Plenary meeting of the delegation of Qinghai

The delegation of Qinghai to attend the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress held a plenary meeting – Luo Huining was elected as the vice president of Pengmu Dongsheng Hao head

3 3 pm, attended the National People’s Congress of the four meeting of the Qinghai delegation held a plenary meeting, unanimously elected Luo Huining as the head of the delegation of Qinghai, Hao Peng, deputy head of the army, as deputy head of the delegation of the people’s Republic of China (). read more

Chinese fast food store how to choose a better location

now, the development trend of Chinese fast food franchise industry is getting higher and higher. Want to take the initiative in the Chinese fast food franchise market. Usually the store location is good or bad influence to the day after the operation. Choose a good location is the premise of management of Chinese fast food stores to get good development lies. In the Chinese fast food store location, entrepreneurs should grasp some skills and practical operation, the following several Chinese fast food store location method can help you. read more

Seven common causes of failure of College Students

statistics show that entrepreneurial failure rate is very high, nearly 10%, but after the failure of many college students could not understand what went wrong, the following is the analysis of seven common causes of failure of College students.

1, lack of long-term goals and thinking height

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Let electricity providers start from Jiangyou

in the past, many young people choose to go out to Sichuan, Guangzhou and other cities in the eastern part of entrepreneurship. With the development of the local economy in Sichuan and entrepreneurship policies to follow up, more and more young people fancy home entrepreneurial prospects, choose to stay round their career dreams.

to attract and guide the youth to return home and college students in Jiangyou innovation and entrepreneurship, January 19th morning, Jiangyou city held a "2016 Jiangyou city youth to return home in the EGO business hall of Jiangyou (students) entrepreneurship policy will preach". About 200 representatives of young entrepreneurs, young people and college students to participate in the meeting, the Municipal Bureau of commerce actively participated in the event. read more

How to venture less detours

not every entrepreneur can be successful, we often encounter a lot of problems on the way, sometimes we will go a lot of detours. When faced with the problem, only a timely solution to let you go further. Venture is a venture capital, we only try to reduce the occurrence of errors in order to better entrepreneurship. So how to venture less detours?

startup funds should not be too high, avoid debt or invest all savings. Start at the beginning of the poor condition of some office anyway, new career success rate is usually only 20%~30%. Seriously consider inviting partners. Before the start should be completed: business license, product, technology, authorization, receipts, invoices, customer service, can also develop the website. read more

Several 2016 fiery business projects

The first step is to choose the

venture project, the project is a necessary condition and a prerequisite for success, if you want to start but do not know what a good project, today Xiaobian recommended several of the hottest 2016 project, hope is to choose the items you inspire.

: admission charges. Give discounts to those who leave their business cards to build their own mailing lists.

Shaanxi Deli join Bang Bang chicken legend how

if you know more about the cultural characteristics of different regions of China, you will find many of the world you never imagined, and vision determines our realm. This requires that we should actively look into the distance. If you have a certain understanding of the culture of Shaanxi, you will have a sense of admiration for the Loess Plateau, Shaanxi food culture has also played an important role in Chinese catering culture. Shaanxi cuisine is also a good choice for investors to join.

Shaanxi Deli join Bang Bang chicken hot food legend join the market to help you easily get rich. At the beginning of 2016, has twenty years of history of the famous brand Deli Liu Bang Bang chicken national 1000 stores a comprehensive upgrade to the "bang bang chicken legend". The reporter visited several Shaanxi in the legend of the bang bang chicken store found that, the brand promotion, stores still unpopular. Then interview franchisee wang. He said: "before I open the bang bang chicken legendary children’s clothing store, more and more children’s clothing shop opened this year, more and more children to buy online, the store business is not good to do, so I have to open the shop. First of all, I prefer to eat cooked food, cooked food nutrition, because I like to compare the good food items. Bang Bang chicken legend project is a friend introduced to me, then my head was investigated, after in-depth understanding is very optimistic about this project. Cooked food industry in Shaanxi, we have a market, in addition to the food industry, the impact of online shopping, but can be combined with online takeaway, increase revenue. It did not take long and legendary headquarters signed a contract with the bang bang chicken." read more

Small business 6 matters needing attention, invites you to become rich together!

life is like WuWeiPing, pressure, hard life, the pursuit of high, want to start, but to buy bad hope that entrepreneurs, small business failures are also a considerable blow. How to avoid the risk of small business? How can we improve their small entrepreneurial success rate? Take a look at the following for you to organize the 6 small business notes!

Small business

6 note: NO.1 to do their own thing

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What are the factors that affect the store business

since it is a shop selling goods, then the number of product sales, naturally linked directly to the performance of the store. Basically, for all businesses, all operations are around the "sales" two words, glasses shop is no exception, sales ability, can directly affect a shop of vital importance.

for this reason, each of the glasses shop are doing everything possible to seek a breakthrough in the sales capacity, but unfortunately, many people try to do everything possible, sales ability is still not significantly improved, which is why? What factors affect the sales of optical shops. read more

Since the advent of the media Nuggets era, are you ready

a few days ago and a friend of immigration to the United States to chat, do not know who the head, he unintentionally said, in the United States, there is a eight or nine year old boy was quite famous, young age years into millions of dollars.

at first I thought the boy was a little meat, what the child star of Hollywood.

fine understanding, only to know that this fart is a big point in the form of the use of video to the same age children introduce toys or games like. His father is responsible for shooting video, the little guy is responsible for the same age if the child to play with this toy or game machine, comment on the fun and so on. Then his father uploaded the video to Youtube. Because the form is novel, each video has millions of viewers to watch every year, light is toy manufacturers advertising fees as high as $1 million 300 thousand. read more

Founder Wang Yong replay history carpool slightly down 40 million in exchange for what experiences a

Abstract: once the valuation of 1 billion yuan slightly carpool ultimately in the capital of winter fallen down, the rise and fall of multitray slightly carpool experience, those lessons on the founder bought by about 40000000.


titanium media together with the 51 car, carpool, tick every car, carpool slightly carpool market was considered to be the stars of tomorrow, once the valuation of 1 billion yuan, but the aura is fleeting, slightly carpool ultimately in the capital of winter. The face slightly carpool founder Wang Yong, the rise and fall of multitray slightly carpool experience, those lessons on the founder bought by about 40000000: read more

The body does not move, the heart has been far – the advent of the era of mobile search

      contact the first mobile search, in fact, not long ago, together with a few good friends chatting in a no Internet cafes, I do not know who is talking about 3G such a concept, mutual exchange of views, I and another person some opinion is at odds, and the result of the debate is who can convince anyone, a friend said: "very simple, with Google Internet search, can know" near the cafe? Someone pulled out his cell phone, directly into the network, immediately search out what we want, I just feel the real point of the mobile search. read more

4 misunderstandings of enterprise WeChat operation and the 3 solutions

like website construction is just emerging as today’s website has become the enterprise standard, WeChat public number is also in website construction way, has become standard business, a little planning company without running a WeChat public no one feel shy. The main products sold by advertising enterprises is in droves.

similarly, we follow the trend will follow suit, Weihai day a network on a number of companies operating WeChat public number of errors, write out for everyone to discuss. read more

2014 how to layout the good horse first network marketing

with 2014 horse spring NianWei dispersed, people officially entered a new year’s Ten thousand steeds gallop. The year of the horse, led the way, a rich, immediately become a popular language. As the new year start, 2014 year enterprise network marketing how to plan? The author according to their years of network marketing experience, some views about the network marketing:

new year, the year of network marketing should also pay attention to a new demands of consumer psychology with the so-called innovative marketing strategies to cater to users changing. Bai Qiang network network marketing company that made the horse from the following aspects: read more

Ministry of public security network to do a letter to fight the network fraud fraud website and acco

sina science and technology news July 6th afternoon news, the Ministry of Public Security issued a document that will be jointly launched by the national network to do the work of the network fraud linkage reporting mechanism. The linkage disposal mechanism will be the public security organs network security big data strategy as the lead, fraud sites, fraud accounts, online fraud information promptly shut down and clean up.

Ministry of public security to remind the majority of Internet users, after the encounter network fraud, as much as possible to keep the chat records, remittance transfer vouchers and other evidence, and immediately call 110. At the same time, you can report clues. (Xiao Lu) read more

In the history of the most cattle three computer virus ending point

[] – drive history most cattle

Trojan aircraft

is currently dormant ending. Is a head or doomed? DiskGen virus author seems smarter than the panda, with netizens condemning, in the face of United major anti-virus vendors to kill, he chose " in the heady moment; run away, but only " maybe he is short to avoid the limelight, a larger attack is brewing behind


development process:

disk virus first appeared in 2007 February, Kingsoft anti virus expert Li Tiejun said, when the virus is in the windows system directory to generate lsass.exe and smss.exe files, and modify the system time for 1980. This virus is not at that time to download for the purpose, oneself also has more BUG, easy to cause the system blue screen of death after the invasion. read more

Enterprise network marketing – second step website promotion

      enterprise network marketing step by step, the second step website promotion

      on the "enterprise marketing step by step – the first step to do your site," a text, today and we discuss the issue of website promotion. There are many ways to promote the network, but I stressed the need to go straight. Site traffic may give you a moment of heresy, but that what is the use of enterprise website, not the pursuit of flow, in order to establish a corporate brand image, product sales to two. At present, many sites use a number of mass garbage information to get traffic, but those are the personal website in order to peddle traffic to get advertising revenue before the use of the way. Not for corporate marketing with the website promotion way to generalize. read more

E-commerce sites grow rapidly who will be the future overlord

Now the

electronic commerce website is more and more fire, B2B, B2C, C2C and so on, B2B is actually a kind of business to business model, free distribution network is a kind of rabbit model, which is the business release supply-demand information, some other businesses to buy. The B2C is also the most common, B2C is actually a business to customers a sales model, and the most typical even Dangdang and Jingdong mall. C2C is the customer to customer sales model, the most typical is Taobao and have these online shopping platform. read more

Big head of the domain name registration

the United Nations (UN) World Intellectual Property Organization (World Intellectual Property’s Organisation) days ago warned that with the development of the Internet, there have been some new things, such as automatic mass registration of domain name domain name to "(Domain Tasting), has brought new" cybersquatting an annoying for trademark the owner (cybersquatting) "threat.

said the agency, cybersquatting is registered (the URL from a single purpose is often to them for resale to the trademark owner, in order to profit from), registered to create advertising revenue to the mass. read more