Choose what kind of Western join brand good

after years of development, Western food has long been a party of Chinese people choose a casual dining. To open a western restaurant on the same as the opening of the Chinese restaurant has a broad market, Western food investment has become a popular choice. Choose what kind of Western join brand good?


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Enlightenment holding and Yunnan University to create public space

public record space turned out to make the young entrepreneurs have a training, exchange and cooperation platform, now the public record space has been gradually developed, full implementation of the innovation enterprise incubator and support.

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The overall quality of the women’s organizations at the basic level in the North District of Xining

in order to further strengthen the construction of grass-roots organizations of women’s Federation, Chengbei District of Xining city in accordance with the "construction of a good team, a good team, a good atmosphere, a good mechanism, a good number of base or entity", organization of towns, street Federation grass-roots women’s organizations and carry out renovation work, young women cadres talent shows itself a large number of high quality culture, a good mass base, strong working ability and rich experience. read more

The focus will Chengqia Xining special promotion key industrial projects

The afternoon of September 15th, Xining city as the "city of fair" held a special promotion, the Xining Municipal Commission by letter, Xining national economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park, four districts and three counties were the introduction of key industrial projects, invite businessmen to seize the opportunity in Xining, understand the Xining Industrial Development important nodes, and common development with the Xining industry, with the progress of.

as an important node in the city on the new Silk Road, Xining has richly endowed by nature geographical advantages, transportation advantages, resources advantages, industrial advantages. On the day of the meeting, the Xining Municipal Commission by letter to merchants introduced Xining’s condition, transportation advantages, status of industry development, and relates to the new energy industry, new material industry, metal smelting and processing projects, extension characteristics of chemical projects, equipment manufacturing projects in Xining City, eight industrial projects were key promotion; each park of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone to promote industrial park development advantages, promote nearly 50 projects; Datong County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County, East District of halal food industrial park respectively to promote the project.   read more

Xiaobian teach you to run a good fashion jewelry store

a lot of women like to go shopping in the fashion jewelry store shopping, so jewelry store has never been short of consumers. However, the competition is also fierce fashion jewelry industry, want to make business more prosperous, but it takes a lot of effort. The following small series for you to analyze the way to run a good fashion jewelry store, together to pay attention to it!


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SF express Wang Wei crazy story

Shunde school Tonglu school to the left, right, SF how to defeat one of four with an annual revenue of more than 10 billion private express delivery giant? Express industry people are invincible, how to make the logistics become the army of tens of thousands of SF with dignity? Electronic commerce is so hot, SF and Taobao, Jingdong PK will leave what suspense?
you don’t imagine, this is one of the Chinese express industry the most powerful man. In 1993, 22 year old Wang Wei founded SF EXPRESS in Guangdong, Shunde. At that time, the company counted Wang Wei himself only 6 people. In 2010, the company’s sales have reached 12 billion yuan, with a staff of 80 thousand, with an average annual growth rate of 50%, profit margin of 30%. 18 years ago, when Wang Wei carrying bag filled with land access contracts, letters, samples and customs data from Shunde to Hongkong, he certainly can not think of the future will become the industry champion hundred-percent sf.

> "
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How to start a beverage shop

drinks franchise can be called a year-round no off-season business projects. Summer winter selling cold drinks, selling hot drinks, four seasons are profitable. However, the beverage industry has a strong market competition, making investment shops also become less easy.

currently on the market the competition pressure increases, many industries have been gradually transformed into or No one shows any interest in the big upset. However, under the conditions of fierce competition in the industry, the beverage industry is still standing still, still showing a rising trend. So many small investors have a great interest in the beverage industry, so for some people who want to open tea shop to venture, please look at Xiaobian to explain: read more

The first case of public financing to raise the public to raise the effectiveness of all parties to

[Abstract] at present, including all the chips to raise the transaction, including the Internet is still in the rapid development of financial transactions.


technology news (Le Tian) September 15th news, Haidian court before the date of the plaintiff (defendant in the counterclaim) Beijing flying network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as the flying company) and the defendant (plaintiff in the counterclaim) Beijing Nuomiduo Restaurant Management Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Nuomiduo company) intermediary contract dispute case open verdict, the case for the country’s first public financing case. read more

Learn how to pack the expression with the light IP Line big business

Abstract: through the lovely and the story of the map, Line allows users to take out more and more money. The Japanese instant messaging software, the expression package as IP operations, realized, and ultimately achieved success.

in July 14th this year, the Japanese chat application Line listed on the New York stock exchange. The IPO, Line total financing of $1 billion 300 million, the market valuation of over $7 billion, becoming the first public offering after the Alibaba, the world’s largest technology IPO. read more

Forum to promote a number of new ideas

a few days ago, figure wangdage in the online publication of "forum to promote free door", even the old all said so, it seems now to do BBS promotion is really difficult, at least according to the traditional mode is difficult to promote.

rookie today suddenly flashes, have some ideas, maybe we can do this, there will be a little effect.

first, you can find some good writing pen, after a certain influence has certain promotion consciousness, just on which fire forum, knock on the keyboard, our website news from irrigation by community partition’s Inn had been knocked to the top. read more

What is the overwhelming victory in the rankings

usually, the home page is the weight of the site page, whether it is in the web page ranking or access to traffic are far more than the site with the page. While you may have been found in a lot of keywords ranking, website ranking is often involved in web pages, and page but in 100, the overwhelming page ranking what is why? The author Dennis some website page rank, while the home does not participate in the rankings for the original network optimization to share today as the wise remark of an experienced person everyone. read more

Taobao mobile phone details page quick production tutorial

Taobao mobile details page is becoming more and more important, with Taobao’s mobile terminal layout, the future will pay more attention to the development of Taobao mobile phone details page. So we should step up the details of the phone page to do more to meet more customers.

but do computer terminal baby details page to do mobile phone details page, is really a very difficult problem, and many products, according to the official tutorial, a baby to do, certainly is a waste of time and energy, we recommend a table for the Taobao third party cooperation system here, the professional version of software tools, you can on the goods at the same time the baby details page and baby details page about mobile phone upload all up, and can upload, save a lot of time. read more

Sibutramine furniture channel electricity supplier of the road by saving the cost of our dealers

as a consumer durable goods in the furniture industry has not been optimistic about the outside world do business, one reason is because once users buy furniture after a few years will not replace the new products, two furniture is bulky goods, furniture is also home to the million price, three is the conflict of the traditional industries have to face the line, in 2009 began to test the water electricity supplier QuMei furniture said frankly that this is not an easy path, but through the practice and thinking of the past few years, QuMei worked out a suitable path, the key is "electric business channel". read more

Zhang Zhi a circle that hasn’t been drawn so far

car business network was founded in 2001, had drawn a circle: BCAR – Internet users – Dealers – BCAR. The website attracts a netizen, the netizen introduction to the dealer dealer sales back to the site of the commission. To be honest, we don’t have this circle on the circle. Look around, as if there is no realization of the site.

online selling cars, strong in the 4S mode today, there is no possibility to achieve.

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On how to do QQ group promotion

I join the QQ group has more than and 60, is divided into two categories: free group and pay group. Every time you open the QQ, the computer will be stuck for a long time. Most of the group messages are blocked by me. Network development to today’s situation, any subtle perspective, are packed with marketing people.

as long as a little understanding of marketing, are aware of the most suitable for the classification of QQ group precision marketing, such as travel groups are all people who love to travel. QQ group promotion also has two ways: the group of others, their own group. read more

One week news review Baidu investment in people’s network, Vice President Ali Liu Chunning was arres

1.QQ plagiarism WeChat push public platform

quietly, QQ launched the QQ platform for public number (, the news shocked, I quickly climbed from the bed, the gentle is likely to fall. According to Baidu snapshot shows that early ownership is Tencent application treasure, recently updated to QQ public platforms, a good search snapshot of the results show that the snapshot date for June 14, 2015, now you can use the QQ account registration.

Tencent released 2015 Q1 quarterly earnings report, QQ monthly active accounts reached 832 million, down by 2% over last year. QQ intelligent terminal monthly active accounts reached 603 million, an increase of 23% over last year. WeChat and WeChat combined monthly active accounts for 549 million, up from the volume ratio, the number of users of WeChat is less than QQ, and the reputation of the user and the breadth, QQ is stronger than WeChat, in many remote areas, QQ is popular". read more

2016 shop to sell what star password to teach you how to find sources

suddenly, 2016 is coming, since you have missed the 2015 business opportunity, but missed the 2016 business opportunity? When it comes to business, the online shop is definitely the most choice for entrepreneurs. So, the problem came! In 2016 to join the shop to sell what? Today,

( Xiaobian teach you how to find sources!

one, its own supply, no need to purchase

if you have the source, you can save the trouble to find the source, just after the market survey, the shop began to shop related matters. What is its own supply? read more