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marketing is a new marketing battlefield, micro-blog in China belongs to a beginning of a new application, micro-blog in a unique way in changing people’s way of life, the development of space and development potential is very large, the current micro-blog marketing is in the initial stage, there is a great space. If you can see the market, seize this opportunity, the next round of the Internet boom will belong to you.

, founder of SF, Wang Wei,

is another listed company with billions of market capitalization. While the outside world understanding of SF may still firmly stuck in the side of the express little brother. Phoenix Science and technology combed the ten stories about SF, to help you more in-depth understanding of the company sf. read more

Chinese entrepreneurs imagine learning American jobs and learning JapaneseThe naughty new three boar

as a shareholder of more than 200 people delisting the company reach the sea, the intelligent concern. In order to successfully buy back, the sea smart took out a sincere buyback program. The highest repurchase price is 7.2 yuan. Over the past six months, the average price of the interval reached 7.43 yuan, which means that the company took care of the interests of the overwhelming majority of the two market shareholders.

she also mentioned that China has a market, can cooperate with other people’s imagination, do not have to compete in imagination. We do not need to put ourselves in a "other people, I have to have" the state, but should be "other people have, how can I take over, let me use it better?"". read more

Wang Feng’s four hour speech 10 relationships to be dealt with by entrepreneursOptimization method o

third is a "geek" identity, venture capital fund partner, "geek help" extensive layout in the software, Internet, games, intelligent hardware and other fields, on behalf of the project: "my name is MT", "national hero", "seven hegemony" etc. Mobile Games, fast software and Lingyun electric cars.


method can be summarized into two kinds: first, comparison method; two, transposition thinking method.

two, transposition thinking. How to change the law? Of course not rivals transpositions, and consumers are transposed, do Pu’er Tea products, businesses are very clear mind product positioning target people what their own, is the business to do, see themselves as these people to see themselves this tea shop, then as your own consumers, imagine you on the tea is most interested in what? What would you want to know what to buy this kind of tea? What will make you have a desire to buy a series of problems?. The problem arises, as a business, you should know how to combine product characteristics advantages, selling points, quality, etc. to cater to consumers, right?. Merchants can use text to describe, of course, there are many ways, such as audio, video and so on. read more

Dark horse the member to upload a copy of the identity card functionSeveral modes of making money on

service revenue is the main revenue of a web site or Internet service provider. For example, some business email, network disk, or coins can be counted as a service income. More, online game charges, some fees, forums, etc.. But in today’s era of Internet explosion, unless you have special resources in your hand, your service income may be difficult to scale to maintain the hardware base of your services.

dark horse League

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more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

reply to customer problems is the key to speed. On the last point we talked about the baby at the same time, in several links to a user, if you do not reply at the first time, then the business will flow away. This I have deeply felt, yesterday I had a shop customer consultation "free preparation space" this baby, I was not in the toilet, the user information about 2 minutes later, I didn’t reply, the other customers in the store order. This shows that the customer’s choice is very much, so we have to try to do well in detail. Of course, I still use the best service attitude of the user replies: "never mind, the future will have the opportunity to cooperate". This is our store of potential customers, we can give him a good impression, perhaps will come to me, they work 3. read more

Online novice must read – how to build online storesWhat makes entrepreneur Tian Pujun in a pile of

contrast can also be my boss Jenny talent shows itself, for the first time she saw YY founder Li Xueling has talked about, Li Xueling in the first time I saw her, wearing shorts and slippers, casual, and other entrepreneurs formed a significantly different. This kind of image contrast, also lets Jenny have always remembered a detail.

and a top investor in a venture will meet Tian Pujun, attended the Miss Tian in "ordinary people" in the crowd is very eye-catching, with people engaged in the entertainment circle, business circle often rare. She made a deep impression on the investor, who later described who she was, but used shining to describe her, and rated her as a person who would do something. Coincidentally, a roadshow, a special girl is in image roadshow popular investors. Spread in favor of an angel fund turtles, high education, beauty ", but also worth understanding, label information processing method is more efficient, and the labels are concentrated and covers" vision, intelligence, from "elite label. read more

On three thought Taobao money offVenture capital Rothenberg faces collapse, founder spend public fun

I am also just beginning to do Taobao customers, so it is also standing in a new angle to chat with you, I do Taobao customers methods and ideas. I sort it out, I think it’s easy to be a Taobao guest, and if you do these three things, it’s still easy to make money. To sum up, there are three points: simplification of complex problems, simplification of extreme problems, replication of extreme problems. I call it narcissism three".

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