How much do you know about the most basic Shanghai Dragon

has a lot of people ask me questions, for example, "words in general how many times can appear in the article, or keyword density is how to plan?" the most basic problem, I think it is unbelievable, we have to think, now the webmaster is really understand the basic establishment of law, or that is the real good optimization basis? In other words, a few stationmaster now known as optimization in the company, known as the so-called "technical personnel" (Ps: is the first to correct, for the optimization of personnel, do good technical staff, really no pun intended). They just know the results of handling the labor of others, then simply replace the link to their own things, may feel very glorious, or to make some easy to do the chain of garbage Let the search engine, overwhelmed, for such people, I believe that most are excluded (Ps: I said so much, in fact, is really think we can build a harmonious environment for the search engine. ). read more

Four things do not need daily attention of Shanghai Dragon

2, flow: Shanghai dragon will generally pay more attention to traffic, always expect one day a sudden increase in site traffic. Site traffic statistics statistics commonly used for 51 and a baby Analytics. Look at the traffic every day is a good habit for the novice. Because the flow can help you analyze what kind of promotion is more effective, so as to help you gain experience in website promotion. But for the non novice Shanghai dragon Er, every day to see the site traffic is not a good habit. With the increase of the number of sites for you, every day to see the flow of waste of time will be more and more. And traffic data is for long-term site analysis, rather than short-term. You should analyze traffic data from pay attention to important points, and should not be limited to one day or a certain time point of the flow. So, do Shanghai dragon should not be second things every day is the focus of the flow. Flow around a week at a time, once a month to do the analysis can be the best with the previous few months compared to flow. read more