Yi Zhi Fu health supermarket join is very worthy of choice

good choice of health, to choose Yi Zhi Fu health supermarket? For consumers, the choice of a good project regimen, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities. Yi Zhi Fu supermarket to join the health, but also a very good choice is not it?

health and longevity is the eternal theme of human health is the greatest wealth, people desire for health is more and more urgent, so more and more attention to learn and follow a way of keeping good health. Yi Zhi Fu supermarket to enter the domestic health care market health, health products for people to bring health, for everyone who needs a healthy escort, it is worth joining the investment. read more

Chongqing hot pot brand

when it comes to hot pot we immediately think of Chongqing, Chongqing hot pot is famous, renowned chinese. In many of the Chongqing hot pot brand Xiao Yu hot pot, really can be described as authentic Chongqing hot pot brand.

since 95 years since the establishment of Xiao Yu hot pot, has always been committed to the innovation and reform of the old traditional hot pot in Chongqing, again and again hard work, a little bit of progress, in order to pot career, buried in R & D. Finally made the hot pot in the forefront of Chongqing hot pot. In 2010, Xiao Yu hot pot is Chongqing and the country’s diners, friends and many media as the "Chongqing hot pot top 50, and ranked first", "Chongqing old style hot pot best taste inheritors"! read more