Unify style by cross design

many companies have asked the question of how to ensure the uniformity of website style, especially with multiple product lines. That’s right. Keeping the style unified is a big problem for the website, not just the visual and literal surface unification, but also the page structure, the interaction process and the unification of the interaction ways. Only unified web sites can give users a better unified experience. Almost every small website to medium-sized website conversion process will encounter such a problem. read more

How to choose a brand tea shop

now open tea shop, you can choose lots of what? First, franchisees need to clear their position, only when the positioning is clear, can help you better analyze the site. How to open a brand tea shop location? Xiao Bian to provide you with solutions, and quickly learn it, you can not miss a good opportunity!

brand tea retail store location and close to traffic trunk street for the better, or is selected in the main city bustling commercial street. Because the area is worth, not only popular and conditions are relatively superior, ground flat, clean, no water and debris. read more

Beauty salon franchise how to improve profitability

beauty salon franchise operators should be how to improve store profitability? Many people have noticed the May day business opportunities, can be launched in line with some of the characteristics of the store promotional activities to attract consumers to patronize, if you are interested in this topic can come to see.

often carry out promotional activities

to attract new customers. Such as holiday discount, price, daily special service, such as Valentine’s day, women’s day, mother’s Day gift or the corresponding discount. read more

Six mistakes to avoid in the process of entrepreneurship

business is an industry a lot of people want to join, but the process is full of hardships, not all business projects can get good fortune in the business process should pay attention to avoid these six mistakes.

in fact unless you are doing the hardware, or you don’t need any startup capital, but you must be willing to do. You have to make your own ideas, no one will do it for you, and no one will hire someone to do it for you. The reason is simple: if you are not willing to give up the rest of your time for the commercial potential of your business, why do people take the risk of their hard-earned money?. read more

Looking for your sister to teach you out of the valley

"looking for your sister" game red. This is their team in the game when the cloud is expected to do the game, but they did not expect the game will be so fire. Cloud tour CEO Zhang Fan to Tencent technology revealed that the current find your sister, the amount of downloads has reached 55 million times.

read more