Website optimization is the essence of success naturally do website content

content is king view has been popular, the quality of content and improve the user experience, has become a lot of website construction and website operators consensus. From the user’s perspective, a website can bring more information, at least you can let the user worthwhile". What’s more, a lot of attention to the contents of the website itself can bring help and value to the user. The search engine will need more quality content, because the search engine itself does not create the content, but only through the spider crawling content retrieval. Only Everfount provide high quality web content will continue to care, the search engine’s patronage and favor. There are many factors to determine the quality of content, the same article different people will have different views, although the different views, what kind of content is a good content? Shanghai website design company pilot technology view is the best content is the essence of website optimization. read more

Twenty strategies for business

business in the end should be how to do, but this is a stress, is a strategy to deal with. In short, the business is to pay attention to countermeasures. The author summed up the following twenty business, I hope the retail friends can get a little inspiration.

1, advanced thinking, to "guide" to win. The use of information, forecast, hand development, promote consumption.

2, able to foresee, to "fine". Do you want to turn head is fast, lag is Qiao, is to lose or gain, will be detailed. read more

Recommend a few suitable for nail shop

driven by the beauty of the heart of female friends, nail industry in the past two years and the rise of the industry operating threshold is not high, many small investors have invested in which to start a business. But for entrepreneurs, this does not mean that as long as the choice of the project will certainly be able to start a successful business, because this is the need for entrepreneurs to think from a variety of aspects. So then we’ll talk about how to set up the facade of the nail shop read more

Yi Zhi Fu health supermarket join is very worthy of choice

good choice of health, to choose Yi Zhi Fu health supermarket? For consumers, the choice of a good project regimen, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities. Yi Zhi Fu supermarket to join the health, but also a very good choice is not it?

health and longevity is the eternal theme of human health is the greatest wealth, people desire for health is more and more urgent, so more and more attention to learn and follow a way of keeping good health. Yi Zhi Fu supermarket to enter the domestic health care market health, health products for people to bring health, for everyone who needs a healthy escort, it is worth joining the investment. read more

What are the preparatory work of maternal and child supplies store

maternal and child supplies store to open the market outlook is very good, businesses are concerned about the business opportunities in this industry is a matter of course. Want to invest, you can achieve to understand the shop. In particular, novice investors, ready to work will provide the success rate of shops, and quickly learn together with the small bar.

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How to increase the income of sideline shop

in the fierce competition in the retail market to survive, the streets and shops everywhere, business increasingly difficult to do. If it is not out of their own store, shop rent pressure relatively smaller; if it is rented storefront, expensive rent, water, electricity and other expenses, it is more difficult to survive. I will pay attention to every place around the shop, shop location is a good business is relatively good, popularity is flourishing, store atmosphere is also very active; and to store the location is not good, the lack of customers, the day Monroe Finch, scanty, the owner is also very slow business in the blues. read more

How to improve the operating performance of the store

business is certainly hope can get benefits, efforts to increase turnover numbers of every business people are concerned, no matter what business, for the owner, most want to do is to enhance the operating performance of shops, only to enhance the performance, to ensure fast money. So, how to enhance the store’s operating performance? Here are three tips!

1, do a little better than the next door

shop business is to get together business, consumers enter a specific shopping district to buy their own satisfaction with the goods, mainly to compare the results of the selection. Bear in mind that consumers can only be in a very limited range of direct commodity comparison. As a result of eating, as long as the shop next door to do a little better, you can significantly improve the operating performance of the store. read more

College students need to adhere to the plight of entrepreneurship

students enjoy preferential policies to increase all kinds of tax dividends for many personal entrepreneurial projects have tasted the sweetness of the majority of students who have heart, began to test the water business. In the promotion of assistance policy, start-up companies, so back to survive.

Held in Shanxi Province, the office of human resources and

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Baoji to create a high standard of innovation and entrepreneurship fertile soil

is now an innovative society, at the same time, a large number of entrepreneurs also emerge, provide a good business environment for entrepreneurs, local governments are to build a business platform, to provide business space for entrepreneurs.

8 5, the world’s first nuclear power plant modular high temperature gas borne by Baoji Taihua magnetic Mechatronic Technology Research Institute Limited cooled reactor demonstration project fuel handling and storage system conveying equipment transformation project formally put into production in the Baoji high tech Zone, science and technology innovation achievements re breakthroughs in this area. read more

The inventory of three fastest money business model

we know that the business model is very important for an enterprise, it can be said that the business model is a business there, now, on the business model has become the most popular topic in the business. The following three modes, is the fastest running commercial mode, we should take in learning, "used", instead of having made a hard move.

mode: free mode

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Dating dating site will enter the stage of long-distance running

      after all, just out of the dating market, so I went to the first day lily network fan award exchange, former rivals, today’s friends. And his communication, let me jump out of the original mode of thinking, from an industry to see.

      generally speaking: dating sites, earn hard money!

      dating dating sites, through the passion dating and other non serious dating cognition, it can be said that the current dating dating has reached a user acceptance process. Users have been able to distinguish between what is not serious friends, what is dating dating. It can be said that after the first two years of market making friends, has gradually been accepted by the user. read more

How do I make a website from hundreds to tens of thousands of IP

      recently the group friends often ask me to do stand experience, every time about repeating the same topic, in fact, do not stand what do stand experience, and life, honest man, honest do stand, this is my most profound experience! So I want to ask what cheating what SEO optimization, I utterly ignorant of, feel shy drop! The IP10W on the sense of accomplishment I haven’t experienced (of course is my pursuit of Oh, I have been actively optimistic), let alone what day the knife, peers do not laugh, I was a rookie, below only write some of my personal experience ~ ~ ~ ~ I in May last year started the station, really later, but was caught in the wake of the dotcom bubble recession, when I have no. read more

Exclusive analysis of the domestic 50 video site domain type

renamed China ( August 13th news, now the movie is not only on the big screen, while the TV is not just to watch on TV. Network tickets, message release, online video, film and film writing related websites all rise. In the film and television websites emerge in an endless stream, the domestic top 50 websites are in favor of what kind of domain name, and the following one by one.


: Video Site combination domain name

domain name Iqiyi, LETV Aotou high value


" originally "Qiyi" enabled the domain name on the line, after the announcement of brand promotion, launched the "Iqiyi" brand, at the same time as the official domain name enabled the domain name In June this year, Iqiyi spent nearly one million yuan to buy 2 letter domain name, now jump beloved Qiyi. The domain name IP daily (monthly average) was 9 million 750 thousand, the average daily PV (average 19 million 500 thousand months), the PR value is 7. read more

What are the contents of the operation of the business website

definition of commercial website operation, there is not a unified view, by including many practitioners of the website operation is not very clear, its subjects including exactly what? This article will be discussed in more detail.

web site operators to understand from two aspects: first, from a macro point of view, the website operation is associated with all site activities, including art, technology, market, sales, construction and so on, all belong to the category of website operation; two, from the area to see, website operation is independent of the work the content of art, technology, sales and market exists, in some big Internet companies generally have specialized website operation Department, so we can often hear the network company operations manager, operations director and other staff said. read more

How to run the learning community

The concept of

community in recent years is more popular in the mobile Internet, everyone can ear cooked, "are known to all logic thinking is a learning community, what yanxishe similar to this community too much, Yang Zi is not here to introduce, everyone thought that Yang Zi was too much in advertising for them (I don’t want to do for them advertising here).

on the success of community building, in Yang Zi seems less than three core ideas:

1, the social impact of the founder’s personal brand is big enough. read more

Don’t put fans economy as soliciting economic! Traditional enterprises how to do

original title: Jiang Likun: how to play good traditional fans economy

on the Internet every year there will be some new concepts, some of these concepts is a good concept can really solve the problem, and there is a false concept only wurenzidi. This does not, in recent years the fans economy became very popular, especially WeChat hot, directly promoted the development and popularization of the fans economy. If the circle of people, WeChat did not have thousands of friends are embarrassed to greet people; if the enterprise, not the entire WeChat public number is almost behind the symbol. Of course, I am not saying that fans economy is not good, on the contrary, I think the fans economy is a good idea to solve the problem. But many people understand the fans economy wide, with rotten, so today jianglikun here and we detailed discuss traditional enterprises in the end how fun fans economy. read more

SAIC push electricity supplier blacklist to build third party regulatory platform

electricity supplier blacklist will be on-line

who is the largest regulatory responsibility, the lowest cost of supervision, who should bear more regulatory responsibilities, in accordance with this idea, the network trading platform is the electricity supplier management, the first responsible person". Therefore, the regulation of e-commerce is not only to monitor the electricity supplier, but also to pipe network trading platform.

China will implement cross regional electricity supplier regulation. According to reports, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry commissioned by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the contractor of the third party e-commerce network trading platform regulatory system, in 2015 the first phase of the platform will be on-line. After the platform on the line, will launch electricity supplier blacklist to facilitate consumer identification. read more

On the issue of privatization peace and the car will stand on the same front

ping an acquisition car home control it is striking one snag after another ups and downs, was written into the textbook case too, developments so far seems to have will control the car home ownership peace become somewhat passive, and this kind of passive but there may be a help in peace. Safe from Macao, bought the car home shares this matter, is not a simple two companies for control problems, but involve more capital investment income levels, capital market demand is often the biggest thrust of the transaction, the China Internet Corporation merger occurred many times. read more

Jingdong mobile terminal, daily necessities, low line city orders up

Jingdong released Monday as of September 30, 2014 2014 fiscal third quarter earnings, the third quarter net loss of 164 million 400 thousand yuan ($26 million 800 thousand), while the same period last year net profit of 75 million yuan. Based on non GAAP, net profit of 370 million 800 thousand yuan (about $60 million 400 thousand), compared with the same period last year net profit of 141 million 200 thousand yuan. According to YAHOO finance aggregated data, higher than expected earnings data analysts. Jingdong shares Monday Gaokaidizou, plunged 7.44% to $25. Tuesday rebounded slightly to close at $25.41. read more

WeChat electric noun solution of 11 micro Zibei innocently tell


] WeChat news billion state power spawned one after the "micro" Zibei products, both WeChat official control, there are third party developers trader. But perhaps the richness of the Chinese language is not enough, WeChat electricity suppliers are more and more similar nouns, and even hit the name". The day before the billion state power network common nouns about WeChat electricity supplier industry, disposable clarify 11 "micro" Zibei this silly points not clear.

micro living read more