Website optimization is the essence of success naturally do website content

content is king view has been popular, the quality of content and improve the user experience, has become a lot of website construction and website operators consensus. From the user’s perspective, a website can bring more information, at least you can let the user worthwhile". What’s more, a lot of attention to the contents of the website itself can bring help and value to the user. The search engine will need more quality content, because the search engine itself does not create the content, but only through the spider crawling content retrieval. Only Everfount provide high quality web content will continue to care, the search engine’s patronage and favor. There are many factors to determine the quality of content, the same article different people will have different views, although the different views, what kind of content is a good content? Shanghai website design company pilot technology view is the best content is the essence of website optimization. read more

How to correctly understand the site location

3. see Optimization of

for the content of the forum, we should pay attention to avoid the phase.


1. industry segments

ranked the top three in the title of the word sprinkler price, also love Shanghai relevant search also appeared sprinkler price, which directly shows the search needs sprinkler price this user is slowly rising, but still not up to the sprinkler images and video demand.

2. conventional positioning

1. the user needs as the core of

, a website must have a reason to exist, when analysis of keyword needs we should treat yourself as a user or "white", rather than standing on their own perspective and point of pure Shanghai dragon, otherwise it will fall into the content or no think value but not good experience substantial drawbacks. Keywords positioning relation and optimization direction after the site is of vital importance. We put the words in the search for love in Shanghai, ranking the first page of the website and related search comparison, through a detailed analysis of user needs for keywords, for example: such as "truck" the keyword read more

Long tail keywords huge orders less embarrassing away

service industry: good service, experience, place, how > XX

: delicious food industry, local name, brand, nutritious, delicious, distinctive words;

obviously the latter is what we want, but often many people will go to the optimization of the word Xiamen specialty, because the word index is high, high flow, in the end, others made a sauce to go, and you will have numerous air flow, but little income. Of course, this is not to say that the optimization term is not correct, it can be as the target keywords, to attract traffic and users, but at the same time, you also need to cooperate with some means to guide the user to buy your goods, this is the right way, or the site is not white do? How to let people drop in left things go. read more

Liu Jun the web page included the low rate of discussion and Solutions

many sites, especially in some large and medium-sized sites are generally there is a common problem is that some sectors included good, some classification problems included plate. The cause of this problem is the site of the internal gap according to the weight, the specific reasons for the problem is all sorts of strange things, may be the website internal link structure is reasonable, pointing to some internal links included the relatively poor classification is less, some classification of external links is not too small and so on. read more

Love Shanghai cancel Sitelink brand promotion with function or conflict

Sitelink Gooogle is the first person to use, relatively high on some of the weight of the site, in addition to Gooogle will return to normal in the search list, but also in the same domain under the sub page or column links list, called Sitelink (link station). The Sitelink is based on the user preferences through this algorithm, the master is unable to control, but the webmaster can login Webmasters platform on the noble baby delete or modify the order.

however, when I see again today some high weight website, found love Shanghai Sitelink has been canceled, but for the love of Shanghai’s products still retain Sitelink, which left us a great space to think. read more

In 2016 before the new station on the line will do the four Shanghai dragon optimization work

!Good show, the content of

so, website content, patient, to achieve the ultimate user content is the content you want

! , work not completed! !

2, the content of the website quality.

URL so keep the site stability, is a new station on the line before the end point must be one of the programming problems.

1, the stability of URL.

many owners in the initial design of the site, about the production of your site is very tall. A variety of columns, various channels, feel what. But when a user opens the page to find what almost no substantive content, or blank, or copy and paste various things. As a new station, there is no pre too much content is normal, why must a lot to get some spam or make some useless content? As doing subtraction, making a small but excellent website! Before the Internet has spread such a saying "do on the Dragon Phoenix must be included then, there are more opportunities to the front rank," Oh read more

Please optimistic about the future of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel

let Shanghai Longfeng staff feel no future is now Shanghai Longfeng wages are generally low, job recruitment is written on the Shanghai dragon, actually do is edit + promotion + optimization work, and pay less than three jobs pay 1/3. This makes Shanghai Longfeng staff can not see the hope of tomorrow, feel this is a chore, tired and promising wood. Because Shanghai Longfeng employees lower threshold, also caused a lot of people to engage in this work, the technical level is uneven.

today, a children’s shoes and complained to me said: "Shanghai dragon for a long time, feeling very confused, do not know where in the future, do not know to which aspects of the development. Shanghai dragon and found more and more difficult to do! Do SEO personnel there tomorrow?." In fact, I think that this is really a worrywarts. The work is not one step is to dawdle step, you should understand the location where you later! Here I talk about my future some of the views of Shanghai dragon. First, we look at the situation of domestic workers: Shanghai dragon read more

The excellent standard chain every bit of ranking is very important

The general situation of

outbound links too much directly will distract the weight, this should not be difficult to understand, like a bowl of porridge, if can also be among 2 people drink, if to 10 people drink it is tasted, certainly not how many points. Some sites of PR although very high, the weight is also very high. But if the export link is much better than we imagine and. We do link time also can not see the other site PR which is included in the number of multi do, should see a comprehensive index, like the time to buy things, not only function is to look at the price. read more

Some skills of website construction of small and medium sized enterprises

1, a search engine and keywords and flash

to tend to go wrong. Now more popular in general can display up to 1280 users but in settings often have their own preferences, are generally 800×600, many imperfections in the design deliberately to avoid this problem. Because both the print into a computer program or presentation program basically can not see the problem but really to foreign customers. 1024×768 set a little more, 1152 and 1280 are also useful especially foreign customers, often used in liquid crystal displays, liquid crystal displays the default resolution is 1024 or more so when the design must take into account the different resolutions of the situation, can do for good results. read more

See details URL knowledge standardized power website promotion weight

canonicalization with words is to let the search engine can be a good judge of your website only URL address, regardless of what kind of user input page version of Web site, can be directly used URL return address. In general, the website homepage will correspond to several different versions of URL, for users, regardless of which version of the final input can access the site, and all that is home. From the external macro perspective, the site is not the same, but the return value is the same. If we set in the host, the web site jump to one of the most commonly used web site, and in the usual update maintenance, use the site to link, there is a URL standard. read more

Simple three easy farewell to write soft no topic trouble

First, according to the Shanghai

does not write the topic, can go to the webmaster nets, love Shanghai Post Bar know, like, see what you can write, sometimes is a moment of inspiration, although a lot of things are being written, but we have our idea view, people’s thinking completely different, write out what is completely different, especially the love of Shanghai know, Soso Ask these places, many people will ask some of the more technical or interesting problems. For example, in the know input: "search engine", there will be a search engine. read more

The station optimization for landing page should be how to optimize

1, part META optimization set

advertising language: to users promotion products, some call advertising words, such as "immediate" free consultation order "". These words often can cause the attention of people.

picture content: to reflect the visual impact pictures better, but do not use all pictures, reading, is not conducive to optimization. Graphics and appearance is better than simple pictures and simple text.

navigation page: make a simple navigation, the LOGO must do, brand promotion. Do not like the page navigation that trouble, make a return to the home page links on the line. read more

Three Shanghai dragon easily forgotten details

is also worth noting that the mobile page need to make web page loading speed diagnosis, improve mobile web page loading speed can also refer to the PC terminal optimization, also need to pay attention to the user reading habits, pay attention to the control page drop-down screen a number of suggestions, general control in 3. Secondly, a lot of time to do a PC and mobile terminal adaptation process, need to pay attention to the mobile terminal content should be adjusted appropriately, especially to control the whole picture size too large, easily lead to the loading speed is too slow. read more

What is the meaning of the website backlinks to increase backlinks

reverse link is actually very easy to understand, if there is a link on the A web page B, then "A link" is a reverse link B. For example: the first section of the last sentence in the "full moon" two words with a link to 贵族宝贝yuanyueboke贵族宝贝, then we call this link is the direct link, then the reverse link on this page of this link is the full moon blog page page.

news and

two, a list of policy

> AI

1, the establishment of a "35 × × ×". This article will often be authoritative and by many references cited in this link to the article. read more

The use of high quality the chain construction method of Shanghai love experience platform

love the experience of Shanghai to submit a link and love Shanghai know that love is very similar to the Shanghai encyclopedia. Pictured above, love the experience of Shanghai link for hypertext links, is to connect with points, and experience related to the content of the page. If it is not related to it is not through the. We can also add the link >

love love Shanghai Shanghai experience is just a platform to share the experience of the near future, we can share some of their life, study and work experience on this platform, of course, love can also take Shanghai experience with links, it is very important to us Shanghai dragon er. Bring your own links can not only increase the weight of the website, and can be very good to improve the flow of the site. Love the experience of Shanghai has just launched soon, but the audit is relatively strict, bullshit, here to share some tips on how I love the experience of Shanghai price. read more

URL reasonable design will make your site more conducive to Shanghai Dragon

3, after the revision of the enterprise in order to convenient: the corporate website is revised, then from the order > Products

, a site navigation URL complete


2, in order to users, the convenience of the reader: a lot of users when reading can not be so direct, for convenience, URL is an example, you may know a network query data is for high-end crowd, the other one is for those who became interested in the network, then the breadcrumb navigation and the first URL products for those who read English provides a convenient, a look at the site so we know what we are doing, on the other hand, breadcrumb navigation for beginners convenient to enter the next step and the next step to return to humanity. read more