I’m a grassroots. How about you

often in some webmaster online see, many people are in the "grassroots webmaster" discussion like fire, which in the end the webmaster is qualified to be crowned "grassroots webmaster" title,


each head of state of extreme nervousness., began to do stand even reach the grass "stationmaster" qualifications, not to mention can be regarded as a grassroots, but is with three points of passion to do stand, completely out of the station to do the interest into the root, and fully deserve to enjoy others of their own "grassroots webmaster" name. read more

Three enlightenments of goddess of the National Congress to the design of University Official Websit


] the NPC goddess "coming the Renmin University of China official website is a hot, this paper summarizes the design of the three factors for the success of the University’s official website: more personality, more female, more human.

"goddess of the people" fire! Recently, the official website of Renmin University of China published a single photo of the beauty graduates, girls fresh and beautiful image, quickly lead to hot Internet users. For a while, visitors came in, the volume of visits climbed sharply, and the server was paralyzed. read more

Stationmaster please rational do station, do not so impetuous

has been in A5 for some time, not much (in fact, I sometimes want to say a few words, but I haven’t heard A5, so I can’t make a speech, I hope I can do it this time), but I have also read a lot of friends’ articles. We found that personal webmaster seems to have been a fickle mood surrounded, such as what the garbage station, what the traffic and so on, if we can’t get a IP on the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands in the short term, can not live like, if not in the short term to earn money, the site will be closed tomorrow immediately, webmaster it will starve to death immediately. read more

Stationmaster should pay attention to the problem in the process of network transaction

himself as a pure hobby webmaster, has been silent in the webmaster circles mixed up so many years, also didn’t mix out a trick. Because of its non network and professional website, so a lot of knowledge building are in the A5 station network and related procedures to the East portal. I’ve never bought any books about it. I always think I don’t know what I want to do. Anyway, Baidu and Google can solve the problem.

has also wanted to send an article in A5, because writing is too messy, so has not been rushed out to see people. Plus do not know what to write, afraid to write out is not professional, afraid everyone throwing bricks. But today I don’t have what we throw bricks, because I think people have ridiculed the good article, so I don’t think this is what is wrong, simply let the bricks come more violent! Due to the recent transactions on the network very suck, eat a lot of money. So today I will write about webmaster network transaction security stuff. Where the transaction cost me nearly a thousand yuan, although the money is not special, but for us this slave it is still somewhat distressed. So I gave a brief description of the types of transactions that the owners often want to trade. read more

What is the most profitable new rural projects

now in the community to promote the construction of new rural areas, in fact, in the construction of new rural areas there are also unlimited business opportunities, to see if you have a pair of eyes to find it. Rural projects to make money potted vegetables are divided into three categories

A, a riot of colours leafy.

the vegetable leaves color bright and colorful, with aesthetic enjoyment and some flowers compared favorably with high nutritional value. Such as spinach, lettuce, purple colored gold and white mushroom varieties. read more

Why don’t you make a bike shop

countries encourage green travel, can protect the environment, now many will buy a bike ride, can exercise, can also protect the environment, people are now seeking more and more people to recover the original simplicity, riding a bicycle as a stylish and environmentally friendly thing to do, so now the market with the development of bicycle industry a great space, but why is this such a good development prospects, you open the bike shop does not make money? Here we give you a detailed analysis of the reasons for not making money. read more

Shenyang primary and secondary schools to adopt a flexible school work

in Shenyang, a lot of schools have been out of school, but has not yet been waiting for parents to pick up, because parents are generally more late than school work. Shenyang is developing students flexibility school specific programs in the future after school students volunteered to stay in school, the school will arrange students to do homework, reading or doing sports activities, and the school can not be nominal charges after service.

3 28 April, Liaoning Provincial Department of Education issued a "forwarding Office of the Ministry of education on primary and secondary school students do after-school service work guidance" notice, by advocating "government purchase services" "financial subsidy" in the form of the implementation of primary and secondary students after class service work, the implementation of flexible school, provide necessary and flexible the students after service. But after class service must be a voluntary participation of parents and students, is prohibited to make up a missed lesson, not arbitrary charges. After the specific period of service, according to the actual situation of the city. read more

Improve the pasta processing store staff confidence what way – the whole

pasta processing franchise? In our life, has always been a very good entrepreneurial advantage. Pasta processing stores, a fire will open a shop. So, how can we improve the pasta processing shop staff confidence? What are the methods?

The operator

pasta processing franchise is when dealing with a crisis of confidence, remember to explain not panic disorder, stores the situation realistically to employees, join the pasta processing difficulties currently facing the crisis management status and coping strategies, measures, so that employees of the franchise to establish confidence, actively involved in food processing shop day to day work. If the boss simply said "don’t lose confidence, we can handle it" talk, say the structure often with the expected effect on the contrary, the staff will think you are in a perfunctory and deceive them, strengthen the food processing across stores do not trust. read more

The first independent Rural Center in Northern District

Business nature – entrepreneurs can not forget

for the ideal to venture, for life to start a business can also, entrepreneurship can have a variety of reasons, but as a successful entrepreneur, do not forget the nature of business.

read more

Jade market is easy to join the easy to make money

is very interested in beautiful things in our life. So, emerald project? Brand project, the best choice for entrepreneurship. Moreover, in the jewelry market, jade not only has a very high popularity, but also the first choice to join the venture!

since ancient times, jade has a rich historical and cultural connotation, with the popularity of crystal jewelry, in the domestic market, jade jewelry crafted can always meet consumer demand for personalized, jade stores are more and more, so the emerald market how read more

The five lies in the business information

this is an era of information, news mixed, false ones, entrepreneurship information contains many lies. Entrepreneurial information common lies in the following five, entrepreneurs can take a good look, so as not to be deceived.


read more

Join the St. snow ice cream infinitely good prospects

chose to join St. snow ice cream business project, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice. How about running snow ice cream? In the catering market, not only has a high popularity, joining the St. snow ice cream, or very has the advantage of choice.

joined the professional Italy St. snow ice cream production technology, raw materials with low fat and low sugar low calorie ice cream was developed, not only delicious, but also healthy. The taste is diverse, rich function, beauty, brain, puzzle, appetizers and other series, all by creating healthy ice cream. St. snow ice cream franchise production method, is a perfect copy of the Italy classic manual process, work process of romantic, interesting, even if there is no experience, through professional training, you can quickly become a top ice cream master. Make the production process to match Italy chef! As a kind of enjoyment, the delicious in elegant skilled movements, this is the art of life, but also the art of business. read more

Cai Wensheng there is still room for innovation in the mobile Internet personal website

PHPWind, Xiamen fish nets, home owners (Chinaz) jointly organized the 2010 China website of local and Industry Development Forum held in Xiamen in May 14th, including more than 200 local community owners, and industry veteran Internet scene, related to the development of the theme of a in-depth discussion on the community website, to promote the community to the broader space put forward suggestions, have an important role in promoting the development of the industry.

Mr. Cai Wensheng, chairman of read more

Beijing Shanghai about the rules of the car landing we can also about the car

in the afternoon of December 21st, Beijing City, about the appointment of taxi business management services, the official release.

despite the objections of the previous draft is very large, but the final version of the rules or to retain the general was Tucao Beijing car Beijing people, but the rules on the models to relax.

rules, online car platform business for a period of 4 years, expire after passing the examination can be postponed, net about car platform to bear the carrier’s liability, responsibility for production safety and the corresponding social responsibility in accordance with law, security management responsibilities, and bear the vehicle driver for personnel and vehicles to buy related insurance. read more

Ctrip wireless mobile website formally launched on April 1st

After the operation, for the first half of April 1, 2010, ctrip.com launched the first mobile phone website Ctrip wireless "in the industry, consumers through mobile phone can login m.ctrip.com, booking tickets and hotel in Ctrip mobile phone online, and the traditional booking channels the same high-quality service and achieve comprehensive management of personal information.

read more

How to really understand the user needs of the site three 24~35 age user analysis

The next

is talked about from such a group of people from the ages of 24~35 years old, this group will come from the popular significance, which belongs to the network the most love, a group of potential consumers is also the most prone to direct economic benefits.

usually to such an age, basically have a stable job, and stable work can bring stable and increased income, and because of age is not large, such a group of people, can accept all kinds of new consumption patterns brought by the network in a broad sense than other ages the audience. read more

Micro-blog will push the gold V certification only the top orange V users to read more than ten mill

micro-blog plus V certification, micro-blog is a unique logo, can highlight different identities. We may all know orange V, blue V, and now the new "golden V" is coming.

According to the different types of

, can be divided into personal certification, official certification, since the media certification. Individuals, from the media will be displayed after the certification orange V logo, and the official certification is blue V logo, mainly for agencies, government.

micro-blog will push gold V certification: limited to the top orange V users to read more than ten million read more

An article on how to bring me a thousand days

"an article on how to bring me a day to bring thousands of traffic," the topic does not seem to be very correct, because it is only 22:30, less than a day, but this article hits has reached 1180. And still rising……

cut the crap.. First of all, to catch the key words the latest hot, such as "MSN red head, QQ’s head of these words as the hottest! I wrote the title is" MSN red QQ head, red head [picture], the "plus" [picture] "because" MSN red QQ’s Avatar avatar, like the news too much, and are accounted for in front of large portal distance! Not the users really want, users want to find the hearts of pictures to the search, you can see at a glance… read more

To make a creative poster set a small goal, such as a bright spot

brand, is the most common form of posters, the same color of the poster is also the most difficult to do. A good creative posters, often give people a feeling of sympathy. The quality of a good poster depends on a variety of factors: creativity, brain holes, or design techniques. Today, by the UC recently released several groups of posters, analysis to enhance the poster force and creative skills.

brand communication mood, according to the scene to set

– offline airport edition

different scenarios, the style of the poster design should be consistent. Take the terminal poster, the design style is best to create a sense of travel. read more