18 dollars into a car marketing King

in the domestic business ranks, some of the more legendary entrepreneurs, they use their own experience shocked a lot of people, especially some obscure white entrepreneurs, the next step is to introduce a is not the start empty-handed entrepreneurs.

in Changchun first automobile factory car department store faces a bold magnificent "Shanghai Hotel", the hotel owner named Zhu Xiaoming, he has 4 companies, the total assets of more than billion yuan. He is the real estate business, is the automobile marketing. But the king, who can think of, such as this one the generous, the atmosphere almost to style of private entrepreneurs, the beginning is actually only 18 yuan of money to hand the little tailor. read more

Internet profit model which has ten to share

Internet entrepreneurs rising trend, more and more young people flocked to the Internet for gold. For these young Internet entrepreneurs, they grasp the profit model of the internet. So what are the Internet profit model? Here are ten to share.

profit mode: online advertising

What are the

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How much money is needed to join the ruthless spicy Hot pot

joined the ruthless spicy Hot pot need how many money? The brand to join and need to meet what conditions? A lot of spicy ruthless investors interested in joining Hot pot will ask such questions. So the following small series for you to make specific introduction.


joined the ruthless spicy Hot pot

1, legal person, natural person or other organization;

2, love food and beverage industry, with entrepreneurial passion and investment enthusiasm;

3, with strong brand awareness and management skills; read more

Australia introduced new measures to promote the development of entrepreneurial culture

China is a major revitalization of innovation and entrepreneurship strategy, while other countries have also begun to promote entrepreneurship program. Australia introduced a series of initiatives to promote more people choose to start their own business development, open up new markets.

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The seven woman to join Chuanchuan Xiang bright scene

as everyone knows, featuring delicacy rich opportunities, now the seven great Chuanchuan Xiang loved by the people, as a popular delicacy project, many entrepreneurs are aimed at the seven great string of fragrant prospects, delicious seven Po Chuanchuan Xiang is fresh and healthy, pay attention to the quality of products of the seven great Chuanchuan Xiang headquarter adhere to the exclusive secret seven, build very attractive woman Chuanchuan Xiang, entrepreneurs choose to shop if you want to make a good project, may wish to give priority to the seven great string of incense to join. read more

Small businesses need to pay attention to the following matters

when people do not have enough capital, small business has become a business we very love, this little gem there is a risk, in recent years, the prosperity and development of domestic market economy, more and more people choose to start their own business when the boss, small business cost less investment, small risk, become a popular business choice. But even the small cost of entrepreneurship, but also need to choose the actual situation in line with their own, otherwise it will only do not earn money, below, to give you some small businesses need to pay attention to the issue. read more

Tianjin Modern Vocational Technology College innovation success

in order to cultivate the needs of the era of innovation and scientific and technological personnel, the modern Career Technical College is to bring innovation and entrepreneurship education, so that more young entrepreneurs have a real entrepreneurial ability.

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Baidu fired Baidu promotion father of Wang Zhan but fire may be due to the promotion.

former vice president of Baidu, the father of Baidu promotion, Baidu’s first product manager Wang Zhan

Sina Technology Li  


recently described as Wei Zexi due to external domestic trouble and foreign invasion, the event continues fermentation, About Baidu promotion claims can be heard without end. The inside is quietly dismissed Wang Zhan, vice president, the latter is a participant in the promotion of Baidu and the founder of the most important, and even can be called the father of Baidu promotion". read more

Tongzhou, Beijing, thousands of Community Shop real name registration

in July 1st, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce formally implemented the "Interim Measures for the management of online commodity trading and related services", and the real name system of the shop was officially launched. Yesterday, the Tongzhou branch of the industrial and commercial administration under the jurisdiction of the eight network to complete the real name of the 945 shop certification, marking the opening of the Tongzhou real estate online shop into the era. read more

Robin Li on the competitive ranking fault I would like to assume full responsibility

on the evening of November 18th, Baidu CEO Robin Li today issued an open letter to all employees in the evening, CCTV reported its competitive ranking problem for the first time publicly made a statement.

Robin Li said that in recent years, the majority of the media, the majority of users of Baidu search experience, business operation and sales operation problems such as focus and focus on a show, Baidu will present problems comprehensive mining and presented to the Baidu brand image damage. He as the company’s CEO, in a very sad, with deep hatred and resentment at the same time, will also assume full responsibility, and we work together to tide over the difficulties. read more

Fog Creek boss Joel Spolsky how to distribute equity equity

the problem is so common that I’m going to give the world the most detailed answer to this question. I hope that in the future if someone asked a similar question, we just need to quote my answer.

1, the most important (equity allocation) principle.

fair, but also perceived fairness, more valuable than the real shares. In a startup, almost everything that can go wrong will go wrong, and the fault of the one of the biggest problems is huge, angry, loud among the founders on the "who work harder" argument was, who have more shares, who put forward ideas and so on. read more

Ali 1 billion acquisition cup with online selling prescription drugs or release

text / Liu Yanqing

"This is a Alibaba

cup!" on May 28th, the State Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the State Food and Drug Administration) released "the Internet operating food and drug supervision and management approach (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft") but two hours, a person in charge of medicine the electricity supplier to issue such a comment on WeChat.

earlier this year, Alibaba spent 1 billion 37 million yuan acquisition of CITIC twenty-first Century (0241.HK) of the shares of 54.3%. Industry analysts pointed out that the reason why Ali make such a big acquisition, fancy is CITIC twenty-first Century’s eye Hebei medical technology company 95095 pharmaceutical sales platform in November last year to get the third party online drug transaction certificate. But in the Alibaba Tmall medical Pavilion justifiably sell drugs but 4 months, by the State Food and Drug Administration drafted this paper "draft", not only will relax the approval of third party transaction management platform, and even put forward who meet the Internet business platform requirements will be the sale of prescription drugs read more

Implementation of the secret how to do WeChat car marketing

How did WeChat marketing

company? Small in a search of the problem, then, the author compared the excitement, still talking about WeChat major influence, discount WeChat marketing preferred solution "advertising chain, or the" Mercedes WeChat sales and BMW’s "WeChat" hard soft "for simple, direct and practical for the value of the content of dry cargo strong self-evident.

in short, whether it is a car companies or other companies, WeChat marketing can be attributed to two aspects: 1, the target audience where? What is the 2 to stimulate reading and forwarding content of pain points? Next, small and micro micro media alliance classic marketing case – "2015 new Mondeo · years Chinese taste; for example, to share with you carefully: read more

Do the promotion must learn to look far ahead from a high plane

there is an old saying, "if I had known the truth now is still the three rich ten years’, it’s a matter of vision, also has a relationship and thinking, do promotion also need to be realistic but look far ahead from a high plane.

one day in September 2010 a few entrepreneurial college students to find me, I want to do some planning for them, they created a -0102 brand clothing store, which is a professional men’s casual wear brand, and has its own production factory. Because of the precise positioning, it is easier to succeed, and I am optimistic about his point. But there is an indisputable fact in front of them, because of the lack of funds, it would be easy to fail because of capital chain broken. How low cost publicity becomes a priority. I believe a lot of entrepreneurs will encounter the same problem. Cao Guangyun for this group of young friends do what planning and market analysis, I think we certainly want to know, here are a few points to share. read more

What is the future of social marketing Mobile will replace mobile priority

although we just entered 2015 soon, but if the annual general issues today, we are not "today", but in the next year or even more long-term future, what will happen in this society.

in fact, the importance of the importance of the future development trend is not to say, and in this rapidly changing social media world, its change is particularly worthy of attention. For example, at the beginning of 2014, Facebook (natural touch of the brand through the way of paying, the brand message through Facebook platform to the user) is still very popular, and the video from the media "(Vblogger) the term has just been put forward. Just over a year, the natural touch seems to have been turned down by Sheng, and video from the media has been the use of multimedia. Looking ahead, social applications with instant messaging capabilities have made great achievements. read more

Meng Meng marketing

I go out in a few days ago, boring, walked into a KFC restaurant, on the way to the Internet and others, at the point of the meal there, when I was ready to grab a cup of coffee and French fries, found in the table covered with a leaflet on the surface of the picture is a very adorable cute kitten doll. Because the author is a cat person, so he ordered the package to send doll…… After I returned home later, through the Baidu search after the discovery, this is the original KFC launched a "small strange cat" meow "package". read more

Invest 30 thousand to do e-commerce to earn ten million

we are living in a society with advanced technology, electronic commerce is gradually moving closer to us, and it brings us great convenience and opportunity. Who do not want to add color to their lives, who do not want to have a good life. As humans need a more easy way to make money, e-commerce is often all over the world.

today, inadvertently, let me find a piece of news on the Internet, the main content of this news is about a beauty after graduating from junior high school, in order to start to borrow 30 thousand dollars this year, to make a million. The online data on her numerous, for me, I did not see in the news, I really do not know who is Sun Yanyan? Just listening to friends mentioned, always think she is an entrepreneurial road a businesswoman for a long time. Today I know that she is only a girl of 24 years old, a 80 entrepreneurs, her hard work, she now e-commerce through this platform, let the little fluorescence stick into the CCTV "the same song". read more