In this value of the Internet era, website construction need not Yan value

how to do a good website? This is not only the most in need of the user, and web designers wonder everyday things today and share a spell, in the yen value society, don’t need website yen value


Yan value is a network vocabulary, mainly for people or things of appearance, characteristics, quality, degree, scoring, as the name suggests, "Yan" is "appearance", "value" is the score, using network terms is the index. Say a website Yan value, it is to point to website home page design effect, in website home page design, passed a long exploration process. read more

Grassroots how to cut into the huge profits Taobao market

introduction: Game (individual micro signal zhulutaobao) last time in a blog posting Lu Songsong "on the double 11 Taobao off without integrity money" effect is good, dry cargo, caused by major industry media reprint. This detail wrote a deep interpretation of Taobao profits weight-loss market article, there are some insider, some operating practices, compared to media sites only reported a simple news, with the author’s experiences and views.

weight loss products, non sunshine industry, there is reasonable, although I do not touch the weight loss products. This matter whether moral read more

Market Research on the fierce competition before successful entrepreneurship

before the start must make preparations, market research is an indispensable link, Xiaobian summed up some simple and effective market research method, the hope can bring some help for everyone.

1, personal visits: Investigators get information through face-to-face conversations with respondents. read more

About 5 years of operation billiards class website accumulated some experience

from 04 years of operation billiards class website, to now has 5 years, and now has gradually grown into a weight or flow or visibility is good site. There are many billiards fans, and few people like to watch billiards online. Why? It’s better to play some games when you are free. This is the fate of casual games. The same is true of some other industries, such as stocks, which are monopolized by a small number of big websites.

What kind of people do

billiards website? See tutorial? Enjoy the video? Or what? These are the most basic, all kinds of video game classification included a variety of skills, unique content availability forum to share ideas and experiences, what is missing? What snooker fans are concerned? Where is your unique content 3 years ago? I have been thinking about this problem and did not find the right breakthrough, until 2 years ago, and several friends, get inspiration, the website must go on, the line continues, not only is it. read more

Do not experience the success of the SEO website

1. self rational positioning and features

should be good at choosing topics that other people have never touched on, without being subject to keyword search and not being able to cater to the needs of Google users. What’s more, you need to change the angle of view, so you’ll find that even the most crowded areas have new horizons, for example, my first blog is about SEO 2. The author according to the website of and research practice analysis, and the SEO method of research, the following experience and share with you. Deficiency, please correct me. read more