Dry cleaning stores four common mistakes to avoid

open when the dry cleaners, many of my friends have to go with the crowd psychology, learn to think we do, is certainly not wrong, this is actually not very desirable. Xiaobian remind the majority of investors, joined the dry cleaners to avoid the following four common errors, so as to improve the success rate of shop.

A: quick success, blindly follow the trend of

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What should be paid attention to in the education industry

Now we

the whole domestic education industry development speed and scale are all obvious to people, at the same time, there are a lot of people will start to shift the focus of the education industry, such as investors, now invest in a personalized join the school should pay attention to what?

join for personalized education institutions, whether it is a market team or team of teachers, the team work quality often depends on the management of team management and operation. As a personalized education to join the organization managers, on the inside and outside the school department development plan in advance to prepare and do a good job of self-controlled system can greatly liberate managers’ work stress. The four management systems of individualized education joining Campus: read more

Invest in a Yang Guofu Malatang how much money is needed

China catering industry always snacks is one of the feelings of people can not give up, what kind of snacks is the mass consumption, small series that first Malatang is. As the China Malatang industry leading brands – Yang Guofu. The establishment of the five unified standards. Uniform trademarks, uniform store design, unified operation and service standards, unified product quality and taste, unified advertising. The expansion of the national industry standard store in strict accordance with the mode of fast food, food science and innovation, perfect customer service service to let investors really worry free and open a business! As Yang Guofu Malatang to join the brand shop only need to invest several million yuan, is a good investment projects. read more

What are the women’s entrepreneurship programs in 2014

2014 is about to come, in the new year, what is particularly suitable for women’s investment projects? Below, may wish to come together with a small set of predictions!

the fashion buyer is perhaps the most ideal way of working is the hearts of many women shopping, shopping becomes a kind of occupation, but fashion buyers are not simple, they not only have the extremely keen observation of fashion and ability to grasp, but also understand the existing market demand and potential demand, to find the new consumer hot customer group.

Music Store Manager in Germany, a newly opened clothing store, there are DJ live DJing every day, rhythm, strength, music sense, and there are shopping atmosphere match, now music already in the mall, restaurants and other places play a unique importance. If the domestic stores can also have this kind of consciousness, will certainly be more interesting in our life.

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Do a good job of education and training projects need to start from what

education and training industry is in the rising period of development, many entrepreneurs are willing to own lofty goals and the wealth of the industry closer. But to achieve this ambitious goal to create wealth, entrepreneurs really need to do is to do education and training project. So the education and training programs need to start from what? The following will tell you the answer.

1, select the appropriate project and brand

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August domain name dynamics 10.Com domain name to create 5 million 200 thousand transaction value

It is reported that in August September 2nd,

news, the overseas market successfully sold a number of domain names, sorting out the overseas trading platform on the 10 more expensive.COM domain name, domain name trading a total of nearly 820 thousand, about 5 million 200 thousand yuan, then simply understand these 10 domain names are


figure: August Top ranking

August, favorites domain Favorites.com price of $165000 to the first among the list, ranking second is the signature creative domain name eSignature.com, domain name trading at $150000, ranking third is trading at $105999 (the ZY.com short domain name domain name may this month to confirm the transaction platform, ranked fourth) is the three letter domain name NBB.com, deal with 95000 dollars. Fifth adult domain name BigCock.com, $80000 for sale. read more

Google.cn is still normal access to ICP license approval no results

sina science and technology news on July 1st morning news, as of today 0:30, ICP license has expired Google Chinese website Google.cn (including G.cn), as well as its 265 Internet navigation is still normal access. Google China is able to regain the ICP license is inconclusive, coincidentally, it has been used by another ICP license has not passed the annual inspection.

in January 12th this year, Google announced the adjustment of China’s strategy. From the beginning of March 23rd morning, users access the Google.cn automatically jump to Google Hongkong Google.com.hk, after Google.cn has quietly removed ICP license number. In fact, the same period at the end of March is the ICP license renewal application deadline. read more

Russian flash site KupiVIP was $38 million investment

this week, the Russian flash site KupiVIP get $38 million financing, the financing includes several heavyweight investment institutions. Such as, IntelCapital, BaldertonCapital and AccelPartners, where IntelCapital is the largest investor. Company CEO Oskar Hartmann said the company’s turnover reached $300 million this year.

in Russia last year has won Europe’s largest Internet market crown. With this momentum, especially in the country’s growing middle class and broadband usage, the market is increasingly attractive, investors naturally touch the market. At the same time there are some examples, such as search giant Yandex and Internet Co Mail.Ru has been listed. So investors are eager to catch a big fish. read more

Subvert the traditional electricity supplier, wisdom in the original bid bid treasure shopping mode!

under the new model of e-commerce may be a new way

recently called wisdom in bid (www.110bid.com) has become a thriving shopping mall entertainment. It is different from the ordinary shopping website. It appears in a new way, and is different from the traditional electricity supplier.

why is new, because the out of the ordinary website mode — bid treasure. Bid treasure mode is as follows:

(Bao Chi in bid will recharge special virtual currency), the use of bid to be treasure treasure, every bid, commodity prices from 0 yuan to rise only 1 cents, then 10 seconds heartbeat countdown 10 seconds to open, if not and you are your competition, the goods by bid. According to official data, there are a lot of goods is also lower than the market price of 90 percent off. In other words, the market price of 4000 yuan iPhone 5S, you can buy a few hundred dollars or a few hundred dollars. read more

Sina micro-blog in July from media revenue analysis

by @ rust before the collection of sina micro-blog out of the media income list. Since May, Sina started from the media platform, several large micro-blog began drying up the single. The finishing of the July Sina micro-blog from media revenue.

currently collected in July a total of 17 sun drying single:

@ five mountains scattered people to 14124.64 yuan in revenue, ranked in the top in the sun, so decided to launch discount in his Taobao store.

ranked second in the @ayawawa, $9855.72, however, if the algorithm does not change, then she may be the first or. read more

YAHOO home page latest revision highlights popular search

YAHOO home page screenshot

Beijing time on May 27th morning news, according to foreign media reports, YAHOO is testing the revised home page, emphasizing news aggregation, application and popular search.

YAHOO is the latest revision of the home page in a certain user testing, although the revised home page and YAHOO’s current home looks somewhat similar, but with the March revision of some different plans. For example, YAHOO’s latest revision of the top right corner of the home page for a period of time the 10 most popular search. In YAHOO’s current home page, which is part of the bottom of the page, and YAHOO’s March revision plan does not include this part of the content. read more

How to make use of e-books to create Internet brand

said the use of viral e-book fame, Yan Wing I should be a practitioner.

before he had written a famous network e-books, called "network expert" in the book made in 1, systematically introduces some common methods of how to build brand expert on the Internet through their own efforts.

will own this book as a "first China system tells how to build the network celebrity ebook" from scratch, it should be said is well deserved, although the content is not profound, but very practical. read more

2009 China local website development forum held in Hangzhou

webmaster network on October 17th, 2009 Chinese local website development forum held in Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel on the 17 day of the conference by the Alibaba, Alipay, Taobao, PHPWind.net, "twenty-first Century economic report" jointly organized the conference theme: openness, sharing, win-win. From the country of more than 200 local portal website owners to participate in the meeting, DCCI Internet data center director Hu Yanping, general manager of the 21 world daily operation of Chen Dongyang, Beijing Internet Time Inc chairman Cai Wensheng, chairman of 51.com, Pang Dongsheng and other leaders attended the Internet conference. read more

2012 50 most personalized website

[review] America "times" (TIME) 50 of the most personal website ranking magazine launched, most sites are still unknown, these websites not only interesting, creative and attractive.

2012 50 most personal website (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and Technology (LE) Beijing time on September 24th news, according to foreign media reports, the United States, "time" (TIME) magazine released the list of the most personalized website every year. These websites are both interesting and informative, which can save you time and money, and may even change your life. Just like the previous ranking, 50 in the home of the most personalized website ranking of the magazine launched, most sites still unknown. Time magazine editors have found that these sites are not only interesting, creative and attractive, but also helpful to you. read more

DEDECMS system IT Platon lecture content

DEDECMS system IT Platon lecture content

DEDECMS system application skills, by our DEDECMS developers to lecture, expert lecture is really good, I hope some friends have seen all look at, I put the content of the lecture IT Platon

came out for the purpose of convenience we have not seen the webmaster, I hope everyone likes! Thank you

if it is convenient, the QQ group open the window to full screen, that I had today is to fully Dede about some intermediate application problems, but I’m afraid the time is limited, only a part, so read more

Travel vertical search engine will lead the future of online travel

According to the analysis of the relevant professionals, with the growth of the middle class leisure travel, the popularity of credit cards and the development of the Internet, China’s online travel market is growing rapidly

. According to the National Tourism Administration data show that in 2009 China’s tourism revenue reached 1 trillion and 300 billion yuan, an increase of 9%. With the change of people’s attitude towards life and the improvement of consumption ability. People now see vacations as part of a healthy lifestyle. China Internet Network Information Center has released the twenty-fifth China Internet development statistics report shows that in 2009 the size of online travel booking users reached 30 million 240 thousand, an increase of up to 77.9%. With the economic situation and the relevant policies to encourage, there will be more users will be transferred to online. The lunar new year in 2010 ushered in the peak of the flow of millions of tourists, many people on the Internet booking round-trip air tickets and hotel rooms and tourist attractions tickets. With the opening on 2010 in Shanghai World Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Games, and online travel service providers of insurance, visa, vacation and other derivatives around the expansion of the online travel market is expected to continue rapid growth, iResearch data show that in 2010 the Chinese online ticket, hotel and package travel booking revenue grew 27% to reach 4 billion 750 million RMB ($695 million 800 thousand), while in 2013 this figure will rise to 9 billion 10 million yuan. read more

2009 we will not be advertising alliance

some time ago at home and abroad some fierce alliance K account, Baidu /GG, more and more sites began to withdraw down on their web site advertising alliance! Advertisers bid so much money to reward advertising, finally really have said that some League return so much? " * * * marketing miracle a few million yuan investment to bring about 2000000 of the performance of ", advertising alliance; really have this magic?? the so-called bidding / promotion is only used to make money alliance under the guise of it, the main site for advertising, really can earn a lot of money?? most of the profits in advertising there. Then there are some Adsense is rough, start cheating, and the price deduction amount of the alliance, the huge investment of advertisers, but also between alliance and alliance business owners began fighting! Take the initiative, a website found that moving his bread, began to revenge! And then a large number of K, which is also the scenes and some innocent people! A few years ago SP earn a lot, to this year, basically have no remaining few, only in the top! The best domestic mobile phone alliance before the color show also customized ringing tone one month before the switch, as some! Traffic exchange chain alliance before the veteran also hung out a large number of flows, the new alliance, are playing karate, is not a random number K, is disappearing, or to the end is the main site with the flow of horse, for example now! Get to get a lot of advertisers Money to promote their products, to vote for bidding and promotion of the so-called! Returns obtained is very small, is also the only domestic only few success stories! Now we have the Internet advertising trading platform called the other, it is only taking their flat advertisers and site owners and money flow tool! Advertisers put money into it, the real number in incision, the main site traffic is much to the alliance, read more

Enterprise network marketing need to do three core

according to the latest statistics show that the total number of websites in China has reached 1 million 500 thousand, of which the proportion of corporate sites close to 70%, the number of more than 1 million. More and more enterprises recognize the importance of the Internet market, the Internet has gradually become an effective tool for business activities. Experts believe that China’s accession to WTO, enterprises are facing the competition of domestic and foreign enterprises, informatization and networking can create a fair competition environment for small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise informatization is the inevitable development of China’s network. There are three core problems in the process of enterprise network marketing. read more

Public comment website and App failure to jump to Tmall official website

sina science and technology news on June 18th morning news, the official website of the public comment (www.dianping.com) and App in the evening of this unusual. After the failure of the official website to open and jump to Tmall’s 6.18 big promotion page, and the public comment App can not refresh at the same time. Public comment, said the site is due to the failure of the public domain name domain name registration loopholes, the official is to fix the problem.

aspects of public comment responded that the company is currently ruled out domain name failure, this failure will not cause any impact on the site’s user information security. read more

The 38 section of Baidu Nuomi Taobao, a joint marketing

38 Baidu Nuomi Taobao, a joint marketing

Ma boasted, "38 women’s Day National People’s day a net of idle away in seeking pleasure" when, just completed wholly acquired and renamed Baidu Nuomi suddenly announced a $100 million cut, first open dry "37 women’s day".

a O2O finally started the fire fight There was no parallel in history.! And war scenes, BAT three giants of the O2O online to the new business model "under the nouveau riche type enclosure.

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