The content of Entrepreneurship the westward movement has ended welcome to modern times

content entrepreneurship came to modern times

The concept of "

Chinese Internet into the second half" is from the media, between cannot do without a vested interest is the tacit understanding that this relationship is not echoed each other, in order to illustrate there lies the composition, on the contrary, they may be used in a harmful way to the lowest, discouraging those still emerging challenger overweeningly ambitious.

over the past few years, there are often a sound criticism of so-called "phenomenal application" until even the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, 2016 flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum don’t exist in the past, people only remember that not reliable but imagination surprise that burst time, subversion has to be quixotic and tragic, but also definitely not like now is the habitual liar label affixed. read more

A boutique post actually can last several years to make money

a few days ago, in a group, it was said that the forum promotion.

now do a lot of BBS promotion, many of them are using way wide net, and with the help of software, several group of friends lamented this promotion model suffer by frequent delete, or suffer from a large amount of work has weak effect.

then there is a group of friends said, now only do fine is the way out."

group of friends gave an example, a hot topic of a lottery on the forum, I see the links posted in April this year. Up to now, there are 320 thousand reading volume, the number of top ten thousand. read more

Jingdong to join the logistics group logistics business to third party merchants open

in order to attract businesses to join the Jingdong responsible person said through the Jingdong logistics services businesses will also be ranked in the search results in the front position.

source: Vision China

November 23rd, Jingdong released Jingdong logistics brand logo, officially announced that Jingdong logistics will be the way to operate the brand of social business to open.

this means that the third party merchants can enjoy the same service with Jingdong self logistics. Businesses can even include Jingdong, including all electronic business platform warehouse distribution logistics outsourcing to Jingdong logistics, no longer need to rent their own coffers, hiring warehouse managers, shipping and after-sales. read more

Ten trends of e-commerce in China in 2010 Hangzhou August 8th – the Hangzhou based third party 2010 released the latest Profits China Electronic Commerce Research Center "(on) China e-commerce market data monitoring report" said, the first half of 2010 China e-commerce industry by leaps and bounds, has presented ten major trends.

industry gradually sought after by vcs. According to statistics, the first half of the domestic e-commerce companies have completed 23 pen financing transactions, the total financing size of $331 million, while in 2008, a record year, a total of 36 transactions, the total amount of financing of $337 million. June, a total of 9 companies announced the acquisition of venture capital, the total size of more than $100 million, the most active in the history of e-commerce financing industry. read more

Taobao official subscription Su ningyun stock investment 28 billion 200 million yuan a year has Fuku

Tencent technology Wang Pan reported on June 2nd

Su Ningyun (002024.SZ) today announced formally to Taobao (Chinese) software ("Taobao") and Shun – Suning No. 2 (hereinafter referred to as "Shun") two subscription object issued about $29 billion 200 million worth of stock.

non-public offering of shares issue price of 15.17 yuan / share, the number of issued shares of 1926996505 shares, the total funds raised to $29232536980.85. Among them, Taobao to subscribe for 1861076927 shares, the subscription amount of 28 billion 232 million 537 thousand yuan; Shun to subscribe for 65919578 shares, the subscription amount of 1 billion yuan. read more