[the Internet] second dry cargo how to defeat the boss

Internet industry is the second to beat the industry leader, is a very interesting, it is worth exploring the issue. In this paper, the author combed his understanding of this issue, and for the field of online tourism elong as a case, from a perspective of industry observers to analyze and discuss. The young investor club.

I want to think and answer the following questions: (1) whether the Internet can beat the second industry leader? (2) how to beat the Internet Dick Dick? (3) how to help the investment industry second? (4) how competition in the online travel industry? (5) elong should take what kind of way beat the industry leader read more

All four flow play Sohu news found Yang Yang Wu Yifan endorsement

in the first half of 16, deer Han, Li Yifeng two "flow play had endorsements Sohu news, in the subway, buses, cinemas and buildings, high streets and back lanes. This year, as usual, in the past 2016 Sohu annual fashion festival, Yang Yang won the annual popular male star, and Wu Yifan as a candidate after the Sohu news in the first time to find Wu Yifan and Yang Yang endorsement Sohu news client.

is currently Yang Yang’s endorsement AD and H5 has been out of the street, Wu Yifan is still in the advertising shoot. read more

How to promote the most convenient website

learning SEO, how to promote the most convenient, the most efficient navigation on the Internet! How do we do 100 thousand IP10W people use the 77265 navigation! First, I first introduce how she is standing:

she is a comprehensive website, she provides personal network favorites function for everyone, it can help you to love your web site, such as your favorite film – dance music MP3-DJ – -QQ code – Xiaonei code -… From now on… You don’t have to memorize a URL read more

Present personal website has entered the era of capital

the early Internet, as Columbo discovered the new continent. The pioneer circle on a piece of land, you can start your own construction. At that time, very few online resources, personal webmaster to many of the information, pictures on the Internet, to make a great contribution to the rich network resources. At the same time, access to considerable site traffic. At that time, more for the sake of interest, very few commercial interests. After all, the company has not been in the Internet advertising awareness. read more

Daily topic inventory Baidu Google update

station network (www.admin5.com) July 3rd news, the first half of the 13 years has imperceptibly passed, in the second half of this time is over, I believe that Baidu algorithm update did not make the webmaster less to worry about! Today we have to sum up Baidu and Google algorithm updates which have.

first launched at the beginning of this year, Scindapsus algorithm. Scindapsus algorithm is mainly for the sale of connection behavior, super chain intermediary, sell link website, buy links will be affected in different degrees. The introduction of the algorithm to effectively curb malicious exchange links, the behavior of the release of the chain, effectively purify the Internet ecosystem. read more

There is no specific drug promotion online

recently a lot of online to push my friends, have asked me the same question, roughly summed up is such a sentence:

website promotion have available medicine can eat, can 35 days to put their own website to known to the world. I heard such a problem really didn’t know how to answer, and I put the station pushing me (www.tuituiwo.cn), is to lend me one hundred courage three hundred life, I don’t have the ability to make known to the world, on an equal footing with brother Ma Yun. But there are several special circumstances that would, one is Edison Mr. Yan Fu, the two is Gates so much money, it can be achieved overnight, I didn’t think of the other. Of course, there are some software is very crazy, very tempting, but everything has a weight problem, is a double-edged sword weapon, hard-edged after injury itself. Shiver for a long time, perhaps I say most of my friends would be very disappointed, you may wonder, the promotion of what? The promotion can do what? Here, I had to use an old saying, "master door, rely on their own practice". Such as webmaster nets, is a very good website, but we also did not see people’s quick experience, but everyone’s promotion summary, experience, successful course. read more

Dare to launch the world’s first Hangzhou IDC free home service

These days the weather is very hot

at the beginning of July, the webmaster mood is very upset. Photos for the record, like a mountain of general pressure in the hearts of the webmaster.

according to the Ministry of the new filing requirements, the owners have to go to the service provider company site photography, many owners in order to record a thousand

long, travel to spend thousands of dollars. For example, you bought a virtual host in Chengdu, Beijing, whether you fly or

take the train or not, you must go to Beijing to take pictures. Even before the record has been possible to re record. read more

2013 owners of the network of public lectures Taobao twenty-seventh small and medium sellers win in

after 2012, Taobao’s balance is gradually tilted, the greater the seller’s support is growing; but for the new small sellers, the opportunity is getting smaller and smaller. Taobao profit small sellers living space, more small sellers will decide on what path to follow as a novice shop Taobao? How should one step towards success? A5 webmaster network distinguished Taobao business expert analysis Taobao shop deal, to help you quickly master the Taobao shop shop operation skills and network skills, through a lot of the real case analysis teaching how do you do a Taobao / Tmall shop. read more

Technology pioneer electricity merchants how eyeball payment

business development, business leaders started obsessions, they speak English, talk about feelings, movies, from time to time be splashed on a chicken soup, but had to admit, China business people really made some achievements, in fact, backed by the world’s largest consumer market, can not think of results are more difficult, besides, China business never stop efforts, perhaps, they have been selling fake goods, also rely on "praise division to survive, but prosperity with customers, sales of electrical stability, merchants began slowly washes away the stain, rapid growth in product quality, logistics efficiency as the core, and even began to try some of the latest technology, and made great breakthrough. To electricity traders perennial, quietly changed the Chinese consumer shopping habits, in today’s Chinese, electronic shopping is no longer fashionable people, but more and more people have physical stores to be different, they are either natural or pure wood louse, is focusing on the quality of life of nouveau riche! read more

Yangzhou cracked the first case of Trojan Trojan hacking monthly suction gold

"Bole Trojan" is currently the top three virus, open Baidu search, enter "Bole Trojan", a total of more than 25 thousand and 100 related information. See this information, not only introduced the use, and download method, and killing the tutorial…… The Internet "Bole" flourishing. More data speculation, the virus maker nearly one million yuan a month suction.

in mid July this year, after 4 months of careful investigation, a "Trojan horses" famous maker in Shenzhen, Yangzhou was arrested by the police, this is also the first domestic manufacturing Trojans captured them. read more