How to do the site within the chain

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article pages much more appropriate. Good inside chain can not only transfer the weight, but also according to the needs of users to improve the bounce rate of the page, to enhance the user experience. In the article, when it comes to other related events or terminology, give the related articles to add link interspersed in the article, in the search engine, is a very recognizable way.

. Many webmaster to force the chain, of course, the chain site is well done, have a very high weight. But in addition to the chain, in the role of the chain is not to be ignored. If you have been ignored in the chain, maybe you will encounter such a situation: one day the content of the website included less; SITE is not in the first snapshot; stagnation; page has no home page ranking and so on. This is all in the chain may cause the results not ready. read more

Montana share Shanghai dragon station optimization eight elements (advanced version)

, the landing page content to solve the problem and not just a description of the problem

four, avoid all kinds of elements of

conventional implantation (> old burst

driven users off the page

many users open the web site will produce a good first impression, copycat, good wood louse is not what we want, not professional results. Page design need to have UI & UX investment and reputation to its own brand endorsement, otherwise the user is difficult to produce on the website of the sense of trust and participation. The actual landing approach is a good reference site industry imitation, buy a paid version of the website template or allowing users to participate in the design of each link. read more