Individual stationmaster fragile group, persistent heart

I’m a personal station owner. I’ve done a lot of garbage stations, and now there’s nothing left.

if you do dumpster, then, is just to satisfy a vanity, so I will resolutely to a fallen countless garbage station’s advise you say: don’t waste your time. Because once, I was because of the so-called "like" and now, almost desperate. How many times have I cleared the lost hours in the dark, and how many times have I tried to count the RMB for registering a domain name? How many times did I want to quit the stage?. How many times did you ever end up breaking up with your girlfriend because of your website?. Once, how many have been, because they are unprofessional and almost to the server tears. How many times were there once?…… read more

Talking about how to make profit for talent website

talking about talent networks, many people think this industry is very strange. I don’t know much about it. I don’t seem to have much interest in it, but let’s go to Baidu and find out how profitable this market is.

, otherwise, it can not be so many companies in Baidu smashed money, talent net profit mainly depends on the collection of enterprise membership fees, enterprise membership fee is generally a month of 300, 3000 a year. Most of the places with some popularity are at the price of the talent website. Talent network, as long as the 1000IP can be profitable, my talent network intends to start charging 10.1 in 2007. Can I charge now, but I do not want to pay so early, not for a little petty profits to give up long-term development direction, first base pitch. read more

Three enlightenments of goddess of the National Congress to the design of University Official Websit


] the NPC goddess "coming the Renmin University of China official website is a hot, this paper summarizes the design of the three factors for the success of the University’s official website: more personality, more female, more human.

"goddess of the people" fire! Recently, the official website of Renmin University of China published a single photo of the beauty graduates, girls fresh and beautiful image, quickly lead to hot Internet users. For a while, visitors came in, the volume of visits climbed sharply, and the server was paralyzed. read more

Secret hinder the success of your business 3 pits do not look at regret

entrepreneurship is not easy, in the process of entrepreneurship we will encounter a variety of problems, fill a variety of pits, many times, these things can be avoided. Entrepreneurs themselves may also make mistakes, every mistake can be fatal for the company. Now Xiaobian for you to prevent the success of the 3 secret pit.

only cheap

read more

Rhine River, the representative of healthy food

now people’s living standards are constantly rising, so for a healthy diet, healthy and nutritious food is also a favorite. To meet the needs of the market, the food and beverage market is now a good introduction of a series of healthy food brands, so that people have more demands for healthy food. The Rhine river is a good health now delicacy food market, through continuous innovation, with the scientific theory of material collocation, selected high-quality raw materials, from the aspects of ensuring product quality and health, by now consumers and entrepreneurs sought agreement. read more

Webmaster should focus on doing long-term things, rational view of network speculation

this time the Internet is very lively, not only many doors have emerged, some influential man also overnight popular network. In the Baidu search list, a sudden understanding of the network recently concerned about the hot spots, and some hot spots even a week later, still hot unabated, topped the list. In this era of speculation has been rife, do not know what is the believe, what is speculation, according to the audience’s mood, laugh, right when the talk at leisure.

Xi Li Ge from February 23rd influential man in the BBS posts in a "seckill ultimate gorgeous best passers guy! Nice to stab blind your eyes!" and details of human qiuqin who quickly became popular, was friends known as "gourmet beggar". Many people are curious about Xi Li Ge. Baidu’s search volume is 881537 this week, topping the weekly hot spot list. I also searched Xi Li Ge’s related news and pictures. It was really cool, but I didn’t feel too much after seeing it. Today, watching Baidu’s fastest vocabulary top rankings, actually see "deep elder brother", is Xi Li Ge after another beggar brother. For this deep brother, attention is not so high, this means of follow the trend is not too smart. read more

Money blog appeared in Baidu Google search engine secret

Qian Boke ( The afternoon of May 2, 2008 on the line, but the money blog on the afternoon of May 3, 2008 appeared in the Baidu and Google search engine, how did I do? I did the work? Here announced this terrible secret.

(2008-05-03 14:37:16) in the afternoon of money blog has released a new article: money blog is how to get the friendship connection? Then I will reprint this article, Admin5 (2008-05-03 15:04), Admin5 released the topic: how money blog operation experience obtained new friendship connection. Immediately, this article was Baidu, Google included. read more

Nanjing upgrade credit limit restriction policy after the first wave of real estate listing tide beg

real estate this year’s hot, so many people eat melon every day to see is dumbfounded, this is not a while ago in the face of soaring real estate prices, Nanjing local government has taken a series of measures. But after 10 full days of the Nanjing property market "upgrade" purchase limited credit policy, does not seem to hit the local property market purchasing power — on the 12 day, ushered in the first wave of new local real estate market boom, 8 projects launched more than 2000 houses, houses should be large-scale when the "daylight" "luminous" in the scene a repeat of the local property market. read more

Talking about the design and manufacture of wallpaper stand

originally sent an article about wallpaper station design in admin5. It feels a little shallow now, so it’s released again today.

1. first talk about the difficulty of the wallpaper station

wallpaper is different from the news site requirements is still relatively large bandwidth (basic between download station and news sites), do not do 3gp Wallpapers Download Movies. I feel now (wallpaper station itself the bandwidth requirements of + + is hotlinking acquisition) bandwidth is much. Sorry, I’m sorry. read more

Zhu Hongjian talk about the benefits of grass roots after changing IPv6

in recent years, the Internet in the world is in the stage of rapid development. At the same time of Internet development, the number of Internet users is increasing constantly. With the increasing number of Internet users, but also gradually leads to the remaining amount of the IP address is becoming less and less, until the time of 08 years and hundreds of domestic and foreign media reported a surprising news, "China IP resources has spent 80%, two years after the new users may not be able to surf the internet. read more

The experience and experience of Anhui dating service for one year

remember this time last year, the Anhui marriage network has just been on the line, when the site and now really no comparison. No popularity, no traffic. I am not a professional network industry, has been in the traditional industry with the traditional work of website operation at most only a basic understanding of SEO, website promotion such as the basic means is absolutely ignorant of many times, can only use the most stupid way, although after nearly a year of development, Anhui marriage network ( has become the most professional in Anhui, the most serious marriage, dating sites, but there are still a lot of problems, but from scratch, step by step, and it has entered a virtuous cycle of basic road, when we walked back up, there is still a little experience and novice webmaster said. read more

Stationmaster please rational do station, do not so impetuous

has been in A5 for some time, not much (in fact, I sometimes want to say a few words, but I haven’t heard A5, so I can’t make a speech, I hope I can do it this time), but I have also read a lot of friends’ articles. We found that personal webmaster seems to have been a fickle mood surrounded, such as what the garbage station, what the traffic and so on, if we can’t get a IP on the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands in the short term, can not live like, if not in the short term to earn money, the site will be closed tomorrow immediately, webmaster it will starve to death immediately. read more

Site user experience never underestimate the user’s needs for improvement

[editor’s note]: This is a summary of the surprising improvements made by the Chagemakers team on the UI interface revision. Sometimes, a minor change can be a surprise, so developers should remember to never underestimate the user’s need for improvement.

the whole story goes like this: I have a good friend who has been with us to suggest using Ajax to write our famous quotes page. Because this is not in our plans, we believe that this change should be the priority by comparison, because we believe that this is a kind of aesthetic improvement, and no increase in what practical for users. read more

Two types of website construction of top-quality courses in Colleges and Universities

with the requirements of the Ministry of education for the quality colleges and universities curriculum further, more and more elements of the Internet into the curriculum system, and gradually formed a huge user demand — the construction of excellent course website. What I have described below is the significance of the construction of a top-quality course that is understood by the identity of a website builder and if you do a good course website.

is a national key university curriculum courses, courses, provincial key university key courses, these courses will be arranged, in order to cater to the needs, the university curriculum system construction and evaluation in recent years, our website construction team each month has received the construction of excellent courses website orders, which is in line with the needs of the most evaluation of a course, this kind of demand is often required to make a very short time, usually within a week, the website style and of course, I called the network course evaluation type. Another type of website is the need for teaching, interaction with students, sharing of curriculum resources and other requirements. I call it a teaching quality course network. read more

New station how to carry out SEO optimization is the most wonderful


algorithm Scindapsus update again, whether it is A5 or seowhy, 18 or 28 are push push revision. Why? Because Baidu algorithm external chain crackdown more and more strong, whether it is the chain source or benefit from the site, once identified as garbage chain, then will be punished. Cause many BBS webmaster in order to more long-term development, all began to follow the future development trend of Baidu algorithm.

New directions for optimizing


to do so for a new site, how should we do to promote the long-term development and the efficiency of our site? Then we will talk about how the SEO industry to the right direction? My personal view is that, for a new forum, we should reasonable use of nofollow the label, because it is more conducive to the reasonable grasp and guide the spider can enhance the user experience. read more

Movie website to do the best way to promote Commission flow

We all know that

movie website traffic to the fast, but now online movie website more flooding, long time to do the film website the weight, keyword ranking has certain stability, how can we just made a new film to improve website traffic quickly! I share the film website promotion external flow.

is the first small promotion, but I’m not the kind of small plus fans, but with small group, we have to do is movie website promotion, of course with meager film group, through the keyword search we "movie" I can see a lot of movies and a few number of small groups, small groups. The next step is in the small group in the promotion of our movie website, not only directly address, that group will be immediately removed, we can recommend a few good movies, then attach a picture with sharp, then our movie website address, so it will not be deleted, I just started to do is through this movie website form a day to more than 200 ip read more

The three dimensions of sponsorship activities on campus activities

Wang Guowei once said, since ancient times, all important will experience three levels: first, energy-saving, alone on the high rises, the horizon road; second, was pining away, my end is no regrets; third, hard to find, but suddenly the man in the lights dim. The three realms highly abstract the confusion of the earlier stage, the medium suffering, the final insight, and the whole effort.

on the last 90 years, advertising circles have been popular on behalf of a sentence, called "do not be president" as an advertiser. Explain how hot the advertisement is at that time, and to the rapid development of the Internet today, I think it should be changed to "do not become president", do e-commerce". But no matter what we do, we must find the law in order to use the most appropriate way to get twice the result with half the effort. read more

Purchase trap nemesis online purchase


many people are using their life savings to buy a house or even a debt to buy, in the sales process is easy to be all sorts of tricks developers blind the eyes, often regret in the house but not irretrievable. According to the online survey in Roy Internet incubation expert Huang Xiangru learned that the current housing mainly has the following several types of traps, but also give you ideas, how to handle, avoid all losses in the purchase.

1: false advertising

design exquisite advertising is often played a lot of people buy a house as if it were raining flowers, a project desire first comes from the real estate business or advertising on the exhibition table. The "model room" also play tricks, some developers use the housing model to deceive consumers, housing quality, structure and the actual launch does not match, the decoration and furniture used visual error size smaller and misleading. read more

Web path absolute success or failure (1)

– how many

pages does the search engine have in the search engine?

below, we’ll test the web path in search engines and find out how important the search results are.

if we had ever logged into a station to download the software, but when we left, we forgot the specific address. How will we search for it?

, we’re going to search for the following: orsoon, soft,

Orsoon is the domain name section of this station, and Soft is the approximate content of the site. The search results are as follows: read more

Stationmaster should pay attention to the problem in the process of network transaction

himself as a pure hobby webmaster, has been silent in the webmaster circles mixed up so many years, also didn’t mix out a trick. Because of its non network and professional website, so a lot of knowledge building are in the A5 station network and related procedures to the East portal. I’ve never bought any books about it. I always think I don’t know what I want to do. Anyway, Baidu and Google can solve the problem.

has also wanted to send an article in A5, because writing is too messy, so has not been rushed out to see people. Plus do not know what to write, afraid to write out is not professional, afraid everyone throwing bricks. But today I don’t have what we throw bricks, because I think people have ridiculed the good article, so I don’t think this is what is wrong, simply let the bricks come more violent! Due to the recent transactions on the network very suck, eat a lot of money. So today I will write about webmaster network transaction security stuff. Where the transaction cost me nearly a thousand yuan, although the money is not special, but for us this slave it is still somewhat distressed. So I gave a brief description of the types of transactions that the owners often want to trade. read more