Content social promotion and communication routines

is often tied to the flow of a few verbs is cited, suck, guide, which means that the flow of people hanging in front of a piece of saliva DC meat".

"meat" is a variety of benefits, the reason why the stranger with you to establish some kind of contact to become your powder, people are looking to get more benefits from you.


drainage consists in designing proper benefits (value), and as widely as possible to let people know that you have a good.

benefits (value) of the carrier can be invisible service, can also be a real commodity, can also be a combination of intangible and physical. However, the value of your point of the letter of introduction in the current form of communication in cyberspace is nothing more than articles, audio and video three media. read more

24 certificates announced the completion of the $10 million level C round of financing

November 30th afternoon news, buy site 24 coupons announced today that it has signed a C round of investment agreements, the completion of the $10 million level of financing.

24 certificate CEO Du Yinan said that in such a difficult environment of capital market, but also the completion of financing, has been recognized by the capital market, "this is the biggest affirmation of 24 coupons, he said there is still a lot of work to do after financing.

according to its introduction, the current round of financing will be used for business development and services, product development and other aspects, and early before the end of the year to achieve profitability plan. read more

This can be used to make money Knowledge of beverage bottle caps

another sleepless night, or oldself! Chat with a few friends chatted in the middle of the night, this feeling is not on, and found the left after the new discovery, is very happy. This is also OK, just a few friends in speech communication once, did not expect to open a web page, see what are not the same! (not zouhuorumo it), since the time in search of what he needs, found a unique idea, at least for now is to search online. Hey! This idea to find two friends to explore, if feasible, this operation is set. read more

Share my hard journey and harvest for Taobao

The development and influence of the

Internet, a large number of real driving online entrepreneurs, whether it is Taobao or retail, online mall, advertising or other, are applied to the Internet has great relevance, so a lot of people really are online and a Wangzhuan industry, today to share with you my Taobao customer experience


actually I do Taobao off time is not long, but from which I really learn a lot of things, whether it is on the network’s understanding and operation, and development have a great impact! I do Taobao off is found with one of my colleagues have had the opportunity to chat, Yu Shima started read more

Miss the burn rate financing home wash O2O platforms have died

recently had O2O e car wash car wash industry half of the country had not been so good. Close the door to the car wash and home maintenance business at the same time, there are nearly a hundred employees were cut news, CEO also left in May of this year. Before and after the home Hanging Mobile Internet is the biggest car company "plaque off the core business, after the media exposed a dozen failures of the same type of company news. People can not help but ask, why is the car wash industry so short-lived O2O? read more