Individual stationmaster does the quantity that does a website, your essence is not in much

I have a friend, do more than a dozen sites, most of them are called "dump", why do you say to him? I have two stations, one is my own blog, recording the usual work experience and life, the basic are original; another station is information network, every hand pseudo original articles of others. On these two stops, I am tired and disoriented, I said you are a dozen stations, how to manage it? Fortunately, I said so, he did not oppose, but also agree with my statement. But after a few months of experience, he said, do not want to do garbage station, station. read more

Link to do my chilling talk about the practice of external links

links make me nervous because I don’t know how to get high quality external links!


specifically tell me how to link to the CS station

The overall

chain principle is: high quality + low quality:

1, own resources + navigation + Network + + Web2.0 + Forum + build blog….

2, links

3, digg Digg class: China is not a lot, but you can still find a batch of high quality, like is also good, not registered can send the


4, Do follow blog, the country is not a lot of high weight less read more

How to reduce the station owners in the transaction and cheated

webmaster also from scratch, in the network mixed for many years, often walk by the river, where can not wet shoes, also easy to be cheated. Here some simple information how to cheat. Cheated, often not just money, but even more confidence loss or gas suppression.

1 domain name cheated: no choice of good IDC business, registered 45 renewals 80 also don’t let you transfer; there is a situation, let you transfer, you have to leave money, go to the transfer, we make 50-100. People are angry, registering a CN only 1 yuan, transferred to 50. It should be 80, still have to continue. read more

From Cai Wensheng buy 4399 small game, talk about the foreground of small game website

domain name investment tycoon Cai Wensheng has wholly-owned acquisition of 4399 online game site, the exact amount of the acquisition is unknown. In the face of a reporter’s question, Cai said: "the average Internet users in China are relatively low. For them, the simpler the Internet, the better.". I’ve done experiments, I let five or six year old children play 4399 and other small game website game, a week later, he will prefer to use 4399." This is also the main reason for investing in 4399 online games. read more

Experience tells you how to do the station should have mentality

I am

from the beginning of 1998 contact website, at that time few resources, my website is linked in the elders unit on the server, only to hang a page, and the page is a copy of the front page of the elders made, this page is not deleted, has hung in there, there is no update above, about my introduction and some dog shit can be received search engine. Ranking is not one or two years of new sites can be compared.

really started doing the summer vacation in 2000, when the resources are relatively rich, the message boards, ASP forums have some, of course, there are some CGI procedures. I began to do a simple industry website, no day and night basically to the home of relatives and friends and the data is all moved to the Internet, at that time not what the epoch of the search engine, is the largest artificial to rely on their own propaganda, exchange links, bulk mail, industry website my best time and Sohu exchange links, although people are a channel link, ha ha ha. read more