LZCMS something about the accuracy of the website

now query website, can be described as an endless stream, but few are accurate, below we will talk about this aspect of something.

one, query the major search engine included amount

now has many web sites that provide information about pages or tools that are included in the search engines, but many are not always available, and the accuracy of queries is not high. For example, the more famous linkhelper, the principle of this station is like this. For example, you in a certain time of the day included a query for your website, the station had included the amount of your site to record to the database, if any time you this day in the query, the amount collected is not changed, so that you are not too accurate query. In fact, we all major web site traffic to their own Baidu and Google, did not change to go to these inquiries, web site inquiries, directly open Baidu or Google inquiries, so that the results of inquiries and accurate and fast. read more

From the Baidu.com domain name was modified to see Baidu Inc domain name deployment

January 12, 2010, Tuesday, for many Chinese, it’s just a very ordinary day. However, for the global Baidu search users, is a very sad day, this day, their information database, Baidu.com domain name can not access, according to friends: "the earliest discovered is an Australian man, 6 in the morning in the group message, said in his visit not Baidu." Until I write this morning Beijing time 11:12, Baidu still can’t access the domain name of the website Baidu.com, until 12 pm back to normal. Some netizens using IP address access proved successful. Obviously, this is another domain name hijacked event. read more

Novice webmaster better than yourself

first tell you a story, the story is that a person has difficulty, unable to solve the problem, then go to the temple for guanyin. Entering the temple, ask Avalokiteshvara to help him, he found the front of the statue of a man in worship, the strange thing is that people look and Guanyin as like as two peas no less.

the man asked, "do you look like Avalokiteshvara?" the man answered, "I am the goddess of mercy."."

the man asked again, "why do you still worship yourself?" said Kwan Yin with a smile. "I have encountered difficulties, but I know that it is better to ask for help than to help yourself."." read more

Personal experience in applying for a DMOZ editor

the following is my application, DMOZ editor failed to pass, but they still mail back to me, I hope to have friends willing to apply as a reference:

XX XX Hello:

thank you for making an effort to become an editor for the open directory project.

after careful consideration, we have not been able to approve your application. Generally speaking, the reasons for the auditor’s refusal to apply for the editor include (but are not limited to) the following:

* application form incomplete. Some of the columns are incomplete, such as reasons for application, your associated websites, websites, samples and so on. read more