Mou Changqing the first Witkey website publishing task harvest experience

ZZDH Adsense navigation set up more than 2 months, there has been no exclusive site in the LOGO icon. Every time my partner let me provide web site LOGO, I was free to make LOGO site, just get a. Especially this year around the stationmaster Congress more and more, is also very fortunate to be many webmaster general assembly support media, but there has been no unified image of LOGO, has great influence on the ZZDH webmaster navigation brand promotion.

For example,

before the "Anhui Internet webmaster General Assembly alliance" and "Shanghai 2009 small site Cultural Festival" and the recent upcoming January 10th "Chongqing website alliance 2008 Annual Conference" ZZDH webmaster navigation is the support media or guest Co, have the honor to and laggards, Chinaz, stationmaster net and other well-known webmaster site in a column. But because LOGO is not uniform, although marked by ZZDH in multiple activities page webmaster conferences and activities at the scene of the LOGO, but because LOGO are constantly changing, may leave the impression to the webmaster friends, like to see certain "webmaster navigation" but because of a change in LOGO and change, do not remember whether it is the same site. The following figure, in which the two general meeting of the different LOGO. read more

Discussion on the marketing boundary of social media from the case of Changchun car theft

previous total enterprise asked me those advertising and PR agency can use 100 kinds of strategies and cases in terms of how micro-blog has value, they can make use of micro-blog how far-reaching spread in the proposal, but never told him that micro-blog could not be what to do, or what are taboo.


— or any kind of media forms, have a nature of "double-edged sword", even the TV TV structure is more simple one-way communication media, have been violated because advertising be too numerous to enumerate the audience psychological influence brand and product image of the case. Just, "micro-blog marketing" for three years in the Chinese market but who never blossom everywhere, real to tell companies, through the micro-blog marketing activities, in addition to the favorable factors, what are the boundary of the principles should be like that around twenty-second military regulations about race even as companies move out at any time around. read more

Yang who is to save the Witkey

Chinese original Internet model is only two, is a Alibaba of Ma Yun electronic commerce, is a Witkey concept proposed by Liu Feng in July 2005.

end view of 2007, Ma Yun’s Alibaba listed, which is gratifying. Alibaba to promote the global e-commerce market, and become the object of imitation. But Witkey in 2007 but in trouble, no great breakthrough and development.

today, the Alibaba to do a chat show, the dialogue is very wonderful, Witkey rookie, the speaker is Witkey website practitioners, he made bold extension Witkey mode of electronic commerce, and from this model of electronic intelligence service. There is no reason not to mention, but for Witkey industry, it is a big breakthrough and innovation. read more

Social media marketing book analysis of 19 directions of network marketing (1)

today, the Internet is everywhere, especially with the Chinese opens 3G era, website, has almost entered thousands of households, each may have their own blog or website, and to have a foot in the vastness of the internet station, do you know how to do? (original by Wu Jinzhi


social media marketing treasure from 20 directions of Internet content network marketing tool you analysis.

1 social networking site SNS marketing.

The most famous is

, happy net, a registered account on these sites and appropriate activities can bring unlimited traffic and popularity, social media marketing book of the world’s top 20 social networking site SNS, shortcut for your SNS popular marketing guide. read more

Entrepreneurship open class after the transformation is forced to say how to achieve a beautiful met

beauty since its founding in 2009 just over 5 years, from a small team of 6 people to grow rapidly to thousands of women, registered users billions of dollars, the mobile client installed capacity of more than 80 million, just past the double 11 day trading volume reached 570 million yuan, now become the largest women’s fashion community. The company has received Jiyuan capital, Sequoia Capital, bluerun, Zero2IPO Tencent and other well-known institutions and investment companies, there are unconfirmed reports said the four round total financing amounted to $80 million, becoming one of the fastest-growing Internet Co China. read more

The domain name speculators business occupation

From $7 million 500 thousand to $14 million, domain name trading in just a few years has created a flourishes myth. In the beautiful story of the ring, many people have the domain name investment profits, money will be able to sit at home feeling.

in a hotel near China World Trade Center, a minor celebrity in the circle of the domain name investors Tian Peng told the "Financial Times" interview. Into the industry has more than four years and invested thousands of various domain names Tian Peng not only thinking agile, hobbies are quite extensive. "In my opinion, the domain name investment is a gold mine, and the key to mine the gold mine is to have a vision, creative, and have a keen sense of things around." Tian Peng said.

"domain name investment is one of the most basic principles, that is, the domain name as short as possible. Too long if the domain name is not good to the extreme, it is difficult to get the favor of buyers." Tian Peng told reporters. He believes that the simple combination of numbers and letters not only easy to remember, and the input is convenient, not easy to make mistakes, and buyers for this type of domain name is often in droves.

According to the statistics of the

read more

.Asia domain name over 300 thousand revenue of 70 million yuan

, vice president of.Asia community relations Joe king said,.Asia’s first domain name and domain name auction rules, pioneer cost rule, half a year for this emerging Asian top-level domain.Asia registered institutions brought 70 million yuan of income.

due to the introduction of a short time, the total number of registered.Asia has just more than 300 thousand, of which there are about more than 30 thousand domestic registration. Relevant responsible person said,.Asia is trying to promote cooperation with major institutions, enterprises, with a view to the public and the market can be familiar with and trust the emerging top-level domain. read more