The love of Shanghai K station second wave suspected database update

5, medical site or a sensitive industry station group operation;

I carefully collected on the K station on various forums, mainly have the following several kinds of speculation:

1, a large number of acquisition or low quality pseudo original content;

2, sending links or links to buy cheat chain operation;

6, Web2.0 site by spam;


4, the website space, such as filing, server stability;

first we look at the Shanghai dragon why forum initiated the vote. The vote is the moderator wolf Shanghai dragon launched, launched soon become hot, the post visit amount has exceeded 2800 of the visits, as I have 324 webmaster position screenshots of the vote, the voting results are as follows, 232 station site was K, accounting for 71.6% of the number of all. read more

Love Shanghai audit period who decides

found a lot of friends, more anxious on the website, with only one blood cavity, what are not ready on. This is like a child has not developed good courage went to miss, but the actual operation will have serious defect.

Er old money to shorten the review period of the Shanghai experience part of love experience, interested friends can try.

from: Wuhan Shanghai dragon Er money Jiang Jiang’s blog address: 贵族宝贝027, Shanghai dragon er贵族宝贝/post/178.html, reproduced must indicate the read more

How to attract the spider included more pages

this is probably a lot of new Adsense puzzling problem, we do Shanghai dragon is definitely to let the spider included more pages as possible, even some webmaster want to let the spider included all pages of the website, actually this is not possible, so we want to let the spider as much as possible included in the page, as well as may let the spider attract more important pages. Today Ji’nan petty website optimization to tell you how we should attract spider.

this problem many webmaster didn’t notice, in fact this impact on site optimization is relatively large, generally we can to two or three level directory, if the page into deeper spider may not crawling, the user experience is not very good, the page weight will be more low. So some webmaster > read more

How to improve the conversion rate of customers


, a website optimization of the title and descriptionWe know that the

, is through the website to bring certain customer consultation, customers, customers to buy. Some website do pay promotion, some sites are Shanghai dragon. No matter what method we are in order to obtain the target customers. So after getting traffic? How to effectively put the flow into the "performance"? [this] Zhao Qiang Feng intermediate Shanghai Longfeng would like to discuss with you in this aspect.

, thank you! A website construction of read more

How to love Shanghai official tools to improve the keywords ranking

has been through the data we can see our website included in the description of content quality steadily, well done. If you find our site index declining, we will quickly find reasons, otherwise there is a risk of being right down.

3. provides a brand awareness through the love of Shanghai official customer service. Now the contents of the Internet users for the purchase of the dragons and fishes jumbled together, a lot of time on the Internet, very suspicious of the other site credibility, afraid of deception. We can provide the company’s business license and brand name to love Shanghai, love Shanghai through the audit will bring our customer service phone brand name in the search for our users will automatically display, which is more convenient for the user to identify, as shown below, our company has successfully applied for love Shanghai official customer service telephone: read more

How to do the internal optimization to improve the keywords ranking


Shanghai dragon Er is to do their best to make the site appear in the search engine page, improve the site keywords ranking, the first thing every morning is how to boot query keywords ranking, website traffic to a variety of indicators. Every query wants the site keywords ranking can be improved, however, the indicators of many times website will appear some problems, as the webmaster is quite upset. How to improve the keywords ranking has become a work of Shanghai dragon er must be studied. read more

How to determine the weight and height of the web site in the search engine

is the amount collected determines a method of weight and height of the web site is the most important, because only the high weight of the site, the spider will at any time to take up his website, see if there are new articles included and give up. What is the number of income reached high weight, this depends on what website. How is the electronic commerce website only to reach 10000. How is the enterprise website, only to reach more than 300. For webmasters like the site, but also to reach more than 5000, so this love webmaster nets also do not very good. read more

Liu Dan what is the effective implementation of the real force of Shanghai Dragon

I have a high school classmate, usually in school performance in general, class is not too serious, I find that person is a kind of student slapstick, the eyes of many people work, but every exam, he is in the top three. This makes a lot of people envy, including me. We have to put this situation due to his wise head, otherwise it could not explain why he doesn’t work hard can get good grades. Just two years later, once when we chat, he inadvertently said at last, you love a person learning in the night time, that is to say at the time at home is his main learning time. It is not difficult to explain why he appears to be idle, but can achieve excellent results. I see light suddenly suddenly. read more

They love Shanghai seconds on very careful

can imagine a maze of complex structure (each page with a large number of flash or a large number of pictures, there is a complex Javascript link) and the same page, there are too many different forms of URL, too many links (there is a 404 page or robots.txt file restrictions) website is difficult to let love Shanghai seconds (Google that included).


secondly, the site must be "the code is simple, with a clear and strong logical structure (chain system convenient), clear structure, clear navigation and internal links to make search spiders and users in your website engine can easily capture to want to get the information. read more

Love of Shanghai rules after the change of the content is king, the chain for the emperor

1. to further reduce the weight of the blog, forum chain website itself output; believe that many webmaster have heard before, the industry forecast of a web site, only rely on its powerful blog group from Shanghai to get millions of love single day traffic, but on its website this year is only IP three to forty thousand, thus the influence of.

. Search engine and users love the content of


perhaps is because of the emergence of similar rain events, love Shanghai rules have some let Shanghai Longfeng awful change: read more

The forum outside the chain to reduce weight should we do

four, if you can post the title and content of the best related website theme "

may sometimes post efficiency is too low, many people still love to do outside the chain by way of reply, this requires us to carry out sufficient statistics and the accumulation of resources. Careful friends may find some forum outside the chain, some forum is invalid, even if his post very quickly included. Some forum posts issued included after, it is difficult to update this post a snapshot. If you reply to the forum is a less well-known forum, it must conscientiously sum up, or in vain. read more

2013 love Shanghai big update we harvest what

opened the computer, so the Shanghai dragon inquires the collected tools to check their site, but today I bring not sad, but the new year’s opener, three sites in the hands of all the pages included, let us look at the collection:

from today we can see that the sea will be included in previously indexed pages today are included, the fundamental reason for this phenomenon is not the content of the site quality increase, according to the prediction of love of Shanghai and the adjustment algorithm, the first adjustment below I talk about love in 2013 in Shanghai algorithm. read more

Problems should be paid attention to in the process of website optimization

contact will be a learning process, as well as in the web site, each novice in this process will make some mistakes, encounter some problems, so today we went to say in the website optimization process should pay attention to what the problem? Mainly to let everyone take some less we hope to use some detours.

five, how to choose keywords, to know that a good keyword can bring you a lot of traffic, so how to choose good keywords, there are so few standards must be competition is not big, but very large search volume and to be consistent with the content of your site. read more

Shanghai Dragon new articles on that day was the love of Shanghai included skills to share

three, pseudo original problem

there are many owners in the new online side is modified while promotion, this is very unfavorable for search engine optimization. After the line on the website often revision will let love Shanghai lose trust in the site, also can not avoid a series of problems like Shanghai snapshot stop updating, not included in the page, the website to weight. My blog is a new station opened in Shanghai Longfeng, launched only 1 months, at the day of release paper love Shanghai basically it is included on the day, you may ask: the new weight is not high, why is this effect? It depends on my web site before the online website frame structure and website map, RSS map, XML, ROBOTS etc. Shanghai love to adjust and modify all after I was not conducive to search engine to fix all the problems in the promotion, carefully check after waiting for love from Shanghai. In that day there will be a collection of some of the words have good ranking, but also relatively stable, this is the importance of the internal structure of the site. read more

Examples to explain how to divide the webmaster site navigation column clear

. According to market demand and the division of

three. According to the website user preferences division

according to the user preference to divide is the best way to divide, but this division method is the most important point is.

There are a variety of small industries in each industry under

clear and strong correlation with web site navigation can make your site look more professional, but also allows users to more comprehensive understanding of the content of the web site directory. Just divide the navigation directory to make web site be mistaken for garbage station, after all users find content, first of all depends on the determination to find their own content which belongs to the type of big type steering type ultimately to the destination through. But a clear navigation can let the spider crawling more smoothly, also let the web interface more beautiful. So, to divide the site navigation is to optimize the operation of the site must be done in one step. Today I share how to divide the site navigation: read more

Site is not in the first place is not necessarily right down

Shanghai site love from first to last, don’t have to put on the first page or the first page, although this is not, in most cases, is not necessarily a problem. Site my blog, home page is not in the first, I don’t think what the problem is. Specific to a website, maybe a problem can not be generalized. For example, your web site, what time do the page 301? Perhaps love Shanghai judgment.

look at the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform for the website site: "Site is a kind of grammar allows you to specify the search range, to achieve a more precise search syntax and grammar results in these higher numbers, as with conventional search, are results of the estimation of the number of values, numbers are not accurate. This may explain the website of site is not in the first place is not necessarily right down to a certain extent. read more

The correct choice of long tail keywords to enhance the site directional flow

first, get love from the sea. At present, Shanghai love gives us love and love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia index of these two important tools, the love of Shanghai index is very intuitive analysis for key words heat, usually love Shanghai long tail keywords index of around 100 is optimal value, if too high or too low, and there is no essential improvement for the website traffic quality. I believe that many webmaster friends are very understanding.

but from love Shanghai Encyclopedia for long tail keywords suitable sites, many webmaster friends do not know how to start! You know love Shanghai encyclopedia as the current love Shanghai the most authoritative database approved, obtained from the vocabulary will naturally be love in favour of Shanghai, and by extension the long tail keywords, also get the user’s attention. But the key words about the site from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, can not directly into the long tail thesaurus website, but to a certain processing, can reflect the characteristics of the long tail better. read more

Shanghai refused to use love matters outside the chain of tools should pay attention to

is now in the chain of love in Shanghai, the general will show the most can lead to the chain, basically is a website all the chain, sometimes see the chain so that you are not surprised? After all, a lot of the chain are in case you don’t know for example, the

as shown above, the chain is completely inadvertently, because the picture was collected, the chain in the past, the chain is not appropriate? You will not shield? In my opinion, the chain in the acquisition and update of the purpose, so that unknown circumstances, the link, the link I feel right. read more

Summarize the novice webmaster do some experience of the Shanghai Dragon

After the above

(domain name template selected after filtration, then start screening) I want to do what keywords, then some of the more authoritative reference of the practice of the site, and then select some second and three lines of words, do not want to eat a fat one, put some words with the title, is not such a thing after all, many of the old station do you want to have, the high old station that takes time, that is to adhere to a process for the novice, so I do not recommend you choose a keyword. read more

The site outside the chain of a top ten of how to make a high quality of the chain

chain + outreach, some people may not understand, say simply, and almost Links. For the same industry website, should take what kind of attitude? Cooperation and competition, in many commercial street, will form a kind of special.

can guide users to access the site outside the chain, the chain should be good, especially in the search engine in the case of weakening, the chain construction site towards the direction of diversification, on the construction of the chain, there are two versions, a view that the website of the chain the more the better another view the website chain is not much, but in quality. If the chain and quality and it is not better? So, how to make a high quality of the chain? read more