Money blog appeared in Baidu Google search engine secret

Qian Boke ( The afternoon of May 2, 2008 on the line, but the money blog on the afternoon of May 3, 2008 appeared in the Baidu and Google search engine, how did I do? I did the work? Here announced this terrible secret.

(2008-05-03 14:37:16) in the afternoon of money blog has released a new article: money blog is how to get the friendship connection? Then I will reprint this article, Admin5 (2008-05-03 15:04), Admin5 released the topic: how money blog operation experience obtained new friendship connection. Immediately, this article was Baidu, Google included. read more

Nanjing upgrade credit limit restriction policy after the first wave of real estate listing tide beg

real estate this year’s hot, so many people eat melon every day to see is dumbfounded, this is not a while ago in the face of soaring real estate prices, Nanjing local government has taken a series of measures. But after 10 full days of the Nanjing property market "upgrade" purchase limited credit policy, does not seem to hit the local property market purchasing power — on the 12 day, ushered in the first wave of new local real estate market boom, 8 projects launched more than 2000 houses, houses should be large-scale when the "daylight" "luminous" in the scene a repeat of the local property market. read more

Talking about the design and manufacture of wallpaper stand

originally sent an article about wallpaper station design in admin5. It feels a little shallow now, so it’s released again today.

1. first talk about the difficulty of the wallpaper station

wallpaper is different from the news site requirements is still relatively large bandwidth (basic between download station and news sites), do not do 3gp Wallpapers Download Movies. I feel now (wallpaper station itself the bandwidth requirements of + + is hotlinking acquisition) bandwidth is much. Sorry, I’m sorry. read more

Zhu Hongjian talk about the benefits of grass roots after changing IPv6

in recent years, the Internet in the world is in the stage of rapid development. At the same time of Internet development, the number of Internet users is increasing constantly. With the increasing number of Internet users, but also gradually leads to the remaining amount of the IP address is becoming less and less, until the time of 08 years and hundreds of domestic and foreign media reported a surprising news, "China IP resources has spent 80%, two years after the new users may not be able to surf the internet. read more

The experience and experience of Anhui dating service for one year

remember this time last year, the Anhui marriage network has just been on the line, when the site and now really no comparison. No popularity, no traffic. I am not a professional network industry, has been in the traditional industry with the traditional work of website operation at most only a basic understanding of SEO, website promotion such as the basic means is absolutely ignorant of many times, can only use the most stupid way, although after nearly a year of development, Anhui marriage network ( has become the most professional in Anhui, the most serious marriage, dating sites, but there are still a lot of problems, but from scratch, step by step, and it has entered a virtuous cycle of basic road, when we walked back up, there is still a little experience and novice webmaster said. read more