Grassroots how to cut into the huge profits Taobao market

introduction: Game (individual micro signal zhulutaobao) last time in a blog posting Lu Songsong "on the double 11 Taobao off without integrity money" effect is good, dry cargo, caused by major industry media reprint. This detail wrote a deep interpretation of Taobao profits weight-loss market article, there are some insider, some operating practices, compared to media sites only reported a simple news, with the author’s experiences and views.

weight loss products, non sunshine industry, there is reasonable, although I do not touch the weight loss products. This matter whether moral read more

Unify style by cross design

many companies have asked the question of how to ensure the uniformity of website style, especially with multiple product lines. That’s right. Keeping the style unified is a big problem for the website, not just the visual and literal surface unification, but also the page structure, the interaction process and the unification of the interaction ways. Only unified web sites can give users a better unified experience. Almost every small website to medium-sized website conversion process will encounter such a problem. read more

How about the prospect of the investment project of the flying dragon

long fly project to meet the current market demand for people to provide more exciting moments. And this kind of project is a small investment category, so the franchisee can do worry free business. If you want to look at the prospects for development, you can follow the small series to find out, I hope you can find a suitable investment direction.

in the past "eleven" golden week, scenic spots, full high-speed burst blocking message in the circle of friends scraper, became the most popular domestic travel golden week. Beijing Nanluogu Lane Sichuan Leshan Giant Buddha scenic can’t do anything, waiting 4 hours to see the Buddha ears, Hangzhou West Lake see instead of the scenery…… Nevertheless, people still tempted to travel to the impulse, go forward with great strength and vigour of the major scenic spots. read more

How to open Taobao Xiaobian teach you tips

now we want to make money, open Taobao shop is also a good idea, then, how to open Taobao? What problems need to pay attention to? How to make Taobao shop more money? Today Xiaobian to announce the answers to these questions for you.

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The use of social platforms to grasp the essentials of soft sales is very important

now people are using social media to do a lot of good sales, advertising sales, even let people see is not so hate, but very attractive, so how to successfully sell your these social platforms?

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Retired cadres held in Xining, double first recognition of the general assembly Wang Xiao attended a

May 29th, Xining retired cadres advanced collectives and individuals in recognition of the General Assembly held at the Victory Hotel. Provincial Standing Committee, Xining party secretary Wang Xiao attended and spoke.

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Investment companies need to deal with the number of small wedding costs to answer

to do investment, first of all should be prepared to estimate the investment funds, many want to invest in the project of the wedding business would like to know how much investment in this industry is. How much does it cost? The following small series to carefully analyze.

1, the purchase of 10000 yuan wedding + purchase festive supplies (small salute, ribbon, red garland,……) + appropriate purchase of flowers (Bar floats, holding flowers, flower, corsage) + + = business registration window. read more

Paint coating products increasingly personalized health and environmental protection into the main m

As an important part of

paint decoration essential, along with the continuous increase of the home improvement industry in the face of the current market demand, competition is becoming increasingly serious in paint industry, many businesses have launched a highly personalized, for coating products of special crowd, these early years we have been in the market make first appearance.

health and environmental protection paint key words: children paint

children’s room decoration is the most worried about the issue of environmental protection, often do not know how to start, do not know how to choose environmentally friendly materials. The best way to solve this problem is to select children’s paint for children’s room. Because compared with ordinary paint, paint safety factor is much higher. Children’s organs and organs are in a period of rapid growth, all for the children’s room decoration, environmental protection is the most important, and children’s room special paint just in terms of environmental protection really make parents feel at ease. read more

How to improve the income of potato powder store

for any entrepreneur, I am afraid that all efforts are ultimately in order to enhance revenue, so if there is a means to enhance revenue, it should take. After all, in our country, potato powder franchisee team continues to grow, more and more investors into the potato powder to join this big family, choose the potato powder to join the project franchisees who are joining the project for them because the potato powder has brought great benefits.

high yield is each potato powder project investment to join the franchisees who eternal pursuit, so, how to improve the potato powder stores profit is potato powder project each franchisee franchisees who want to know the answer of the problem. So, how to improve the income of potato powder store? read more

What is the most profitable business (down)

more exciting in the whole network of entrepreneurs, small business will continue to provide good ideas for you, what kind of business is most rich, we continue to share!

What do


If a large number of entrepreneurs can solve the problem of the "entrepreneurial supermarket" is not a good choice? Entrepreneurs supermarket provides the following contents: business information (including dozens of categories), business class books, magazines, business venture, VCD CD and tape etc.. read more

8 tips to make your business easier

shop to do business, to master some skills is very important, if you are a novice, then this article must be very swimming for you. Business is not an easy thing to do, but there are still a lot of successful people, what can be done to help businesses make money practical experience? Let’s take a look.

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The five big profit industry is really awesome

2011 is an awesome, awesome in this era of entrepreneurship is no exception, look at what the industry’s most awesome.

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Look at the following nine points you really ready to start

Good business do you prepare for

? Are you really ready? Now, many people think they are ready, in a hurry to venture, finally found himself not ready, then it was too late, so, look at the following nine points, control yourself, then ask yourself, I really, are you ready?

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Wang Tong poor webmaster and rich webmaster

          Fu and   poor     not only refers to the money, but also the spirit. The poor webmaster is not through the web site to make money, and have bad moral and abusive owners, please don’t take it personally. I have studied a lot of websites, know a lot of webmaster, I found that the difference between poor and rich webmaster is very small, it is because of these small differences, resulting in their income difference. Here I write these findings, I hope to be able to give the head of the complaints are inspired. read more

Sum up my 29 years of life lessons

is too easy to be good and personnel instantly moved to shed tears of disappointing, in fact, instead of being moved, as usual to do so moved to no chance of happening, moved mostly from the good things not too long, even rare, there should not be

perfection, anti jingzuan too far, fine to do, but also know how to leave room for others to turn around, the appropriate gap can harmonious interaction, what is your whole family, only nod with shaking his head, he seems to be equal to anything, all-inclusive, actually far away from the people, and not to close, even if you is God, also don’t think only accept worship, and you don’t have the ability to have the old thinking that exhausted the perfect in every respect, so that you read more

A5 financing briefing Ling vein network, association, India, with biological pulse search shoot for

1 Ling network

investors: laterite venture fund collar vote, zijiangqiye with cast

investment amount: 50 million yuan

recently, Mai Ling network completed nearly 50 million yuan A round of financing, by the Shenzhen Venture Capital Group and its laterite venture fund led A shares, packaging and printing industry leading companies with investment zijiangqiye.




investment amount: one million yuan

recently learned, Gaga millions of angel round of financing, by individual investment. Learn APP Gaga is the education and training institutions of a connected area, designed for 0-15 years old children and their parents to provide agency information screening appointments, and parental communication course group purchase 020 e-commerce platform. read more

Concerned about the Spring Festival evening show will allow you to increase traffic

The second week of December, the world’s fastest growing business network ranked fifth Top15 domain

IDC Chinese review network December 17th reported: according to the latest statistics agency released data show that as of December 10, 2012, the fastest growth in the global domain name registrar Top15 finalists, China accounted for only three seats.


China nets (HICHINA) ranked fifth, 827 new domain name. Yovole networks (YOVOLE.COM) increased 403, ranking seventh; Western Digital (WEST263.COM) increased 116, ranking ninth.

compared with last week, a decrease of seats. Love tennis had to withdraw from the top fifteen list. And then China nets continue to lead the domestic domain name domain name market, growth rate ranks fifth in the world, the chain fell two ranking last week. Yovole networks also fell two ranking, fell from fifth to seventh; the Western Digital rose to a ranking of tenth to ninth. read more

Pinterest wave swept over the Chinese Internet sites over 30

      in the spring of 2010, like a hurricane become fashionable for a time Groupon the China Internet, after more than a year, and a burst from the other side of the ocean "Pinterest wind" once again visit China. In 2011, social product Pinterest traffic grew rapidly. Last year experienced explosive growth, Pinterest the number of independent visitors currently has reached 11 million 700 thousand, among the top 4 American social networking site, next to the famous Twitter. read more

NetEase Ding Lei entrepreneurship can not because of the fast and put himself to death!

Abstract: for a new company, innovation but may put myself down. The risk of innovation is big? First, innovation requires a lot of money; second, innovative things need to have a gradual acceptance of the process of the user; finally, the company also needs to overcome many technical difficulties.

in the work, do not know if you have noticed a phenomenon: some leaders often put "innovation" and "fast". These words… Guazaizuibian, sounds of these words is very great glorious and correct. In the past, the vote also think that these words, even if not necessarily in every company can play a role, but often mention the company is always good. read more