The love of Shanghai K station second wave suspected database update

5, medical site or a sensitive industry station group operation;

I carefully collected on the K station on various forums, mainly have the following several kinds of speculation:

1, a large number of acquisition or low quality pseudo original content;

2, sending links or links to buy cheat chain operation;

6, Web2.0 site by spam;


4, the website space, such as filing, server stability;

first we look at the Shanghai dragon why forum initiated the vote. The vote is the moderator wolf Shanghai dragon launched, launched soon become hot, the post visit amount has exceeded 2800 of the visits, as I have 324 webmaster position screenshots of the vote, the voting results are as follows, 232 station site was K, accounting for 71.6% of the number of all. read more

Love Shanghai audit period who decides

found a lot of friends, more anxious on the website, with only one blood cavity, what are not ready on. This is like a child has not developed good courage went to miss, but the actual operation will have serious defect.

Er old money to shorten the review period of the Shanghai experience part of love experience, interested friends can try.

from: Wuhan Shanghai dragon Er money Jiang Jiang’s blog address: 贵族宝贝027, Shanghai dragon er贵族宝贝/post/178.html, reproduced must indicate the read more

How to attract the spider included more pages

this is probably a lot of new Adsense puzzling problem, we do Shanghai dragon is definitely to let the spider included more pages as possible, even some webmaster want to let the spider included all pages of the website, actually this is not possible, so we want to let the spider as much as possible included in the page, as well as may let the spider attract more important pages. Today Ji’nan petty website optimization to tell you how we should attract spider.

this problem many webmaster didn’t notice, in fact this impact on site optimization is relatively large, generally we can to two or three level directory, if the page into deeper spider may not crawling, the user experience is not very good, the page weight will be more low. So some webmaster > read more

How to improve the conversion rate of customers


, a website optimization of the title and descriptionWe know that the

, is through the website to bring certain customer consultation, customers, customers to buy. Some website do pay promotion, some sites are Shanghai dragon. No matter what method we are in order to obtain the target customers. So after getting traffic? How to effectively put the flow into the "performance"? [this] Zhao Qiang Feng intermediate Shanghai Longfeng would like to discuss with you in this aspect.

, thank you! A website construction of read more

How to love Shanghai official tools to improve the keywords ranking

has been through the data we can see our website included in the description of content quality steadily, well done. If you find our site index declining, we will quickly find reasons, otherwise there is a risk of being right down.

3. provides a brand awareness through the love of Shanghai official customer service. Now the contents of the Internet users for the purchase of the dragons and fishes jumbled together, a lot of time on the Internet, very suspicious of the other site credibility, afraid of deception. We can provide the company’s business license and brand name to love Shanghai, love Shanghai through the audit will bring our customer service phone brand name in the search for our users will automatically display, which is more convenient for the user to identify, as shown below, our company has successfully applied for love Shanghai official customer service telephone: read more