Valley Yihong spicy mix delicacy to earn a investment

we all know, the more cold, the more we like spicy food. How about the valley Yihong hot mix? High quality food, it is worth our choice. In fact, the choice of business to join the valley Yihong hot mix project, open their own brand to join the project, is a very wise choice!

in the valley Yihong spicy mix store, not only rich products, and the price is affordable, choose rich dishes, meet consumer demand, so that every consumer can enjoy the delicious spicy mix Yihong Valley, especially the headquarters will according to the different seasons, launched different flavor delicacy, so that consumers can eat 100 can not stop, natural sales profit. read more

Children photography shop investment advice

parents are very much like to record the growth of children, from 100 Amaterasu, one year old photos, to the kindergarten graduation, so children photography shop business has been very good. Children’s photography shop investment is small, short payback period, suitable for small entrepreneurs. The following is the children photography shop investment advice, interested friends can take a look.

1, store location

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11 private enterprises to complete the work of archives management

Recently, a reporter from the Xining City District Archives Bureau was informed that, at present, Xining, Xining Dongbao printing factory of Limited Liability Company, Xining Steel Group Co. Ltd source and a total of 11 enterprises, has completed the work of archives management specification.

it is reported that private enterprise archives is the formation of private enterprises in the production, management, scientific research, infrastructure and management activities, with various historical records of text, graphics, audio, electronic and other forms of search to preserve the value of the enterprise. read more

The business motto for life

the following business motto is derived from the mouth of those who are successful entrepreneurs, I hope you can learn from the mouth of some of their entrepreneurial experience, effective and reasonable application of your own entrepreneurial life path.

1, the enterprise that person – the God of Japanese business Konosuke Matsushita

2, the company’s largest asset is the people – the God of Japanese business Konosuke Matsushita

3, the employer is not how to reduce people’s weaknesses, but rather how to play the strengths of people – famous management scientist Peter,, read more

To start a good opportunity for billions of people thirst

water is a part of people life indispensable, if the entrepreneur can enter into the market, will make a big career, can be said to billions of people thirst, is definitely a good opportunity of entrepreneurship.

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Tea shop how to do to retain repeat customers

people in our country is very big demand for tea, also let many people in business when they are considering such industries, now many consumers love tea, to help you relax, many entrepreneurs see the interests of people, have chosen to open their own tea stores, then the tea business what stores keep coming back?

1, tea shop to respect the customer

work, sometimes we may disagree with the customer friction. You need your attention to your speech and deportment, respect your customer. Your attitude may be the starting point to establish a good relationship between you, may also become a war between you and the customer. read more

No professional skills do not understand how entrepreneurial potential so embarrassed

what, no brushes are difficult to succeed, which makes many people do not understand the professional skills without pain, they are to carry out business, to realize their dream of becoming rich, but the potential so embarrassed, how to start?

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Changchun’s electricity supplier of agricultural products business incubators into female entreprene

many Internet entrepreneurs have said that the arrival of the era of the Internet to give women more entrepreneurial opportunities. Indeed, women are better at using the electricity supplier business development.

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Kunming network about car platform to raise access threshold

Kunming network about the car platform to raise the access threshold, a time has become a hot topic, causing the driver, platform companies and passengers attention and comments. Drivers believe that this Ordinance is not scientific, too many restrictions, and users are very good policy. Although there are comments that Kunming net about car deal draft "open is not exclusive, limited grade not Diaojia", but many netizens think: "Kunming network about the new car if this execution, it is comparable to the harsh first-tier cities." Network about car platform, said the network about the car fare may be raised to two times more than the local taxi prices. read more

Adult toy market holds enormous business opportunities

      "adult toy market in our country has a lot of room for development, toy consumption is expanding from children to adults. Adult toys toys has gradually become the new darling of the market, but the market of our country enterprise specializing in the production of adult toys is very rare." Said the executive vice president of Chinese Toy Association and Secretary General Liang Mei accepted "Chinese United Daily" reporters at the second session of the China International Toys and Animation Education Expo news conference, held in July 29th at the National Convention Center in Beijing for fair play is to show children’s toys and adult toys feast, will become China’s future adult toy market vane. read more

Government governance WeChat, the number of public marketing No.

[IT] WeChat Time depth observation of the ill fated, a born touched the interests of operators, "WeChat charges" about the problems, then, in the commercialization process, also encountered false bad information center, however, WeChat and other instant messaging public does exist many illegal problems in information release.

recently, Guoxin Office jointly Ministry of industry, Ministry of public security in the country to carry out a period of a month, for special operations, WeChat and other mobile instant communication tools, focus on remediation of illegal acts in the service of publishing public information of mobile instant messaging. read more

Keyword marketing and promotion

work with Ma for Internet a "net sales", Taobao this seed has grown to be the heaven uncle, followed by Taobao and the rise of countless prospectors from from all sides want to stampede in, share a cup of "golden soup"! Of course, I am also a member of the gold rush in, but unlike most gold, I am not the owner of Taobao, the Taobao gold network but a passenger using Taobao this e-commerce platform


choose industry reasons:

everyone has a gold rush for everyone, with me as an example: read more

Customer in marketing, marketing to

aged believes that his once a year from how much sales to determine the need to do much of the type of merchandise, very wrong. In this conference, he said, at present, when users want to buy Shirts, T-shirt can remember every guest, he felt enough.

"last spring I was so upset that I only wanted to do subtraction." In April 1st where the spring and summer T-shirt conference, the old station at two or three meters high in front of the big screen, in front of thousands of spectators said. read more

A new railway ticket system cost over 300 million upgrade after getting angrier

new railway ticketing system cost over 300 million

every reporter Li Wenyi from Chengdu, Beijing,,

for online "hard to get a vote" situation has not changed, the public was derided as "a magical site" Chinese railway customer service center in widespread criticism in the sound of the ticket system began to seek change.

according to the Ministry of Railways at the beginning of the September statement, a new generation of Railway Ticketing and reservation system (hereinafter referred to as the new ticket system) construction will last for more than 3 years, completed a project task, will be before the end of this year by the end of 2015, the entire project is completed. read more

In 2015 Chinese P2P net loan regulation in contrast, industry reshuffle

The trend of online financial

Internet technology, big data, user experience and channels as the representative, the P2P net loan industry once again pushed to the public opinion. 2015 hit P2P net loan, will be a feast of ordinary investors, platform operators, venture capital institutions, financing needs and related consulting services, cooperation channels and Internet marketing services platform to enjoy the.

2014 has come to an end, P2P net loan industry is still staged the last carnival. Data show that as of December 19, 2014, China P2P net loan volume reached 305 billion 700 million yuan, compared to the turnover of $87 billion 419 million in 2013 to count, an increase of 250%. Have to say that in 2014 the P2P net loan industry, has become the exception of the banking system in addition to the typical financing services. read more

The new public, how not to spend a penny, plus more than and 200 precision powder

09 years I just contact network promotion, had heard of Taobao, also go a little understanding, if at that time if they work hard to understand the Taobao off that piece, may also earn a lot of money, I still can not contact, though, because there is no clue later to give up! The second year is the end of 2010, when Taobao is hot off a lot of friends are in the Taobao customer commission, I also look jealous, then began to study Taobao customers, toss a lot, spent a lot of time, and finally give up! Because after a period of time, found that pay with the harvest is not proportional, but many people do, do Taobao customers but also because of this, so many people give up halfway. read more

On the publicity of local websites

how to do a good job of local websites, is related to the development of local web site, let us explore the following direction

1, QQ group promotion

I said here is the local website, QQ does a very good way, how do you say? 2 a webmaster in local QQ group to see today. All 2 of them are local forum webmaster, but their propaganda is completely different aspects of.

is a news reporter, and the other is a game player. In the group, I have never seen the game player about his site, today I just ask, who is standing in this group, he immediately run out, I can say is we in this. The group for 1 years, often chat, but not heard him say, he has a forum, and another station, he is a journalist, every day he can collect new material, and it is the original. He also adhere to the daily connections in the group (XX, today the XX, then took his forum connection), what happened to our city? I am unable to restrain the emotions up, also brought him a IP, they visited the forum that everyone should know about read more

Jiang Min a successful case analysis of micro-blog

on the micro-blog marketing article, see every day in micro-blog’s activities is also very much, some so-called experts more, so Jiang Min will not repeat some theoretical things, write their own understanding of the direct analysis of micro-blog planning activities and some successful cases.

micro-blog activities in the form of a lot, but nothing more than to achieve three purposes: 1, to increase the audience (fans), 2, to promote brand awareness, and to improve the transmission rate of 3 to guide consumption. Because they want to achieve the purpose of different, so for these three activities planning is not the same, but can not put these three purposes on the same activities at the same time, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of the broadcast. As to how to improve the quality of micro-blog activities, you can learn from some good examples of activities. read more

Zoupian Jian Feng, create search engine marketing invincible reputation

for relying on Baidu to promote the electricity supplier companies, the flow problem has been resolved. However, unlike the Taobao platform, there are third party regulation, product reputation is easy to build. Product reputation and flow conversion, has been doing a hurdle cross Baidu platform business enterprise.

as a result of their own is also a platform to do Baidu product operations, reputation building and traffic conversion problems, has been plagued by the author of a problem. So I almost no longer thinking, hoping to find a way to solve this problem. However, hard work pays off, as the time to do online marketing more and more long, I finally found a set of invincible word of mouth marketing ideas, simple to share with you. read more

Five important methods of network promotion


site is every day a geometric growth rate with the entire Internet portal, personal station, station, station enterprises like the stars of heaven, beyond count, so there is a philosopher who said, in fact, every star in the sky correspond to each site on the Internet, so how to make your site become Sirius, become the Rev. Star light shining? It needs to promote. At present, the Internet can well run website can only account for about five percent, why so many websites as many small stars? That is the promotion method is not well, let website traffic is always at a low level, a lot of people do not know the search engine with the power of how big, if able to occupy the search the engine of the top few words, then your website traffic natural can get great improvement, here we have to promote related methods to introduce read more