Why K station recovery is still not ranked

you look at the site, is about to join the coffee website right down for unknown reasons, the operation of the site asked people do not know. Since the operation is not clear so we have to dig it.

then click on the start page to browse, found in the navigation of the first column is the column is empty, empty page, it will make love on the website of the Shanghai score greatly discounted. Is this why you

changed from Adsense tools to check the website of the historical data, drop right back has been 2 months, the collection has been hovering between 20-30, the chain increased. Look at these points, it can be concluded that the station optimization is not in place, not in place, want to start from the station ranking. The majority of owners are advised in time very hard to send the chain audit under their own web sites, are not in place to improve after the promotion, or just in vain. The coffee station is a good example, after the chain had 2 months to know stationmaster originally is rubbish. read more

Keywords Shanghai Longfeng optimization is decreed by fate Guming keywords


this position is usually about two. There is a position that started early website, this website should be a kind of grassroots website, because the time is early, if not on the first page of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, how to do the first page is some two rich generation, family, family relationship…… For those who are ready for Shanghai dragon optimization or attempts to Shanghai dragon who master optimization, there is no ready-made materials and hope! So, there must be an early site optimization row on the first page, click on the website content although bad, advertising over many, but does not affect its ranking. "Such a bad site can be on the front page, I can!" temptation, or Search Engine > cloth read more

On the road to success of tools site love station network

2, an innovative way to

user experience

love station simple query website structure form, light blue page art can be said to be very comfortable. There is a query data rate, especially to check their site links, the query speed is quite fast, people are very willing to every day here to check your site data. A little more advertising, until now, it is also the site of head and tail slightly hanging advertising. There is no advertising too, very suitable. At the same time, many queries are distributed in the sub domain, these sub domains may be on a different server site. In order to improve the speed did pay a lot. Of course, this is personal speculation. read more

Interaction design search on two small problems suggestions

look at love Shanghai, when the search suggestions in the "Sina micro-blog" (hover) highlighted, click on the "love of Shanghai", submitted by the keyword input box in the "s", instead of highlighting "micro-blog sina".

but there are few search products, is selected by default first search suggestions. So what’s the problem?

question two: whether to highlight the first search

guest, "are oblique zipper" search suggestions highlighted this time, click the "search", submitted by the keyword input box in the "s" or "fashion oblique zipper"? The answer is "are oblique zipper". read more

Not to Shanghai and Shanghai is the only dragon dragon optimization optimization

not to Shanghai and Shanghai is the only dragon dragon optimization optimization. With the popularity of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, most of the enterprises and individuals are more important in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, especially love Shanghai search for position after the reduction, Shanghai Longfeng optimization into a small peak. Other search engines (360, Sogou) to follow. Second spring day seems to bring to Shanghai dragon optimization. Either now or before, are sufficient to optimize Shanghai dragon website bring a lot of traffic, as long as the proper optimization, optimization in traffic is not a problem, indeed to more businesses and individuals to bring good benefits. But we cannot rule out the drawbacks and optimization of Shanghai dragon brings bad influence. Most of the time we have to learn how to reform itself, before more is to optimize the further improvement of Shanghai Longfeng stage gradually, but now we must revolution, and then reform stage. Improved stage everyone from Shanghai dragon optimization extensive operation to the high degree of professional level; and the revolution is our Shanghai dragon optimization from professional upgrade to correct the sustainable development stage, completely abandon the invalid harmful Shanghai Longfeng mode of operation; stage of the reform is that we should break away from Shanghai dragon, Phoenix, Shanghai to include new media a variety of marketing methods, charging platform. read more

Japanese station blog promotion strategy method

first, each account can be a one-way link to the home page, there are single chain to each keyword URL.

3, some foreign registered blog, no matter where, as long as the registration can not delete the line, of course, the adult website even, this website to look carefully, found that many foreign websites are walking a fine line, perhaps accidentally made a link in porn sites, then K is a tragedy. Probably for about 50 can be used, each blog website registered 10 account, every day 3 articles with keywords anchor text links to push. (registration information must be accurate, otherwise deleted high probability) read more

Pseudo static web site open Gzip compression after love Shanghai slipped

listen to a song, drink a pot of tea, the spider came. Log analysis found the spider found prey, eat snacks very high heart left, leaving some 20000.


I use the Ali cloud servers, Windows+IIS+PHP code is used in WordPress, open the pseudo static. Although I also know better combination of linux+apache+php, but they used to windows and IIS, and is a type of small personal website, the efficiency is not very high, so there is no change.


tools to detect it, see the effect, the compression ratio is quite high, about 50%, shut down to sleep. The second day morning, the habit of search keywords, the day before the top ranked website ranking fell to second. Because this has happened in the past few days, he returned, so this is not too much. read more

Shanghai Longfeng paper would you write

first is the title of the article has long tail word characteristics, the article page useexcept as new content to attract the spider crawling, increase included in the site, or a layout of the long tail word key point, many Shanghai dragon Er will require a news section site in optimization, the purpose is to facilitate the the layout of the long tail word.


is actually the reason why sometimes is because you don’t actually write today, Shanghai dragon world with their own personal experience to talk about Shanghai dragon to write original articles should pay attention to what read more

Shanghai dragon is not high high rate of return on investment in SEM mode

is not a Shanghai dragon investment can secure the marketing way, its development depends heavily on the search engine, search engine update algorithm, many enterprise site will  collateral damage . If you just rely on the Shanghai dragon, when the site was K, the online marketing revenue may be zero, even more frightening is the punishment of the search engine is not to say that one or two days, short weeks a few months, and the recovery phase of the dark gray is undoubtedly to the enterprise. We do not consider the objective reasons of the search engine, website is also possible because our Shanghai dragon error leading to K. At the same time, we need to face fierce competition, your natural ranking, you are vulnerable to peer envy, or even malicious exclusion, these are uncertain factors we need into consideration in the calculation of Shanghai dragon investment returns the. read more

Shanghai dragon in the optimization of the keyword density how much more appropriate

summary, keyword layout plays an important part in the whole station optimization, many enterprises to optimize the effect is not good, is the first step in the layout of the keywords is insufficiently rigorous caused, no attention to key words and web page relevance, not focus on keyword density, so the influence to the site keywords ranking, above is the depth of the network Xiaobian share "Shanghai dragon in the optimization of the keyword density how much more appropriate" related information. read more

Robots.txt file written

network security and privacy considerations, search engines follow the robots.txt protocol. By creating a text file in the root directory of the robots.txt website, you can declare not to be part of the visit robots. Each site can control whether the site to be included in search engines, or specify the search engine included only the specified content. When a search engine crawlers visit a web site, it will first check whether robots.txt exists the site root directory, if the file does not exist, then the crawler crawl along the link, if present, crawler will be in accordance with the contents of the file to determine the access scope. read more

Choose the right keywords is the first step in Shanghai Longfeng optimization

third, compared with the gap, to find high quality vocabulary.

second, good for using tools to help out.

Keywords High quality According to the

vocabulary to drive traffic to your site is not too popular vocabulary, can I see results in the short term. Not popular vocabulary is the first choice, fish diving to the bottom, Eagles cleaved the sky., for their own is the best. How to find high quality vocabulary? The author Dennis said in addition to keyword recommended tools, but also related with the current recommended search engine keywords and competitor data to do this, "winners and losers" considered to find high quality vocabulary is the most suitable site. read more

Experience and Thoughts on love after May Shanghai algorithm rule change

first, "5· 20" event not fall "phenomenon inspired us. Some of the webmaster friends and themselves, several sites in the May Shanghai day love event query his website, data including other webmaster friends, there is an interesting phenomenon, and the forum exclaimed website ranking drop, included drop is different, we have a few sites was encountered and other friends of the opposite of "special treatment", ranking that day did not decline but remain stable or slightly progress, and it is the big change, rather than reduce a substantial increase. After summarize and reflect on this special phenomenon, we found love in Shanghai algorithm system significantly increased the weight on the stability of high quality content sites, not for purely Shanghai dragon means, but rather focus on the original content, development and stability before the website was given a very stable treatment, so that the steady improvement in the performance optimization not only strong and. This is telling us that we should pay attention to create high quality content in the optimization process in the future, no longer obsessed with skills but to provide a real "hard" to love Shanghai, high quality web content that is amenable to the user and search engine double test. read more

2 youth must start learning Shanghai dragon from the search engine principle

as a Shanghai dragon staff, if you want your website to be more spiders included, must want to let the spider to grab the page you can. If you are not able to capture all of the pages, at least to let the spider grab your important page. Then, the spider is how to determine the importance of the page. About this a few factors:

this article, I want to briefly talk about the principle of search engine, in fact, as a Shanghai dragon, must be familiar with the principle of search engine. As long as you are familiar with the principle, various optimization techniques, you can better understand why. read more

How is your website user experience checks

users to stay on a page can reflect the user for the love of the page, so is the direct embodiment of the user experience, it has considerable influence on the page ranking. In fact we do a lot of optimization is to increase user stay on the page in time, for example, enrich the content of a web page, a more reasonable planning page, add pictures and descriptions, these are the increase in users stay on the page of the time, they are also helpful to ranking.

theory, users stay in a page long time will be on this page ranking the most helpful, but in practice, the residence time is not optimized to > read more

Experts are master misunderstanding behind nobodycancasuallysucceed

to the friend said, you must change the idea, important is not the Shanghai dragon, is not any kind of promotion methods, but you must Jingxiaxinlai think first position — Thinking from the user’s point of view, my tutor, tutor others, what users need, my advantage is in what place, what are my weaknesses, I distinguished from others as a tutor selling point in what place.

so I simply refused him, because in the current period of Shanghai special love shock, I cannot guarantee a very short period of time, some optimization work I love to win the favor of Shanghai — if the content acquisition pseudo original copy, I have no faith. But if careful integration content, time cannot guarantee, this time I can not afford to consume more, he can not afford to consume. read more

The new upgrade four key PR

smart people can not sit still, a clever Shanghai dragon can not be complacent. To change this situation, I need to continue to learn to summarize, so I ask the predecessors, read the information, to improve their website PR value through their own efforts, to get these knowledge and pay attention to the problem of inductive write down, may be able to help more and I like a man.

formula: (1 – 0.85) * 0.85 (PR / chain) =PR input value

is a new station, at the beginning of the site, the PR value must be 0, this is the time to exchange links often passive, most are nothing. In fact, at this time, we can rely on their own website to give extra points. We can do some of the more famous. read more

The site construction company of Shanghai dragon global optimization program read to understand

site using discuz program, the overall layout is clear and concise, give people a fresh feeling, but for the optimization, can be said that the value of this web site can provide less and less, there are people of their own member is affixed to the top, because as a customer site at the time, requirements are very busy, do not take the time to register and reply, said the following website layout problems and solutions from several small details.

site layout problems and solutions

navigation layout solution: navigation layout is a site weight distribution is relatively high, then a good navigation allows users to quickly find the content they want, even at the same time, to the keywords, so the navigation layout can not be ignored. read more

Vertical portals and electricity supplier Shanghai Longfeng ideas

two years ago, a large electricity supplier website is because of this, love the sea included only a few thousand, when looking for my advice, although there is no sign, I can not bear their enthusiasm to ask. This is a key point to point out, this site they solved it quickly. To solve it, no longer cooperate. Detailed understanding after the discovery, they have in fact and a Shanghai dragon company in cooperation, but the other can not solve this problem.

operation of these ideas, the key is the details, because the search engine has been changed. For example, published in the article "search engine of Shanghai dragon strategy", by many large websites, unreasonable love Shanghai station later modified the algorithm to deal with web search results page. This child wants a good deal, key details must be adjusted, otherwise it is difficult to see the effect. read more

The reason the site was K only one of the only child home

fourth, website website if treatment is not good, would like to modify the URL path as the structure of the site as a whole if the change is too large, each layer changes between the search engine is too large, all of a sudden to react, will be punished on our website, light hair, heavy K off the page.

third, URL modified sites such as some site of the first is dynamic, then in order to generate static, the URL address changed. Do not handle it in this way, if the URL address change did not do 301 or shielding dynamic address old, is most likely to result in the K page is an important reason, because the search engine will be that a large number of duplicate content, there is a lot of websites will have a dead link, the two points of our site is very bad. read more