia Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Inner Mongolia communications administration, Inner Mongolia Internet Association jointly launched Inner Mongolia’s first ten excellent site selection activities recently started.

it is understood that the event is divided into recommended sites, voting, jury selection of three stages. Where compliance with the relevant laws of the state read more

Chinese hackers report annual salary of millions, black industry and crime risk

"hacker" (Hack), the word first appeared in the computer culture of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was created, is a positive. On its way to Menlo Park in the car, you will see the sign "1 Hacker Way (hacker Road No. 1)" signs, that is the headquarters of Facebook.

1946, the world’s first computer ENIAC was born in the United states. Since then, some of the brightest, most creative young people, began to enter the industry, in their bodies and gradually formed a unique culture of technology – "hacker culture" (Hacker Way). read more

Dongsheng why not do the traditional network marketing network

in the network of people living in the rise of the generation of network industry will think of this generation have been around for years, but for the people living in the traditional industries, the network may be unreachable, it wasn’t a question, it is a positive sentence.

the impact of the Internet to the traditional enterprise at night. Do not catch up with the bus network, will certainly die. Hurry up and not. So their heart is very anxious, do not know how good.

east look, look at the west, all day in a search process, the Internet is a true and false world, so they do not understand. read more

Castle Peak capital Zhang wild what is the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs

welcomed the attention "to create things in mind" the WeChat subscription number: sinachuangshiji

text / Zhang wild

entered in 2016, Castle Peak capital has invested a number of angel round of the project, mainly in the pan entertainment +, as well as the field of consumer upgrades. These two areas, but also the focus of this year’s capital investment in castle peak.

for the things to do after a lot of investment managers also have feedback on the project, I recently in thinking about a problem: seems to be a commonplace talk of an old scholar between investors and entrepreneurs, what is a relationship? Past this topic many people talked about, but read to the total surface of harmony, nature is still a "party" feeling. It is easy to move, and now the difficulty of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs and investors constitute a group, have undergone great changes, the relationship between the creation and investment, it should be changed from a point of view! read more

Event marketing in the eyes of a grassroots webmaster

speaking of network marketing event marketing webmaster friends no stranger. With the development of the Internet and the growing ranks of Internet users, event marketing has been paid more and more attention. Event marketing is like a double-edged sword, if the use of good results will be a large extent to enhance the brand awareness of enterprises, and the cost is relatively low. But if used improperly, it will self brand.

you may remember a 08 years of successful event marketing case — Wanglaoji event marketing. With the donation of 100 million during the earthquake in Wenchuan and then to "ban Wong Lo Kat", became a well-known brand. The success of the network marketing also led to other traditional media competing reports, so in the low-cost operation, the advertising effect is definitely value for money. This is the network event marketing has the charm and strength. read more