What are the two types of entrepreneurship

now choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship is very much, the cause and motivation is also very rich, but in fact, there are two types of business integration. So, what are the two types of entrepreneurship? Let Xiaobian for you to do a detailed introduction, so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship.

entrepreneurs can be divided into two categories from the team attributes and business development model:

first class: money oriented, rely on investment to rapidly expand, set up barriers, either from PR or GMV users put efforts to impulse team configuration update, the first mover advantage to achieve the ultimate, northern entrepreneurs in this piece is obvious, but it is easy or rapid demise; read more

Restaurant O2O hungry E round financing 350 million U. S. knife, 8 months valuation from 500 million

Abstract: last year, hungry, business coverage of the city from 20 to more than 200, and the number of employees from 200 to 2000 people suddenly increased. At the same time, hungry, the day of publication of the odd orders also showed 10 times growth, from the public acceptance of investment when 100 thousand single straight rise to 1 million single.

, when catering to the Internet, businesses battleground, but also in the eyes of the capital of blue ocean.

recently, the reservation platform hungry, after a lapse of 8 months after financing again, E round of $350 million. read more

South Korean film 43% tips of the film can be to the profit of the

is affected by the global financial crisis in 2008, the Korean film was declining, with the development of economy, the Korean film industry struggled out from the bottom, and showed a rapid revival trend, which has become a trend of CO productions between China and korea. South Korea has made a good transformation in many aspects, such as genre creation, cultural expression and industrial development. It has provided valuable reference experience for the development of Chinese film art and industry. read more

Website construction step 1 Market Research

Study on

Market Research and competitor, is a thoroughly will enter the industry, is the site before the construction of the basic steps, but is often ignored by many web site optimization personnel, we can carefully review the construction site construction, before you have carefully done, you have done the keyword research. Detailed analysis of the competitors, in the choice of the core keywords, choose those search amount is large, but the competition is less difficult words, today Q pig market research and competitor research, talk about their own views, welcome. read more

Talking about six main reasons why micro community is not suitable for forum webmaster

recently, micro community is a shining star of the Internet, various science and technology media attention, many webmaster are ready to, but most of the owners still in wait-and-see attitude, because the micro community outlook is uncertain, the author will combine their own micro community experience, to illustrate the six major causes of the micro community not suitable for webmasters from a webmaster perspective:

: first look at Tencent official definition to micro communities: the micro community is the interactive community public accounts based on WeChat, WeChat is widely applied to the service number and the number of public subscription number, WeChat fans in the micro community free exchange: post replies, upload photos. From the literal sense, the micro community is a derivative of WeChat, with an emphasis on entertainment. So, before you use the micro community, do you think your site is entertainment? Fortunately, your site is just the entertainment site. Are you willing to give your hard work information to the Tencent? read more

Webmaster friends, the opportunity is in front of the need to implement it

had a meal with a friend that day and talked about the opportunity and felt a lot. Oneself also be contact network earlier generation, and has not interrupted its research.

speaking of opportunity, here are a few more representative of the time, you may be one of the beach goers, or maybe you were from that era came, you may be the victim of the era. But at no time can they deny the opportunities they bring.

the 80s reform and opening up, do a little business can make a lot of money, you can put a stall one mayor salary which is normal. Because at that time the market environment determines, just open, all the people are lenient, all blank, is this form of transaction on the people of this industry, so that when the sniff at business rapidly and few competitors have to complete. read more