Take candy please change top practices – Business

do retail business, the daily intake of pocket money is very much, it will inevitably make some shops feel not enough, so, some shopkeepers will think of a method, which is to take the candy top pocket money. I found in daily visits, and some retail customers because there is no change to find, they learned to take a few cents to take the candy as a substitute for customers.

even some retail shop for a long time, but also the practice as an experience to impart to others. In this case, in the suburbs of small supermarkets and rural shops appear more. Although most retail customers are not interested, but I do not know, this seemingly humble approach, in fact, is against the interests of consumers. read more

Coke chickenhotpot heroes join a small business – business optimization

How about

focal chickenhotpot heroes? Good project, good choice. In fact, the choice of investment in food and beverage industry is very business opportunities, with the strength of choice. Open a house to their own coke heroes chickenhotpot stores, the shop is made!

focal chickenhotpot materials heroes are very fresh, but also joined more than 30 kinds of medicinal herbs in time into the dish, is very nutritious and healthy, also launched hundreds of new flavors, with chickenhotpot based Hot pot and dry pot, beef ribs derived from shrimp and other products. Coke heroes chickenhotpot shop good? Coke heroes chickenhotpot, 1-3 million people can set up shop, 2-3 can also choose good business, small business. read more

The ease of doing business of offending customers inadvertently


is paid great attention to the words, maybe not too easy to offend customers, but many shopkeepers are inadvertently offend customers, they also are not completely known, leading to the business of the shop is getting worse. Therefore, the operation of shops, daily need careful treatment, so as to ensure the development of the store business.

"boss, my son just bought new shoes out of your store? When I was shopping in your store, I didn’t know if I was still wearing it But soon came home to find the children today to buy a new shoes lost, the son did not know that the small shoes lost? A pair of shoes." read more

By the way how the popular choice of Health Museum

beauty health market, the development of large space, small business venture worthy of choice. In the health of many brands, the way health museum to join the project, is a very good choice for the potential business. How to join the health museum? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship.

as a beauty health hall joined the list of the most popular brands, the steamed to the original "Moxibustion Moxibustion", combined with the recipe fumigation, Yu Bian by features such as therapy, steaming, formation, three-dimensional three-in-one Bian moxibustion therapy. read more