Case analysis a web site was hung black chain analysis process

The following

we directly according to the keywords to search:

then we have to look at the simulation test results are accurate:

results show that our conjecture is valid, but since the website source code has not been modified, in the end is where the drill out of the black chain? Since black chain is according to the type of reptile, then

finally found the problem in the global.asax file, hidden inside a JS script, because the website program is developed in.NET contrast so before in win environment to do at the beginning, also found the global.asax file, but win with the following text editing software when open only to see a blank in fact, the real part of the code is hidden in the hundreds of lines. read more

Discussion website optimization product page

1, each product has a unique URL. Any business systems are complex, different URL, link the same page. This situation often exists. As shown below, is three different URL links the same pages.

, NH to analyze the website home page and column page (贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20150508/597687.shtml) website (贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20150509/597731.shtml) optimization, today continue to share with you today to share my girl, the content is to optimize the website product page, the following main points: read more

Cohen how big is the value of Alexa500Some personal views on the recent performance of shlf1314 AdSe

third, the advertising price low. The shlf1314 AdSense data Chinese own website, other friends to get data so.

Since the

wangzhi520/ station,

I had a careful analysis since April shlf1314 AdSense’s performance, people are not satisfied with the results.

The original

fine Ke Xing: 265 and we should be competitive, they do more widely, we have done more specifically.

I first want to say is what kind of a 500 strong, indeed we can not find a website just flow standard, Alexa is indeed a fair comparison, it is not the most authoritative also dare not say, but at least it does not have any relationship inside. read more

Discussion a UEO is the Shanghai Dragon

look at building ten years ago, still open and successful website, whether it is any type of user experience above they are doing very well, such as "A5, CHINAZ" and so on the types of sites are from at the beginning of the site is very care about the user experience. If a network >

but there are also some flow station, such as a novel station, movie station, QQ signature station needs to flow, but also has a large number of long tail word is zero, almost can be said in the competition. If you do not do so and how are you going to Shanghai dragon promotion website post?? QQ? Marketing? NO! Without any kind of promotion methods as Shanghai dragon. read more

Exploring the site included articles and VS small and fine

more than the whole, most of the time, we are adding articles for small type of Web site, sometimes see sites that dress collocation, in order to improve their content, such as a large number of beautiful collection network, Ruili network etc. the women’s website, and in general, this acquisition would increase the content of the website. The number of them, within a short period of time can also make the included direct number up, but, if such female comparison of the original collocation sites by friends gathering more and more, then your website content on the Internet will be flooded with more replication information, such content, more, is of great significance to search for? When is big and complete, do not content acquisition, because you cannot guarantee that you have collected the contents of the publicity right, mining The final set will make your site become a dust on the internet. read more

Analysis and Countermeasures of the phenomenon of holiday website

New Year approaching, the search engine will not have to spend the new year? Why do you say, take my Q9Q8 coupon network (www.q9q8贵族宝贝), recently discovered a strange phenomenon: before adding information can be included and now can seckill, constantly adding material is not included. Through the query server log, the spider crawling love Shanghai every day, is not included in the content, but the website traffic plummeted, and made people confused and disoriented, at a loss.

solution: the early site must clearly identify the website issued direction, do not require large and small owners, after all no ability, energy, capital and talent to operate, we will use our expertise in a very small area to work, often you build more precise direction, more likely to succeed. Once the web content positioning, not to cannot but when must not easily change. read more

Google chief engineer Katz criticism will spur Google forward

? ?

as a chief engineer of Google, Katz’s job is to fight spam". Many websites want to improve in Google search rankings by this way. Katz began to fight spam since 2001, in 2004 became the head of Google search quality. He has written a tool called SafeSearch, which is the first adult content filter Google, can block pornographic spam, prevent Google users to click on porn sites.

Matt · Katz appeared at the SXSW Conference on science and technology, and it tells of the world’s largest search engine internal work site, All seats are occupied. Hundreds of network management and search industry gathered in the great hotel ballroom, listen to his every word. read more

Fish a comprehensive analysis of Shanghai ranked love why suddenly disappeared

love in Shanghai. Can also be wrong, this is not the last to be dark, ha ha. Love Shanghai many times because of their mistakes, mistakes and errors will cause the snapshot ranking, these are normal, you also don’t worry, in general love Shanghai small update or big update after the ranking will be back.


website is one of the most serious problems caused the decline of the old station. A good website may be the original ranking because of webmaster website template a change caused by ranking decreased rapidly, but because it is the old station, as long as we persist in less than a month, ranking can come back. read more

From the Google Memorial zipper inventor Google Shanghai Dragon

the next question is how to write these articles, get good rankings?

The weight of

2. of this website is not very high, the weight is 3, but the content is original, this is very important. (as for the structure and layout of the site, you will have experience or understand the code of webmaster can look at


1. cnBeta is ranked first, this website ranked second, is a comprehensive information website, we all know that cnBeta is a high weight and high quality of the original information platform of IT, so I guess the update frequency influence is one of the factors (the frequency of updates faster, similar news website, so Google crawler climbed to collected after fast), so again give a webmaster must be timely and regular update site. read more

Are you sure you are a qualified Shanghai dragon er

today the topic thought for a long time, I finally decided to write, I want to know if I launch the bullets today you can hit a few times, hey, as long as you go to learn about it, so that in any one who made the following rounds you are not worthy of the name as a qualified Shanghai dragon er or that you can only be regarded as a network editor? Or the Commissioner of the chain? Or any one you are not, you are just a type of people who will go online.

three. Some common things to ask to ask

two. Complaining that the website ranking fluctuations read more