Kay is how successful entrepreneurship

see this title is not very surprised, who is Kai ye, did not seem to hear this man, in fact, Kay is a college student’s nickname, his name was Zhao Kai, the students gave him the nickname Kay Lord because he had in college when the boss, age gently into the eyes of the rich, to see how he’s success.

open a shop, in college students is still a strange thing. Zhao Kai, the boss of the computer shop, was jokingly called "kay". Freshman Zhao Kai keen to discover the huge market of second-hand computer students, invested time and energy quickly, persist for more than a year later, finally earned the first pot of gold of life. Zhao Kai is now ready to join other colleges and universities students, together with the shop to do a chain of second-hand computer shop, want to form a resource sharing network market. read more

Ministry of agriculture to respond to the Ministry of agriculture genetically modified transgenic fo

Ministry of Agriculture held a press conference 13, the authority to respond to several major issues in the field of genetically modified. The Ministry of agriculture official said that the requirements of the transformation is clear, is consistent, that is to study on the bold, adhere to independent innovation; promotion to be careful, so to ensure safety; management should strictly adhere to the law supervision.

1 what are the genetically modified varieties on the market?

"so far, China approved for commercial cultivation of GM crops in only two, one is the transgenic cotton, two transgenic papaya." China, academician of Academy of engineering, the national agricultural genetically modified organisms safety committee chairman Wu Kongming introduced, in addition to cotton and papaya, China has approved GM crops for processing imported raw materials, including soybean, corn, rapeseed, cotton, sugar beet. In addition, the circulation of the domestic market of wheat, tomato, garlic, onion, purple sweet potato, potatoes, peppers, carrots and other food and vegetables, are not genetically modified varieties. read more

Why not drink tea overnight

the first night of drinking tea, second days and then drink, I believe many people have done. But now the health sector is popular that overnight tea can not drink, so many people feel unknown for a time. Why can not drink tea overnight? It will bring harm to the health of the human body? The following will be related to this issue.

1, may cause stones

Why can’t

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When is the best time to open a flower shop

at different times, the right thing to do will be different. Therefore, even if the business start-up, it should also be looking for the most appropriate time, so that their entrepreneurial success rate will be higher. So, when is the best time to open a flower shop? This topic is more in-depth, and everyone will find a good day to open a flower shop, but different operators, not at the same time to open the florist, the results are often not the same.

author contacted many operators, basically have a suggestion, in March to June this time most people shop were closed, of course people survive the cost is relatively high, the author sums up some thinking for a long time together with the analysis. read more

Intel joint public space set up in Chongqing

multi-creation space is a common business incubator platform, in recent years, all over the country to create a variety of business park, collection of all kinds of entrepreneurial resources, optimize the allocation of resources, maximize helping more entrepreneurial enterprises succeed.

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This summer a street vendor selling what the most profitable

summer, more and more people set up a stall stall, but to find a good selling things is very difficult, like a small business, we must find the big market, high profit products, and find a good sales method. Nothing can go shopping, turn around the wholesale market, think about what goods are best to sell, you will find that there are a lot of useful things to learn from the store purchase experience.

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Hongsheng umbrella hot for you to create exclusive wealth fame

will always be asked, what kind of project is more worthy of investment? Those more popular can try? In fact, many opportunities to grasp the opportunity lies in the observation, as long as the market will certainly be profitable. Hongsheng umbrella wealth worries, create business platform for more people.

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Beijing will increase accident insurance payment

many families because of all kinds of accidents, lost the only child at home, so that the loss of independence for the elderly suffering, but also to make their lives an accident. Family Planning Association in Beijing, will improve the accident injury insurance payment standard increased from 30 thousand yuan to $50 thousand, so that the loss of independence for the elderly happier life.

"heart warming project" is the City Planning Commission, city after helping the city’s loss of independence for the elderly in the Huimin project, funded by the government for the loss of independence for the elderly to purchase comprehensive insurance, pensions, accidental injury insurance, medical insurance for accidental injury, disease and death insurance and critical illness insurance payments 5 women. The program was launched in 2012, has so far covered more than 1.1 people lost independence. read more

Underwear stores do promotional activities have drawbacks

underwear store opened one after another, and can do business throughout the flourishing of the very few. Many lingerie stores in order to enhance the turnover, will be held on a regular basis promotional activities, who do not know, promotional activities in fact there are some shortcomings.


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Qinhuangdao Lulong strengthen entrepreneurship support to stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm

entrepreneurial era has come, the current China’s entrepreneurial environment from top to bottom of the continuous optimization and upgrading, to the majority of entrepreneurs, especially small and medium enterprises to bring convenience, reducing the threshold. Public entrepreneurship becomes a trend.

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Video electronic commerce website operation imagination

is currently in the world of online shopping product display is static, the number increased in any case each angle of the picture, or the use of 3D technology for object rotation, we can easily make a dress to fold to view about whether its sleeves have the same length, we can take a mobile phone back cover open take a closer look at the internal structure. Although there is now a solution of virtual fitting room and the like, but it can not provide assistance to all online products, in other words, the product line is always passive to the user, because the display is what the user can see what it looks like, like a RPG game, we can’t change the plot (product display mode), although there can be some branch selection (see a few different products, but also can follow the map) to the development of the plot (can not see hope to see their own subjective information). read more

Immediately disappear search product shutting down the relocation of the headquarters of the jump

instantly search home, at the beginning of October and early November. Compared to


header original search words disappear (pictures from @ four new greenhouse) Sina

Meng Hong

Sohu’s Sogou soso, a subsidiary of Tencent, is not the only year of business combination search engine. Only with the "private" rival two search "integration team" make no reply — and in the process, immediately set up more than three years of search (the original search), looks like is disappearing. read more

Business treasure into the boiler B2B boiler network formally launched

China boiler network home screenshot

in the web page column navigation China boiler, set up supplier, product catalogs, new supply, business opportunities, information, and thematic exhibition, recruitment, brand, database, business circle, business loans, etc. Can be seen from the settings of the column, are around a series of needs of enterprise users and expand. In the web site’s top search box, you can search for products, suppliers, the latest supply, business opportunities, information, etc.. read more

Domestic class Pinterest site was the recent flow of electricity providers fell

Pinterest (image and vision of social sharing site) and brought up Chinese popular beauty said, mogujie.com trends, more than and 30 imitators blossom everywhere. But unlike the originator of positioning, most China Pinterest websites are dependent on the electricity supplier, more than 90% share of goods from business platform. Electric fire, also let these Pinterest sites seems promising.

but resigned only commodity business platform provider, reporter recently found that business enterprise own sharing site in the construction of shopping guide, which is independent Pinterest site traffic by up to 30%, as a way to help themselves and even sold to Jixun, Internet giant. However, analysts said, even the giant get funded, Pinterest Chinese imitator if not as soon as possible to get rid of dependence on electronic business platform, will rapidly decline nanzu. read more

Network letter office shut down 32 illegal websites are involved in network extortion and paid delet

in March 4th, the state Internet Information Office announced recently shut down in accordance with the law "and" net "spot trading rights" and other 32 sites list. This is the national network information office, the Ministry of public security, press and Publication Administration jointly launched the "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification work, the competent department according to the masses of the first batch of illegal websites shut down. read more

Anti vice office crackdown pornographic information Sohu, Tencent, the thunder of the penalty of 50


Times News (reporter Wang Sheng Liao Feng) the day before, the national anti pornography Office of the joint public security departments on the use of micro-blog and WeChat platform for information dissemination of pornographic illegal conduct remediation, Sohu, Tencent, due to lack of supervision of the thunder was fined 50 thousand yuan, the public security organs destroyed within a month by micro-blog, WeChat prostitution Gang 4 the 25 suspects arrested.

, the national anti pornography Office of the relevant responsible person said, at this stage the use of mobile phone and other mobile intelligent terminal, through micro-blog, WeChat, micro, micro film and other pornographic information dissemination situation gradually formed, the spread of pornographic information chain. Since August, Beijing, the Shenzhen press and publication and the cultural administrative law enforcement departments of Sohu, Tencent, thunder 3 due to lack of supervision led to the operation of micro-blog, WeChat and other products exist dissemination of pornographic information problems enterprises were punished. Since August, Beijing police destroyed by micro-blog, WeChat and other social tools organized prostitution Gang 4, investigate prostitution dens 6, criminals and arrested 25 people. read more

Taobao guest website promotion method of soft Wen promotion

recently Taobao passenger flooding, hot anomaly, there is a trend of everyone Taobao. This reminds me of the navigation station competition, in fact the meso, station and the navigation station are similar, the two are based on the oriented information classification station, the two are not the production of content, or the direct production of content, as long as to find a good store address, and my PID code division inside the website is complete, does not need to increase the number of long-term site content, every day after doing the promotion, check the chain. Because of its simplicity and peace of mind, leading to a large number of owners rush on like a swarm of hornets. read more

The multi functional integration of the community and micro-blog in the network

following the portal Sina launched micro-blog made a sensation, the country’s four major portals Sohu, NetEase and Tencent have also launched a micro-blog product, there are four legs of the state. Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang has also said that micro-blog has become the standard must be done. On the one hand, in the case of micro-blog Sina, ranked top of the list of popular movie star Chen Yao has more than 1 million 600 thousand "fans", that is to say as long as Chen Yao issued a micro-blog blog will have about 1600000 people will see. Some people say "when you are more than 100 fans like micro-blog, you are like a magazine; more than 1000, you are a bulletin board; more than 10 thousand, you are like a magazine; more than 100 thousand, you are a metropolis." Micro-blog fans effect can be described as a million. read more

The industry needs new rules, reasonable rules

website industry needs new rules, reasonable rules! National supervision of the Internet is not wrong, but some of the current rules, is really dumbfounding, this is the result of the laymen? The current non operating site audit record of several limited, not realistic, not rule in terms of scrutiny, the majority of these terms, the real information must be doomed to fraud by.

1, you must fill in the


now there are many people in this antique landline? Non business website for the many individuals are to do, is not it also forcing people to buy a ah, but had to invent a fake phone number or with relatives and friends to deal with. read more

Look at the logistics industry how to do business from the SF hey off

May 2014, SF hey off convenience stores in the country to start, the first officially opened in 518, China throughout the major cities, "Hey" convenience store launched at the same time, SF boss Wang Wei will get to the bottom of the layout for the results. Since 2012, SF SF preferred to start on-line food, fresh curve into electricity supplier industry, also opened the exploration on the electricity supplier industry logistics industry road.

small series will be listed below the logistics industry to do electricity supplier example read more