7 Receive Ellen’s Recognition Award

first_imgSeven Liberians chosen for their excellence in the fields of   academics, business, entertainment, sports, and youth development have been recognized in an award ceremony for their dedicatory roles demonstrated over the years in serving Liberian society.The special award is named in honor of Africa’s first female President, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.The occasion took place at the Monrovia City Hall on Friday, November 8, and was attended by several top government officials and members of the public.The event featured performances by Liberian musical artists and was organized by the African and American Women for Peace, (AAW Peace) Youth Empowerment and Cultural Exchange. AAW Peace Youth Empowerment and Culture Exchange is a network of women committed to accelerating peace and socio-economic development in Liberia through the implementation of youth-focused programs in entrepreneurship, education, and media among other areas.Those receiving awards at the program included: Daniel Ankrah, who won the best radio presenter award; Prince Corvah and Matilda Parker were the male and female winners for the awards in humanitarian services; Aaron Clinton and Musulyn Myers were honored as the best male and female entertainers; while Nehwon Suah and his female counterpart Kimberlyn Boe won the best scholar awards.Giving an overview of the program, the executive director of AAW Peace, Barkue Tubman, explained that the nominees were chosen in a transparent manner.“We worked with several youth organizations, universities, religious bodies, and political organizations in identifying the nominees to be given awards for their dedicated services. We considered the excellence of those nominated in their particular fields the key factor in the process of selection,” she stated.      She said that there are lots of Liberians, contributing immensely to making the society a better one; and therefore need recognition.“We are learning about entrepreneurs and young people who are doing some amazing things in their places of work or communities that we are highly impressed with,” she said.She disclosed that her institution was pleased to showcase the work of these Liberians as a way of encouraging them and others to know the importance of serving their country.Speaking at the awards program, Matilda Parker, the managing director of the Freeport of Monrovia, said that the award did not come as a surprise, because she has remained steadfast and dedicated to ensuring that the Liberian youth have the opportunity to improve their lives.She called on other Liberians to join her in the effort to upgrade the lives of less-fortunate Liberians, stating that “by such the country will move forward.”Also speaking, was Prince Covah, who was also given the humanitarian award.Covah said the honor came as a surprise, stating that he was not aware that his activities were being noticed by others.He said that he sees the award as a call to service and therefore reaffirmed his commitment in working for the country.Daniel Ankrah of Fabric FM stated that the honor given him came through hard work and commitment.  Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more


first_imgGlimpse her in those striking congress of colorsWatch her stride in that elegant attire of fine fabricsHer never-ending smiles all over the place to spotShe talks and laughs and beckons all within her touchThey call her the Rose garden QueenListen to that delightful lexis that she proudly uttersWatch her dance gleefully in those stylish high shoesIn her smart suits and pretty flowers that adorn her hairShe smiles and laughs and kisses all within her reachThey name her the Rose Garden QueenShe is so strict some purely mumble in silenceShe is just like that and they will just stare all dayShe won’t demur and smirks she will all the timeSo they exclaim the woman is a marvel to beholdAnd they christen her the Rose garden QueenShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Ebola Outbreak, not Punishment from God

first_imgSince the outbreak of the virus was announced by government, there have statements issued by clerics that God had lost favor with Liberia for the country’s sins, and the punishment, according to them was sending Ebola to the nation.However, the Lutheran Church thinks differently and believes that God is not scared or weak as many think.At a press conference yesterday in Monrovia, LCL Bishop D. Jensen Seyenkulo disagreed with those who have characterized God in ways that run contrary to biblical revelation.“The God we know and serve, as Luther pointed to us through scripture, is not a God who kills because of sin. The incarnation is a clear manifestation of the gracious character of God.“Sickness and death have been part of the normal course of life since the fall of humankind through Adam and Eve,” Bishop Seyenkulo declared.LCL argued that assertions by some Liberians relative to said claims have no biblical foundation.Bishop Seyenkulo: “There is no scriptural basis for saying people who fear and love God do not suffer. While it is true that God hates sin, it is equally true that God loves the sinner. This is the Gospel message that we believe and that is what we preach.“To suggest that God is punishing this poor nation because of her sins is to say that God is too scared or weak to take on the more powerful nations that are just as sinful. The God we know and serve is neither timid nor weak.”The church reaffirms its commitment and support to the people and government of Liberia in the wake of the national health crisis, adding; “LCL is concerned about the Ebola crisis and stands with the government, religious and international communities in the fight.”LCL had been part of an effort by the Action of Churches Together (ACT Alliance) reaching out to hospitals and healthcare centers around the country with Ebola preventives and other medical supplies.The Church recounted the numerous assistances it has received and delivered through many different channels involving Global Health Ministers, Operation Blessing International, the Episcopal Relief and Development Organization and other outlets of the Church in the fight against Ebola.“We have, through the LCL-ZOE and Malaria Programs, provided Ebola preventive materials to 240 households of orphans and vulnerable children in Kakata, Margibi County. We declared Sunday, September 7 “Stand Against Ebola” day in the Lutheran Church in Liberia. On this day, all congregations of LCL gathered Ebola prevention materials and food items that will be distributed in Ebola endemic areas. We have begun to organize a task force that will handle all Ebola issues in the Church. We are ready to deliver a truck load of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and other medical supplies to Gbapolu County this week.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

‘Totally Unacceptable and Unbecoming Acts of Violence’, Change Incorporated Foundation Boss Warns Quardu Gbondi…

first_imgThe Program Coordinator of a non-for-profit foundation based in Monrovia has described actions of the Quardu Gbondi citizens in Lofa County as ‘totally unacceptable and unbecoming acts of violence’ against the Liberian leader.A week ago the Liberian leader visited Lofa County officially intended to assess the conditions of the Ebola virus Disease impacts and accomplishments at the epic-center in Foya District and other areas.Program Coordinator Byrd Leroy Morris Sr. head of Change Incorporated (CI) further pointed out that the attitude of the Quardu Gbondi citizens and youths does not represent the aspirations of Liberian youth groups.“If we are young people are to take over the mantle of leadership of the nation in the near we must cultivate virtues that would commensurate with the herculean tasks ahead,” Mr. Morris stressed.He further indicated that the currently new wave of doctrine of disrespect to Constitutional authorities is becoming a vicious circle and called on all young Liberians to desist from unwholesome and ungodly attitude if Liberia is to forge ahead. Mr. Morris also noted that with young people assuming leadership let us as Liberians be more civil in their utterances to leaders especially those that are constitutionally elected in the country.The CI boss warned that Liberians cannot and should not vote people in power just to insult them and Liberians should channel their displeasures and grievances through other means rather than verbal abuses.“This is becoming a new culture and folks see this as a means of entering government and that is if one becomes fearless and provocative in their utterances, it is evident that the government may pacify him/her with a job,” Coordinator Morris asserted.Mr. Morris also pointed out some Liberians may want to argue that Boakai Jalieba allegedly insulted the President and was rewarded with an Assistant Ministerial Post.  He however, urged Liberians to leave that up to him and posterity will judge and rest of his people.Mr. Morris added that this trend should serve as a wake-up call to our leaders and those constitutionally elected to respect the young people and prioritize the well being of young people through the provision of employment and scholarship opportunities if we are to forge ahead as a nation and people.The CI head that Liberians should be more civil in addressing issues with their leaders and added that he is using this medium to apologize to the Liberian President for the rude behavior exemplified by youths in Lofa County.The CI head noted that the manner in which their grievances were meted out against the Liberian leader were indeed counterproductive.He also emphasized that the President will always be the President and this nation is a nation governed by law and people should respect those tents if this nation is to forge ahead and depend on the youth as future leaders of the country.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

A sledgehammer blow to free speech

first_imgDear Editor,The Cyber Crimes Bill with its obnoxious and evil “sedition clause” will unleash a sledgehammer blow to free speech and deny citizens their God-given right to criticise the Government of the day and demand accountability in public office.The sedition clause criminalises statements or words “either spoken or written, a text, video, image, sign, visible representation, or other thing, that brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards the Government established by law in Guyana.” This looks very strange to me.Who decides what words or statements evoke “hatred or contempt” against the Government? Who decides what words or statements “excite disaffection” against the Government? By what criteria will this be decided? Will the very same Government being criticised define what constitutes seditious words or statements?Honourable Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan contended that the Bill allows for criticisms of the Government and its Ministers, but sedition will apply for words or actions that cause civil strife, disorder and violence. Tell me, brother Ramjattan, is it sedition if legitimate criticism or exposure of gross Government crimes or misconduct provokes public anger and civil unrest?Also, when the sedition clause refers to “the Government established by law in Guyana” my alarm bells go off. Every election in Guyana from the 1950s up to now, even the last one in 2015, was tainted by public allegations of fraud. But whether or not there really was fraud, the winners of elections always became “the Government established by law”.My point is: Suppose there is a rigged election and this fraud creates public outrage with citizens calling, online and elsewhere, for the vagabonds to be resisted and kicked out. What is to stop that criminal regime from claiming to be “the Government established by law” and using the sedition clause to get rid of citizens who legitimately condemn and resist them?I do not know if it is by design or by accident, but I can see clearly that the proposed Cyber Crimes Bill and controversial sedition clause can be abused by corrupt politicians to suppress criticism of any sitting Government. As a long-time fighter to make Guyana a peaceful, democratic, free and open society, this is totally repugnant to me.I noticed that Telecommunications Minister Cathy Hughes said persons raising concerns had two years to do so before the Parliamentary Sub-Committee submitted its proposal. This delay does not matter to me; better late than never. We were very fortunate to find out about the controversial sedition clause in time to oppose it before it became law.I expected the sub-committee that crafted the Bill to focus on protecting the public from serious dangers on the Internet such as terrorist recruitment, extreme violence, pornography, paedophilia, gambling and online scams aimed at stealing people’s hard-earned dollars. I did not expect to see a sedition clause to suppress persons’ right to criticise and oppose governments that they have hired and they have a right to fire and criticise.Any Government that wants to shut down criticism and opposition on the Inter is a Government that needs to be questioned. Trying to block public discourse and journalism because of politics will only bring a backlash of international ridicule on our beloved nation from lovers of democracy worldwide.I call on the coalition Government to scrap the entire Bill and replace it with a better plan to deal with cybercrime and promote the peaceful and democratic development of Guyana.Sincerely,Roshan Khan Srlast_img read more

The true character of Volda Lawrence; Nagamootoo take note!

first_imgDear Editor,The PNCR/APNU Chairwoman Volda Lawrence has finally revealed who she really is. The Leader of the largest coalition partner has finally said who and what she stands for. For years, this hardcore political follower from the old guard could not hold back the dark side of her character and was forced to reveal it to others of her kind at Congress Place.While we may aggressively attack Volda Lawrence for her vulgar and naked racist rant, you must also remember that she is just a symptom of what we in the analytical press have been saying for years, that is, she is the personification of a party that holds the same view.If the President or any of the top brass of the party were worth their salt, and were offended in any way by those remarks then they would have immediately asked for her apology and a retraction of those comments. But they were all in agreement with their comrade, so why condemn her.Further to our discourse and of even greater importance, is the fact that this vile character might very well be our next president. That situation is quite clear, should anything more serious come to a terminally ill president, then Guyana as a nation will be “burdened” with a cynical racist as its leader. Guyana, please note should anything happen to our terminally ill president, I am speaking of the likes of Volda Lawrence being installed as the new president. This is the real frightening and ghastly scenario we would be faced with.So, this is the unadulterated truth, her vile words have as much significance to the Opposition as it does to persons in the coalition who “do not look like her.” In this regard Nagamootoo should be on notice. I am sure right now he is a nervous wreck trying to figure out the real world situation unfolding before him; and worried sick he should be!Those comments have wide sweeping implications and coalition partner, acting president Nagamootoo, needs to be on his guard. There is no way Volda Lawrence would stand for a person who does not look like her as leader of the coalition or President of this country while she is there. I rest my case.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img read more

No matter what they do, Guyana will be free

first_imgDear Editor,Common sense would inform any rational mind that these are times of emergency in Guyana. In such times, senior officials must act with a sense of urgency, but this seems not to be the case with GECOM in terms of fulfilling their responsibility in regard to the holding of General Elections.It would be negligent of me, however, to not respond to the lethargic actions of people like GECOM Chairman James Patterson and his colleague Commissioner Desmond Trotman as they seek to glaringly misrepresent the logic and common sense behind this official voters’ list.I listened carefully to Mr. Robert Corbin in the CCJ Court Room when he spoke about the National Registration Act Chap 19:08 and the Representation of the People’s Act Chap 1:03, and I must say he got it. So why do not Mr. Patterson and Mr. Trotman get it? Maybe if Mr. Corbin was potentially not the most attractive option to now lead the PNC out of its current electoral ravine, he might have made an excellent GECOM Commissioner.People move, People change their names, People die, and People come of age. However, none of these events needs a house-to-house registration to be captured in times of a national emergency.Even more importantly, none of these events poses an insurmountable challenge that cannot be fixed within six weeks. So I clearly cannot understand why Mr. Patterson is so doggedly attached to this concept that only a process of house-to-house registration can clean the list.Let me, please, explain further, Mr. Editor. Young people come of age, meaning that they grow up to be old enough to become first-time voters. However, you do not need house-to-house registration to accurately and completely capture these first-time voters on the official voters’ list.According to the National Registration Act Chap 19:08, (which Mr. Corbin referred to in his presentation), all Guyanese who are 14 years of age are eligible to be registered and be placed on a Central Register, which is then used to extract the Official Voters’ List which has the names of all the over-18-year-olds.But those who are hell bent on delaying the elections will then say this list will still not be clean enough, because people moved, people changed their names, people died, and they are still on the list.Nonetheless, if you put on your solutions cap and you focus on the fact that people moved and changed their names, then the solution is “no big thing”. Two weeks of an intense claims-and-objections period, with late opening up to 8 pm at nights in all the geographic districts, would easily solve that.Then the negaholics might come up with another excuse, and ask, ‘What about those who died?’Again, my response is “no big deal”. A formal request to the Head of the General Registrar’s Office (GRO) for a list of all the names for which death certificates were issued would quickly solve that problem. That list can be used to remove the names of the dead from the Official Voters List. That, again, would take no longer than two weeks to be accomplished, and can be done simultaneously during the claims and objections period; and boom, the complexity is sorted.So why do we have all this hullaballoo being pushed by the Chairman and his ‘clique of merry men’ that Guyana must have house-to-house registration immediately in this period of abnormality and uncertainty? Is this a ruse to cover up their grand scheme to delay and deny the people of Guyana free and fair elections, and elections free from fair?Paraphrasing the national poet Martin Carter, “this is the dark time, my love”. As Mr. Carter said in that poem, “it is the season of oppression…….” Mr. Patterson and Mr. Trotman must understand that “time and history are not on their side”; so no matter what they do, Guyana will be free.Regards,Sasenarine Singhlast_img read more

WPA urges President to accept Rodney CoI findings

first_imgThe Working People’s Alliance (WPA) is urging that President David Granger accept the Walter RodneyWPA Leader, Dr Rupert RoopnaraineCommission of Inquiry (CoI) report as is it and change his position that the findings are flawed.The party, a member of the seven faction A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), was partly founded by Rodney, a historian and educator, who met his demise some 36 years ago in a bomb blast. The WPA, since Dr Rodney’s death, had been calling for an investigation in to the death of its leader.In its first official statement, since the presentation of final report of the Inquiry, the party said President Granger, who had the benefit of possession of the report, has already registered the “Presidential disaffirmation” of the report; a posture he had taken before even consulting with his coalition partners.“It remains to be seen whether on further consideration he will modify his severely critical position or even it remains immutable, he may help to create an environment accommodating differences so that we can rescue something positive out of it”.Following a leaked circulation of the document, President Granger, when questioned by Guyana Times on the findings, expressed disappointment with the report saying that it was highly flawed. He said the three-member panel, headed by Barbados Queen’s Counsel, Sir Richard Cheltenham, had relied too much on hearsay evidence, particularly from a convict, and had failed to garner the relevant evidence from persons who were really there at the time of the incident. He said Government was going to challenge the findings of the investigation.Throughout the 17-month long CoI, which was also heard by Jamaican Queen’s Counsel Jacqueline Samuels-Brown and Trinidad-based Guyanese Senior Counsel Seenath Jairam, the People’s National Congress had been pointed at as the major player behind Rodney’s death.The Report, stated that given all the relevant facts, events and circumstances set out, Commissioners could do nothing else but establish that William Gregory Smith was not acting alone but had the active and full support, participation and encouragement of, and/or was aided and abetted by the Guyana Police Force (GPF); the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) – both agencies of the State – and the political directorate, including Prime Minister Forbes Burnham, in the killing of Dr Rodney.Rodney, a globally respected political and social activist, died on June 13, 1980, after a walkie-talkie he was examining exploded in his lap.It was the theory of those close to the founding WPA leader that the man he had somewhat come to trust, Smith, a then GDF Sergeant and communication expert, had planted an explosive into the device Rodney was expected to test.It was claimed too that the Government of the day, the PNC and its leader, Burnham, had used Smith to carry out the attack.President Granger is yet to make an official declaration of the findings.“The public should be wary of political opportunism that will flow unrestricted in the reaction to this report and the agenda of spin doctors. The Inquiry could not gather all the facts and could not include all the first-hand experiences of those of us who lived through the period under review”, the party said in its statement.Meanwhile, President Granger, asked about the formal release of the report said that he had no problem in doing so, but was awaiting the official statements from, members of the coalition.He said all members were sent copies of the document and were scheduled to submit their comments Friday. He said the coalition members were given copies of the report and were asked to discuss it with their executives and to submit their comments.last_img read more

“Participate in your Government” – US Ambassador encourages

first_imgUnited States Ambassador to Guyana Perry Holloway is encouraging all Guyanese to participate in their government, even if their candidate does not win.United States Ambassador to Guyana Perry HollowayIn observance of fifty years of diplomatic relations between the United States and Guyana, Ambassador Holloway shared a bit of advice to the Guyanese populace on moving its country forward.He was at the time delivering remarks at a reception organised by the US Embassy in Georgetown to mark this milestone, which coincided with the 240th Independence Anniversary of the United States of America.The Ambassador explained that freedom is something people often take for granted until some aspect of their freedom is restricted. “Then we jump into action often screaming bloody murder and sometimes in extreme cases resort even to revolution,” he stated.Holloway said in the United States, just as in Guyana, citizens enjoy a tremendous amount of freedom and in this regard, he implored every person, Guyanese and American, to do the right things every day so that the next generations will enjoy the same freedom.“This means vote in elections, participate in political campaigns, engage in debate, and write letters to editors. Don’t be caught standing on the side of the road as your country moves forward. When your candidate does not win, continue to participate because it will only make our country better,” he stated.Ambassador Holloway pointed out that US elections are often 50-50 affairs, and if 50 per cent of the US were to stop participating if their candidate did not win, then the country would not move forward.He advised that in such cases, persons should still participate at the local and national levels of the country’s development and push harder for their candidate and issues next time around.Holloway went on to encourage persons to educate themselves and those around them about everything and anything possible.“We live in a complex world and our access to information, wrong and right, is greater than it ever has been. Figuring out how to access that information and how to impart it to our young people is our challenge…we must put emphasis on education if we want to remain free and continue to advance as a country and as individuals,” he stated.The Ambassador also encouraged both government and the people alike to invest in the future: “We cannot live in the laurels of our past nor accept the reality of our present. We must invest in education, infrastructure, and government to protect our freedom going forward.”In this regard, the Ambassador urged everyone to pay their taxes and then hold their government accountable for using them.“We all want our government to do everything, but a government cannot turn water into wine. It needs funding to function and funding comes from taxes, whether we like them or not,” he said.last_img read more

2 months community service for Supenaam man

first_imgSelwin Green, 27, aka Bongo, of Supenaam, Essequibo Coast, will do two months of community service at the Aurora Police Station for having in his possession two grams of cannabis.Green made his first appearance before magistrate Sunil Scarce on Thursday at the Suddie Magistrate’s Court. He pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of narcotic and was fined 00 and sentenced to two months of community service.The facts of the matter state that on September, 6, 2016 during a police raid, the cannabis was found in his home.The narcotic was found in a transparent bag under some clothes. He admitted to the offence and was arrested. He was unemployed at the time of his arrest.last_img read more