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has been busy with new projects recently. I’m so tired that I’m not very well now,

alimama ad I chose a long time to sell advertising, put up the code, display the picture to be false "and the like, this shows no advertisers to buy, this is normal, after all, is a new station, traffic is very small, I think so. Can not think after ten minutes, all shows what good stock software stocks advertising and perfume advertising, also feel very happy, and then landing Ali mother back view transaction management found no data, no see income, while on the shlf1314 Advertising, has been a good few knife income. During this period, I put several more alimama ads, the result is the same. read more

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iResearch of iResearch company shows that Chinese online dating market in recent years relatively rapid development, using a variety of online dating service users from 46 million 400 thousand in 2005 rose to 111 million 600 thousand in 2008, a CAGR of 34%. The proportion of Internet users will rise from 42% in 2005 to 60% in 2008. But in the market, by the end of 2004 the online dating market reached 127 million yuan, of which online casual dating market size of 90 million yuan, the online dating market size of 37 million yuan, the company expects that with the rapid development of Internet users and online dating, scale will be further growth in 2008 reached 991 million yuan, of which the online dating market size of 653 million yuan. read more

2013BAT five and 2014 hard entrepreneurial opportunitiesInternet start-ups surging after the Spring

March will be the climax of a large number of recruitment, startups are eager for a fight, at high to unimaginable salary to dig." Ella Bao said, "in the field of Internet, most of the projects are investors, and many products are needed to develop and market a set of jobs to bring products to market, so once the enterprises lack of the talents, will not force people to dig. Therefore, in the Internet circle, a newly graduated college student can get 150 thousand annual salary, which is the basic level. Although this seems incredible in the past and in other industries." read more

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brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

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APP promote the development of the status quo how to get rid of the low threshold is difficult to pr

tens of thousands of dollars into the low threshold of entrepreneurship, there is no millions of high marketing costs can not be promoted, so that many APP developers and developers difficult to make money. Without a stable business model, the development of APP is able to withstand the mobile Internet fast product replacement cycle, promotion difficult to see the results, from product development to promotion to the final line of the cycle is too long, most of life is very short, yet launched long, it has been unable to adapt to market demand. Some APP developers are anxious because of fierce market competition, the product is often a poor user experience, which resulted in a vicious spiral, difficult in the mobile Internet market in the forest of giant, find a foothold. read more