Xining has built 244 sanitation workers sanitation sanitation public rental housing 204 units

Since October 19th last year, Xining sanitation workers laid off 244 points, sanitation workers built public rental housing 204 sets, the transformation of the housing as a sanitation workers apartment 50. Xining four districts will also be new sanitation workers to rest, as one of the priorities of next year. This is November 13th, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of Xining.

in August 24th last year, the west city newspaper published reports "to the sanitation workers a stopping place", reflecting the four Xining city sanitation workers without rest space, only a small part of the sanitation workers in the nearby garbage transfer stations and public toilets management room, most of the sanitation workers rest open loop. After the publication of the report, caused strong repercussions in the community. Finally, in the West Sea metropolis newspaper urged, Xining has 138 sanitation workers rest. A number of units to the sanitation workers donated rice, flour, oil and other items, the public is also sanitation workers, sanitation work has more understanding and support. read more

Qinghai mutual hiking camping activities will be opened this year, more than and 300 provinces and b

7 in the morning, from inside and outside the province of more than and 300 lovers walking from Xining, gathered in the beautiful village of Huzhu Tu, held in Weiyuan in the town of the great beauty of Qinghai · similar cooperation "as the theme of the 2012 Qinghai mutual hiking camping activities.

it is reported that with the continuous improvement of living standards, set fitness, tourism, low carbon environmental protection in one of the hiking activities are springing up in our province, and has a good momentum of development, enjoys broad support in our province. In order to carry forward the Olympic spirit, promote our national fitness campaign, and further promote the beauty of Qinghai, stimulating mutual rich tourism and cultural resources, the Provincial Sports Bureau jointly with relevant departments, organized the event. At the same time, taking the hiking activities as an opportunity to create a series of outdoor activities, such as walking on the Qinghai Lake, Qilian, Qinghai, and so on.
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West District of Xining city sanitation home put into use

West District of Xining city in the construction of Xing Hai sanitation home recently officially put into use. Indoor equipped with a microwave oven, drinking fountains, seats, shower facilities and other necessities of life. Sanitation workers can near here, drink hot meals, bathing, rest. This has brought great convenience to the sanitation workers working for many years. This is the West District in 2013 as one of the practical projects. Currently, the jurisdiction of 75 units and shops for sanitation workers set a rest point. (author: Su Jianping, Xi Tao) read more

Speed up the county of Huangyuan Nanshan area contiguous green pace

In 2012, Huangyuan county to implement high standards based artificial afforestation project in three consecutive years, continue to adhere to the " in accordance with the seedlings of large area high standard of afforestation; ideas, scientific planning, local conditions, suitable tree, overall arrangement "principle, adopt unified organization and implementation of professional team of afforestation

2012, Huangyuan County, the implementation of high standards based artificial afforestation project in three consecutive years, continue to adhere to the " in accordance with the seedlings of large area high standard of afforestation; ideas, scientific planning, local conditions, suitable tree, overall arrangement of the principle of "take the professional team to organize the implementation of afforestation. The scientific design level and fish scale pit, horizontal ditch land, strictly enforce the outplanting "two card" sign system, vigorously promote the science and technology of bare root root, seedlings with soil ball dipped in mud, high standard implementation of natural forest protection project of afforestation 4450 acres, speeding up the pace of greening city county Nanshan area. Up to now, high standard afforestation project has been fully completed. Among them, an important area of afforestation area of Dahua afforested area of 3071 acres, planting 1.2 meters of Qinghai spruce, Qilian juniper etc. 456 thousand evergreen species plant. read more

Xining city to start the two rural health personnel technical skills competition

will be combined with the comprehensive reform of primary health care institutions, strengthen the service ability of the rural primary health care institutions construction, effectively enhance the rural two health technical personnel of practical skills and comprehensive service ability. Recently, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau on the basis of the "Xining rural health personnel ten technical skills contest implementation plan", formulated and issued the "notice" on the 2012 annual rural two health personnel ten technical skills contest, the city launched a comprehensive rural two health technical personnel skills contest. In order to ensure the
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The second Chinese Xining International Dance Festival and the ninth Chinese dance Lotus prize class

the evening of August 19th, which lasted 4 days of the second session of China · Xining International Dance Festival and the ninth China dance "Lotus prize" classical dance contest successfully concluded. Vice chairman, China Federation Secretary Yang Chengzhi, Chinese Federation honorary member, honorary chairman of the association of white China dancer Shuxiang, China Dancers Association party secretary and executive vice chairman Feng Shuangbai attended the closing ceremony of the night. read more

Xining personal savings balance growth

Today, despite the increase in the number of people who like to buy loans in Xining, but also like to put money into the Bank of Xining.

live to save a little, save a little money, the heart of some practical." In September 4th, the provincial capital Nanchuan road a savings, Mr. Li said after finishing the deposit procedures, he was middle-aged, not blindly invest some money in the bank, for a child to college.

reporter recently learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics, at the end of 7, Xining financial institutions RMB deposit balance of 217 billion 13 million yuan, an increase of 19.98%. Individual deposits of 76 billion 441 million yuan, an increase of 20.69%. (author: Zhang Pu) read more

Provincial fourth inspection teams to the provincial Party committee feedback special inspections

7 7, 2009, the provincial Party committee of the provincial Party committee of the fourth inspection teams feedback special inspections, the team leader Qiao Xiaohuan convey important instructions on the work of the provincial inspection center, on behalf of the inspection team feedback of special inspections. Party secretary of the provincial Party committee Wang Huajie presided over the meeting and make a statement.

Qiao Xiaohuan pointed out that since eighteen Party’s mission provincial Party, conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and provincial Party committee policy decision to deploy, adhere to the strict control of the party from the Party principles, strengthening discipline and style construction, to solve outstanding problems four winds, the overall evaluation of the cadres and the masses is good. In the inspection, inspection team found that the cadres and the masses to reflect some problems, mainly: the party’s leadership has been weakened, the implementation of the central and provincial Party’s mass work conference is not deep enough; the lack of the construction of the party, "two responsibilities are not in place to implement the Party building work of party is not enough attention, not enough to fulfill the main responsibility in the Party of clean government supervision and inspection guidance, leadership team members perform a pair of responsibility consciousness is not strong enough, the Department in charge of honest government units work is not tight, the pressure conduction is not in place; the implementation of comprehensive strictly strict requirements, illegal subsidies, tourism and other public funds in violation of the spirit of the central eight provisions and the provincial government 21 measures problems have occurred. Meanwhile, the inspection team also received a number of leading cadres involved in the problem reflected in accordance with the provisions of the relevant departments have been transferred. read more