Why is the search results page instead of the content page

1: the user cannot find the result of

because there is no construction related pages within the pages of external links, basically no weight, resulting in the emergence of home page keyword search case.

For example:

also found, so are most of the long tail word I search page, URL station, long tail word does not appear but the home page, the search results is not on the website disadvantage? The answer is yes, we can at least know has the following drawbacks:

2: the weight of the inside pages of low read more

Traffic is not the more the better edge flow harmful

second, click on the way to increase the flow of

site is welcomed by the users, can stay and analyze the bounce rate from the website users, jump out rate is very high, so it can be concluded that this website is done poorly, not worth the user to see what the quality of the content; but not all is so, let a user into a not interested the website, must jump out rate is very high, because they have no interest in the content of the website, this is the so-called edge flow. The edge flow refers to the user access to the site is not according to their own ideas into, but through some other means to guide it, mainly divided into the following several types according to the professional website construction in Shanghai attracting network experience, but also we often do: read more