Exploration of O2O community operation model in education industry

The contents of a

project this article from the part of recent cooperation in PPT, the author is currently in publication system engaged in online education products work, teaching is a part of education publishing industry, publishing institutions engaged in major education industry also has its own brand of education, at the same time in seeking their way out of the publishing industry. Based on the current trend of Internet development and the advantages of some traditional publishing resources, an exploration of the mode of "teaching assistant O2O community model" can be used to communicate with interested friends. read more

Where is the air outlet for mother and baby websites

what are the most important relationships in today’s social and family relationships,


husband and wife,



mother-in-law relationship,


is a parent-child relationship. It’s the most important thing in family relationships.

Why is

the parent-child relationship important since Needless to say, the network of overwhelming information: what, what the development of early fetal education, intelligence, personality, parent-child communication, has been the major smart business quarrel is the major television stations turn the world upside down; family show page is fire in a complete mess. read more

Five aspects should be paid attention to in the construction of local property portal website

for the local real estate portal website construction outside from the station name, domain name, server and program and test these five aspects, don’t look at these five aspects is not very much, but if you do these five aspects is very not easy, and even some people therefore encounter in Waterloo, will have to make the site sent to the garbage site ranks, we are going to talk about how to do these five aspects of


1: select domain name

since it is a local real estate portal, the natural site inside to have Fangzi, or house, that is the house of the website, then add the local shorthand in front, if it is in Hefei, it is set to hfhouse or hffangzi and so on, of course, maybe this domain name has been registered, or spend money, either a kind of meaning but not to others and the domain name, otherwise it is very easy to help others to do the wedding, such as when my website is hfxhouse, but later found that everyone will use the hfhouse domain name, the domain name can not be easily visible read more

For the webmaster and want to be the webmaster poured cold water

to see this topic, some people may have been in the heart scolded. But anyway, I’m kind enough to work with people to analyze the web and study websites. As for the analysis of the right, but please tell me what you want to go. First introduce yourself, I contact the network at the end of 2002, by the end of 05 learning to build the station, 06 years and 07 years running local forum (now closed), there is still a small station, cool dog Almighty search, interested in going to see. With the source of others built, I didn’t go to school computer, not technology, is a bit too simple, let everyone laughed. All right, no more talking. Cut to the point. read more

How can the electricity supplier website increase the price to retain customers

production costs, labor costs, operating costs are growing, in this case, the electricity supplier is only two ways to choose: reduce costs or raise unit prices. But the cost is said to drop down, so many electricity providers have chosen to raise prices?. But raising your prices at will can only get you out of your mind, irritate your customers, and eventually lose you customers. However, a good price strategy may reduce a lot of losses, and even make customers more loyal to you, so we talk about how the electricity supplier website to raise prices to retain customers. read more