The site outside the chain of a top ten of how to make a high quality of the chain

chain + outreach, some people may not understand, say simply, and almost Links. For the same industry website, should take what kind of attitude? Cooperation and competition, in many commercial street, will form a kind of special.

can guide users to access the site outside the chain, the chain should be good, especially in the search engine in the case of weakening, the chain construction site towards the direction of diversification, on the construction of the chain, there are two versions, a view that the website of the chain the more the better another view the website chain is not much, but in quality. If the chain and quality and it is not better? So, how to make a high quality of the chain? read more

Why K station recovery is still not ranked

you look at the site, is about to join the coffee website right down for unknown reasons, the operation of the site asked people do not know. Since the operation is not clear so we have to dig it.

then click on the start page to browse, found in the navigation of the first column is the column is empty, empty page, it will make love on the website of the Shanghai score greatly discounted. Is this why you

changed from Adsense tools to check the website of the historical data, drop right back has been 2 months, the collection has been hovering between 20-30, the chain increased. Look at these points, it can be concluded that the station optimization is not in place, not in place, want to start from the station ranking. The majority of owners are advised in time very hard to send the chain audit under their own web sites, are not in place to improve after the promotion, or just in vain. The coffee station is a good example, after the chain had 2 months to know stationmaster originally is rubbish. read more

Keywords Shanghai Longfeng optimization is decreed by fate Guming keywords


this position is usually about two. There is a position that started early website, this website should be a kind of grassroots website, because the time is early, if not on the first page of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, how to do the first page is some two rich generation, family, family relationship…… For those who are ready for Shanghai dragon optimization or attempts to Shanghai dragon who master optimization, there is no ready-made materials and hope! So, there must be an early site optimization row on the first page, click on the website content although bad, advertising over many, but does not affect its ranking. "Such a bad site can be on the front page, I can!" temptation, or Search Engine > cloth read more

On the road to success of tools site love station network

2, an innovative way to

user experience

love station simple query website structure form, light blue page art can be said to be very comfortable. There is a query data rate, especially to check their site links, the query speed is quite fast, people are very willing to every day here to check your site data. A little more advertising, until now, it is also the site of head and tail slightly hanging advertising. There is no advertising too, very suitable. At the same time, many queries are distributed in the sub domain, these sub domains may be on a different server site. In order to improve the speed did pay a lot. Of course, this is personal speculation. read more

Interaction design search on two small problems suggestions

look at love Shanghai, when the search suggestions in the "Sina micro-blog" (hover) highlighted, click on the "love of Shanghai", submitted by the keyword input box in the "s", instead of highlighting "micro-blog sina".

but there are few search products, is selected by default first search suggestions. So what’s the problem?

question two: whether to highlight the first search

guest, "are oblique zipper" search suggestions highlighted this time, click the "search", submitted by the keyword input box in the "s" or "fashion oblique zipper"? The answer is "are oblique zipper". read more

Not to Shanghai and Shanghai is the only dragon dragon optimization optimization

not to Shanghai and Shanghai is the only dragon dragon optimization optimization. With the popularity of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, most of the enterprises and individuals are more important in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, especially love Shanghai search for position after the reduction, Shanghai Longfeng optimization into a small peak. Other search engines (360, Sogou) to follow. Second spring day seems to bring to Shanghai dragon optimization. Either now or before, are sufficient to optimize Shanghai dragon website bring a lot of traffic, as long as the proper optimization, optimization in traffic is not a problem, indeed to more businesses and individuals to bring good benefits. But we cannot rule out the drawbacks and optimization of Shanghai dragon brings bad influence. Most of the time we have to learn how to reform itself, before more is to optimize the further improvement of Shanghai Longfeng stage gradually, but now we must revolution, and then reform stage. Improved stage everyone from Shanghai dragon optimization extensive operation to the high degree of professional level; and the revolution is our Shanghai dragon optimization from professional upgrade to correct the sustainable development stage, completely abandon the invalid harmful Shanghai Longfeng mode of operation; stage of the reform is that we should break away from Shanghai dragon, Phoenix, Shanghai to include new media a variety of marketing methods, charging platform. read more

Japanese station blog promotion strategy method

first, each account can be a one-way link to the home page, there are single chain to each keyword URL.

3, some foreign registered blog, no matter where, as long as the registration can not delete the line, of course, the adult website even, this website to look carefully, found that many foreign websites are walking a fine line, perhaps accidentally made a link in porn sites, then K is a tragedy. Probably for about 50 can be used, each blog website registered 10 account, every day 3 articles with keywords anchor text links to push. (registration information must be accurate, otherwise deleted high probability) read more