APP promote the development of the status quo how to get rid of the low threshold is difficult to pr

tens of thousands of dollars into the low threshold of entrepreneurship, there is no millions of high marketing costs can not be promoted, so that many APP developers and developers difficult to make money. Without a stable business model, the development of APP is able to withstand the mobile Internet fast product replacement cycle, promotion difficult to see the results, from product development to promotion to the final line of the cycle is too long, most of life is very short, yet launched long, it has been unable to adapt to market demand. Some APP developers are anxious because of fierce market competition, the product is often a poor user experience, which resulted in a vicious spiral, difficult in the mobile Internet market in the forest of giant, find a foothold. read more

What types of entrepreneurs may have declined by VCThe beginner should choose Wangzhuan direction an

networks make money different from real life. In reality, when you pay a day’s labor, there is a corresponding reward. But you should abandon this idea when you are on the internet. Wangzhuan for the novice is always cruel, just entered Wangzhuan, not what the basic income. I have also felt this kind of taste. When I was a novice, I ordered more than 1 months of advertising. I only got the poor 2 dollars, but I was very happy. After all, I earned the first pot of gold from the internet. And I’m interested in Wangzhuan, stick to it, do it now, Wangzhuan one also has its own site. read more

Two college students open shop a year of net income over 100 thousandBeanVR promotion in Shenzhen, i

a year ago, two Chongqing University senior business net, Taobao shop to open shop, clothing retail. A year later, the business bigger and bigger. The two is not only in the area of Pedestrian Street opened two clothing stores, online business is booming. At present, has been more than 10 yuan net profit.

give up work to invest 50 thousand

joined the business alliance, students do not invest, can go to the Taobao store shop, the goods provided by me, the owner of the goods.

"parents have contacted me a big bank, a monthly salary of 4000 yuan." Zhang Pengxiang from Henan Zhengzhou, in order to continue to operate their own shop, opened the Chongqing local clothing wholesale market, he decided to give up this attractive work, continue to stay in Chongqing to work hard. In order to expand the scale, in August last year, Zhang Pengxiang spent 2000 yuan per month, in the pedestrian street of Shapingba Wangfujing department store building 13 leased two houses, used to display clothes and contact the wholesale business. "With the computer configuration, purchase fees and advertising fees, a total investment of about 50 thousand yuan." Zhang Pengxiang’s girlfriend Feng Shuangmei is a student of the Sichuan Academy of fine arts, is the clothing store clerk, she introduces, at present every day, Chongqing local businesses to store goods, plus shop, shop Zhang Pengxiang monthly total income in 8000 yuan. read more

Entrepreneurs in 2013, please pay attention to these new regulations99 art network Yang Kai bound 10

exhibition is a marketing tool, most of which is to lose money, the main role is to collect works.

5 and a rate of foreign currency statements on the balance sheet date exchange rate, no difference settlement of foreign currency statements

Chinese accounting summary of the "small business accounting standards" the main highlights are:

3. is in line with the enterprise accounting standards:

1 assets are measured at historical cost, without mentioning any asset write down

1 the provisions of the accounting standards for enterprises, which are not stipulated in the accounting standards for small enterprises, shall be implemented in accordance with the accounting standards for enterprises. read more

New three board film industry development ecology hold big star, big legs, desperately fight for big

, a resource center launched by shlf1314 on Thursday night, is the latest in a series of click fraud tools offered by shlf1314 to advertisers.

is responsible for the trust and security business product manager Shuman Ghosemajumder said on Friday that the new ad quality resource center of shlf1314 development is mainly to provide a search on shlf1314 click fraud information for the local advertisers.

such as Han Geng Leroy culture indirectly holds 2.47% of the shares, Liu Shishi holds hirun pictures 4.43% and 1.19% of the shares of Chinese film, Honglei Sun holds a 2.88% stake in green rain media, and the famous dancer Yang Liping is even more powerful, holding 56.93% of the shares of Yunnan culture, Yunnan culture is the controlling shareholder and actual controller. read more

How to improve the webmaster Wangzhuan shlf1314 advertising priceHow to change the only CPS Network

finally, the webmaster can add some pinyin or letters near the ads to increase the number of English ads displayed by shlf1314 Adsense!


alliance marketing Affiliate Marketing is a kind of "pay by effect", "do not spend money and make money" network marketing model. The Weiyi alliance marketing professional services, advertisers according to the marketing effect such as sales or telephone guidance effect pay commissions, save marketing expenses, improve the quality of marketing; membership owners are through advertising and advertisers, and get a commission into, to achieve the long-term benefits. read more

LinkedIn CEO’s legendary career born for the InternetSell Alexa

launches new website Entertaindom

Sohu IT LinkedIn CEO news, Geoff Wiener is a legend of the Silicon Valley, in addition to its current leadership was very influential LinkedIn, the legendary version of the same occupation career admirable, recently the technology blog BusinessInsider introduced its roller coaster of occupation career.

Weiner joined Warner Bros.

below is the full text:

if you want to know today why corporate executives in staff recruitment are increasingly dependent on LinkedIn, then LinkedIn CEO Geoff Weiner is the best candidate. read more

Uber expansion process inventory from creation to global layout, only 4 yearsBoring capital led Inte

in July 2013, by the United States National Ice Cream month Dongfeng, Uber launched the "express ice cream" service; the same year, Uber also introduced from New York to Hampton, the helicopter + car rental service, of course, the need for consumers to pay $3000 in fees to enjoy. In addition, Uber also on the national cat Festival on the line express mail service, a series of "extra service" shows that Uber is not satisfied with just manned services, but to develop into a variety of service platform. read more

Taobao customers make money marketing micro-blog +SNS marketingGood luck today bell ten stories behi

marketing is a new marketing battlefield, micro-blog in China belongs to a beginning of a new application, micro-blog in a unique way in changing people’s way of life, the development of space and development potential is very large, the current micro-blog marketing is in the initial stage, there is a great space. If you can see the market, seize this opportunity, the next round of the Internet boom will belong to you.

, founder of SF, Wang Wei,

is another listed company with billions of market capitalization. While the outside world understanding of SF may still firmly stuck in the side of the express little brother. Phoenix Science and technology combed the ten stories about SF, to help you more in-depth understanding of the company sf. read more

Chinese entrepreneurs imagine learning American jobs and learning JapaneseThe naughty new three boar

as a shareholder of more than 200 people delisting the company reach the sea, the intelligent concern. In order to successfully buy back, the sea smart took out a sincere buyback program. The highest repurchase price is 7.2 yuan. Over the past six months, the average price of the interval reached 7.43 yuan, which means that the company took care of the interests of the overwhelming majority of the two market shareholders.

she also mentioned that China has a market, can cooperate with other people’s imagination, do not have to compete in imagination. We do not need to put ourselves in a "other people, I have to have" the state, but should be "other people have, how can I take over, let me use it better?"". read more

Wang Feng’s four hour speech 10 relationships to be dealt with by entrepreneursOptimization method o

third is a "geek" identity, venture capital fund partner, "geek help" extensive layout in the software, Internet, games, intelligent hardware and other fields, on behalf of the project: "my name is MT", "national hero", "seven hegemony" etc. Mobile Games, fast software and Lingyun electric cars.


method can be summarized into two kinds: first, comparison method; two, transposition thinking method.

two, transposition thinking. How to change the law? Of course not rivals transpositions, and consumers are transposed, do Pu’er Tea products, businesses are very clear mind product positioning target people what their own, is the business to do, see themselves as these people to see themselves this tea shop, then as your own consumers, imagine you on the tea is most interested in what? What would you want to know what to buy this kind of tea? What will make you have a desire to buy a series of problems?. The problem arises, as a business, you should know how to combine product characteristics advantages, selling points, quality, etc. to cater to consumers, right?. Merchants can use text to describe, of course, there are many ways, such as audio, video and so on. read more

Dark horse the member to upload a copy of the identity card functionSeveral modes of making money on

service revenue is the main revenue of a web site or Internet service provider. For example, some business email, network disk, or coins can be counted as a service income. More, online game charges, some fees, forums, etc.. But in today’s era of Internet explosion, unless you have special resources in your hand, your service income may be difficult to scale to maintain the hardware base of your services.

dark horse League

only when these sites charge a fee from these chapters, in order to maintain the server overhead to pay royalties to authors, provide better service for more wonderful. This article is from aizhibao/ reprint, please keep the link form, otherwise please don’t reprint read more

Et war hero advertising line, put a lot of welcomeTaobao shop monthly income of million experience s

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

reply to customer problems is the key to speed. On the last point we talked about the baby at the same time, in several links to a user, if you do not reply at the first time, then the business will flow away. This I have deeply felt, yesterday I had a shop customer consultation "free preparation space" this baby, I was not in the toilet, the user information about 2 minutes later, I didn’t reply, the other customers in the store order. This shows that the customer’s choice is very much, so we have to try to do well in detail. Of course, I still use the best service attitude of the user replies: "never mind, the future will have the opportunity to cooperate". This is our store of potential customers, we can give him a good impression, perhaps will come to me, they work 3. read more

Online novice must read – how to build online storesWhat makes entrepreneur Tian Pujun in a pile of

contrast can also be my boss Jenny talent shows itself, for the first time she saw YY founder Li Xueling has talked about, Li Xueling in the first time I saw her, wearing shorts and slippers, casual, and other entrepreneurs formed a significantly different. This kind of image contrast, also lets Jenny have always remembered a detail.

and a top investor in a venture will meet Tian Pujun, attended the Miss Tian in "ordinary people" in the crowd is very eye-catching, with people engaged in the entertainment circle, business circle often rare. She made a deep impression on the investor, who later described who she was, but used shining to describe her, and rated her as a person who would do something. Coincidentally, a roadshow, a special girl is in image roadshow popular investors. Spread in favor of an angel fund turtles, high education, beauty ", but also worth understanding, label information processing method is more efficient, and the labels are concentrated and covers" vision, intelligence, from "elite label. read more

On three thought Taobao money offVenture capital Rothenberg faces collapse, founder spend public fun

I am also just beginning to do Taobao customers, so it is also standing in a new angle to chat with you, I do Taobao customers methods and ideas. I sort it out, I think it’s easy to be a Taobao guest, and if you do these three things, it’s still easy to make money. To sum up, there are three points: simplification of complex problems, simplification of extreme problems, replication of extreme problems. I call it narcissism three".

read more

LZCMS something about the accuracy of the website

now query website, can be described as an endless stream, but few are accurate, below we will talk about this aspect of something.

one, query the major search engine included amount

now has many web sites that provide information about pages or tools that are included in the search engines, but many are not always available, and the accuracy of queries is not high. For example, the more famous linkhelper, the principle of this station is like this. For example, you in a certain time of the day included a query for your website, the station had included the amount of your site to record to the database, if any time you this day in the query, the amount collected is not changed, so that you are not too accurate query. In fact, we all major web site traffic to their own Baidu and Google, did not change to go to these inquiries, web site inquiries, directly open Baidu or Google inquiries, so that the results of inquiries and accurate and fast. read more

From the domain name was modified to see Baidu Inc domain name deployment

January 12, 2010, Tuesday, for many Chinese, it’s just a very ordinary day. However, for the global Baidu search users, is a very sad day, this day, their information database, domain name can not access, according to friends: "the earliest discovered is an Australian man, 6 in the morning in the group message, said in his visit not Baidu." Until I write this morning Beijing time 11:12, Baidu still can’t access the domain name of the website, until 12 pm back to normal. Some netizens using IP address access proved successful. Obviously, this is another domain name hijacked event. read more

Novice webmaster better than yourself

first tell you a story, the story is that a person has difficulty, unable to solve the problem, then go to the temple for guanyin. Entering the temple, ask Avalokiteshvara to help him, he found the front of the statue of a man in worship, the strange thing is that people look and Guanyin as like as two peas no less.

the man asked, "do you look like Avalokiteshvara?" the man answered, "I am the goddess of mercy."."

the man asked again, "why do you still worship yourself?" said Kwan Yin with a smile. "I have encountered difficulties, but I know that it is better to ask for help than to help yourself."." read more

Personal experience in applying for a DMOZ editor

the following is my application, DMOZ editor failed to pass, but they still mail back to me, I hope to have friends willing to apply as a reference:

XX XX Hello:

thank you for making an effort to become an editor for the open directory project.

after careful consideration, we have not been able to approve your application. Generally speaking, the reasons for the auditor’s refusal to apply for the editor include (but are not limited to) the following:

* application form incomplete. Some of the columns are incomplete, such as reasons for application, your associated websites, websites, samples and so on. read more

Exploration of O2O community operation model in education industry

The contents of a

project this article from the part of recent cooperation in PPT, the author is currently in publication system engaged in online education products work, teaching is a part of education publishing industry, publishing institutions engaged in major education industry also has its own brand of education, at the same time in seeking their way out of the publishing industry. Based on the current trend of Internet development and the advantages of some traditional publishing resources, an exploration of the mode of "teaching assistant O2O community model" can be used to communicate with interested friends. read more