Analysis on the investment prospect of Korean cuisine

the current food and beverage market to attract consumers to the project is really not much, if there is no feature is simply impossible to win a good source. So many brands in the project to brand more popular Korean cuisine. Korean cuisine with unique taste to attract consumers, after entering Chinese, in a short period of time to attract consumers, but also get investors’ attention, a Korean restaurant boom open. So what is the future of Korean food investment market?

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Winter housing renovation needs to pay attention to what problems

winter housing renovation problems need to pay attention to what? Many consumers are beginning to decorate the new house in winter, the seasonal factors affect the decoration effect? Many novice may not be very clear about the relevant issues. Xiao Bian summed up a number of small decoration knowledge, I hope to provide some reference for you, hurry to look at it.

winter housing decoration in general should be fully guaranteed to be within the temperature is within the temperature should be about 10 degrees Celsius, a lot of decoration materials is about 5 degrees Celsius, but the wall is heat cannot be produced automatically, the wall has good insulation effect but does not produce heat, so the indoor temperature is maintained at 10 degrees Celsius is very good decoration temperature. read more

Several considerations of female entrepreneurship

women entrepreneurship has become widespread, and although many women when entrepreneurs occupy a lot of advantages, but also need to pay attention to a series of problems in the process of many entrepreneurs will encounter.

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How to operate a water purifier shop

water purifier to join, has become a new business choice, the market unpopular. Many investors have chosen the dominant brand to meet the future of wealth. How to operate a good water purifier shop? The operator must have a good grasp of the business. The following Xiaobian summed up the three points, a look at it!

first, stylized

according to local consumption habits and culture, looking for the products with local eating habits and culture purification needs the same point, for this piece, we need a water purifier enterprise marketing personnel should be targeted for guidance and training to help its own brand dealers light work. Highlight the unique brand style at the same time, also want to do as the Romans do. read more

How to start a textile shop to run

in today’s society, the textile industry can be said to be a very popular industry, at the same time, there are a lot of investors and entrepreneurs choose to invest in the textile industry, now ready to open a textile shop, what are the operating rules?

is going to his own business, opened a textile shop, it is not familiar with this, then how do I open a textile shop? How to choose home textile brand?

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What projects are easier to make money in rural areas

now, many rural people do not just by keeping the third of an acre of crops to earn money. More rural people to choose a variety of entrepreneurial road, then, in the countryside, in the end what projects are relatively easy to make money? Which projects are more suitable to do in the countryside? Please follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

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Teach you to open a successful infant clothing store

a lot of friends are very interested in infant clothing, want to invest in opening an infant clothing store, the idea is very good. Note that the infant clothing is a sensitive market, it is different from the common men and women, infant clothing have many more requirements on fabrics and styles, how to open a clothing store in? We analyze from the following points.

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Daily topic 58 city listed on the outbreak of equity disputes will be added to the listing

webmaster network ( October 30th news, by the end of September this year, 58 city to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus to be listed in the United states. The company raised $150 million of funds, the underwriters for Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Citigroup, the transaction code is WUBA. In this coming to the end of the month the United States listed on the NYSE in 58 city, unfortunate encounter disputes.


it is understood that Liu Xuanfu (Chairman of the Beijing Sun Light Television Technology Co. Ltd.) recently to the Hubei Xiaogan city Xiaonan District People’s court, said the business online (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. (On-Line Company chairman Cheng Handong Yao Jinbo (business), chairman and founder of the city, CEO 58) against the interests of its shareholders, Hubei and Xiaogan city of Xiaonan the District People’s court has accepted Liu Xuan pay charges. According to Liu Xuanfu, December 2009, Cheng Han Dong advantage in business On-Line Company and seal, without shareholder approval did not inform the Liu Xuanfu case, in the name of the On-Line Company and private business Yao Jinbo signed an "agreement", to give up on behalf of the holders of 58 17.5% stake in the company, which seriously damaged the business as a On-Line Company the interests of the shareholders. read more

On the construction of e-commerce platform for building decoration products

with further strengthen domestic regulation of real estate policy, the housing decoration industry supply chain downstream of the real estate business has also been affected, as competition increases, so many housing decoration companies all of a sudden management difficulty, source reduction, profit decreases, and the selectivity of the user is more and more high, many marketers think housing decoration the more kinds of better decoration products, to the user’s satisfaction, but it is limited by capital and channel pressure, makes a lot of housing decoration product marketing agents have to look at Qian Xingtan". read more

Li Linkai on promotion of actual combat experience feelings

is now engaged in network promotion work is really make painstaking efforts, every day is the miserable work pile up like a mountain hand oppression. This does not, in this I will for this job experience, write down their feelings: "get up earlier than chicken, sleep later than cats, eat the food, dry cattle live". Why? Please carefully consider a brother with you.

1, the network has been widely used in recent years in China, which led to the majority of the company’s online marketing awareness is weak, they always want to get the maximum return with minimum investment. You know, this network promotion as we talk about the boys like to remember the object, three points seven points: tight, loose, and then into the collapse, is anxious eat hot tofu. read more

How to write a good article

with the updated Baidu algorithm constantly, Baidu’s recent moves frequently, and Smith, is to engage in pomegranate, bitter stationmaster puzzled, in fact, Baidu? Is the changes in the algorithm, the only reason among them, as long as we hold a webmaster, original articles updated every day and do more conducive to the user experience of things, site traffic will slowly up, pull a little far, today I have to share all the "how to stand in the user’s point of view" article written medical station, help patients solve their problem need to be solved, this is the king. read more

The line is 100 is not 0 Durex with event marketing in the end how to also headlines

through the recent Spartan marketing event, CEO and micro-blog V, micro-blog disputes, and new media marketing to highlight the essence of marketing is not a fancy, but the quality of the product itself. I believe you will have a fresh feeling after reading.

recently, a lot of hot events. Followed by the major brands of new media marketing, it is called an overwhelming. With some, shine, as in "another planet" event marketing, Benz flashed you there, see the star "; some don’t, as in" Sanlitun UNIQLO "event marketing, Durex is not directly with the headlines! Come with marketing events, what with those things? Children here on our national emblem teacher came to tell us about the new media event marketing read more

Figure IPO us contact with investors to raise $750 million

in August this year, the news said the company plans to figure in Hongkong in the fourth quarter of this year’s IPO (IPO), valuation of more than $5 billion, raising the amount of up to 5 to $1 billion. Because in a quiet period before the listing, Mito company has not made any official response to the rumors, but from various investors and employees within the company can be seen, Mito company IPO has been close at hand.

recently, according to Bloomberg news, Mito company this week and some investors in Hongkong, London, New York and Boston contact, understand these investors for the value demand of IPO, and in the next week, Mito will choose the Asian investors before the start of the roadshow management. read more

There are 4 stages of an enterprise marketing

was honored to attend the Google forum in Ningbo yesterday. Yesterday to participate in the forum are the network of Ningbo and even the elite of the marketing sector, the General Assembly invited a marketing professor of Tsinghua to give a speech. After listening to her speech feel very reasonable, to share with you!

, a marketing enterprise generally has 4 stages, the first stage is the production of enterprises, production enterprises benefit is fast, such as your company produces an engine, this engine technology in the market is still relatively rare. Since you are technically ahead of your products, you don’t have to advertise and there are lots of orders coming in. Even in the financial crisis today, is not a great loss, may also be profitable, because you produce things no one else, only you! Is the second stage, because of you of this engine is relatively easy to sell, there will soon be a rival, they also sell the same engine with you. Soon your market may be your competitors to snatch, in order to save the market, often make small profits, the price war. Then there will be an industrial chain, the cost of the province at the source. For example, Mengniu Group, they have their own cattle, control the cost from the milk. Saved a link to the other milk companies. Cost savings from production and processing. Finally, from all aspects of the province, so as to achieve the same price, we still have to earn. The third stage, the situation is bad, there will be two cases, one from all aspects of cost savings, will lead to some problems, the case of melamine is so out! In order to maximize the interests of the ball. Often this time the enterprise will appear bottle diameter. At this time, some companies began to invite star advertising. Although it is necessary to spend some money, but for the survival of enterprises. That’s a good idea. Because this time the enterprise has reached a certain scale, which is also the fourth phase of the country to prepare. The fourth stage, the enterprise is talking about the brand effect, this time the enterprise can survive under the strong, basically can be listed. Brand effect for a long time, in the same cost, you can make more money. For example, Philip’s lamp, also made by an enterprise China, the company also produces another brand of light, the same material, the same cost, as long as the Philip’s mark, this lamp can sell a few. No Philip logo, although the material is the same, but can only sell more than ten pieces. This is the so-called brand effect. read more

2014 mobile internet marketing model

recently used to do a lot of mobile Internet mobile gaming web marketing, although in terms of the flow of my website without much help, but an application can help in advertising alliance earn above 50 dollars is very good, for all of US $50 is not really what to do, but at least one the website can earn 50 dollars also have a psychological comfort, is not too much grassroots website operation for many years, has no profit, well, today take you to a fun mobile Internet marketing.

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Talk about my views on enterprise website marketing (two)

I have said that for the enterprise website to promote the marketing of hard technology, the optimization of the enterprise site to a certain extent, it is necessary to come out from the corporate website, to promote other platforms.

(a) to promote the relevant industry website platform

promotion in the industry on the site more targeted audience is concerned, this industry is all users, potential customers in the industry website users are having professional knowledge of the product, in this website for marketing to get potential customers need to use professional knowledge to communicate with them, often participate in they discussed some practical, often published articles, through the accumulation of time, the brand image of the enterprise is deeply the user’s heart, the formation of brand effect. read more

Interactive Encyclopedia Pan Haidong attended the annual meeting of the board of directors of Shangh

January 16, 2010, Shanghai station cum welcome World Expo Internet Forum at the conference hall of the grand opening of the American Studies Center of Fudan University. The conference is sponsored by the Chinese website, Interactive Encyclopedia, co management system. It is reported that attend the meeting and invited guests to the webmaster thousands, Interactive Encyclopedia CEO Mr. Pan Haidong as guests attended the meeting, and around the theme of the conference "website promotion and operation" speech. read more

The only way out for the development of Mao Zedong’s campaign war

warfare is the main military strategic guidance of Mao Zedong Jiang Jieshi out of the encirclement, but also our individual owners out of the encirclement strategy of some network chiefs.

what "war of movement": mobile warfare is a military combat mode, relying on the larger operational space for time mobile troops surrounded by the enemy, to force a quick fix, use of mobile warfare to the words "to avoid the enemy force, depth, concentrate superior forces, crush one by one". read more

Microsoft CEO Na de la Tsinghua share aspiring entrepreneurs can learn advanced companies


technology news June 1st morning news, Microsoft Corp CEO Satya Na de la at the 2016 Microsoft developer summit, visit Tsinghua University, and share experiences in the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University.

at the forum, Na de la share as Microsoft CEO two years of experience to the college teachers and students of Tsinghua University. Na de la Microsoft said that at present and in the future, will be dedicated to cloud services, artificial intelligence and networking and other areas of development. read more