Listen to the municipal government district magistrate honest

December 22nd, mayor Wang Yubo presided over the 2014 district work honest and clean report meeting. Wang Yubo stressed that the readme is self-examination, self-examination and self-discipline, but also exchanges, learning and learning, but also spur, inspire and forge ahead. The county departments responsible comrades to the honest, profound experience of "responsibility" and "discipline" two words, to carry out a good job, do good duty and keep good discipline, efforts to improve the ability and level to promote the county’s economic and social development.
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In July 10th, the province began enrollment

The reporter learned from the provincial admissions, secondary school enrollment in our province in 2014 enrollment began in July 10th. July 10th to 20 for the registration time, junior high school graduates, or with the same degree (with the province’s residence or residence permit) can apply. Filing time is from August 1st to 3.

Chinese new year to go to the grassroots level – to deepen the go turn to change, a hundred days of

Lunar New Year thirty. In the old days of the new year, the reporter went to the north and the people of Hui and Tu Autonomous County of the total Fort Township, the total village.

village is permeated with an atmosphere of joy and harmony, bursting with happiness, every family decorated, filled with festive flavor. A society of Li Shengcai is preparing for the new year with careful preparation, posted on the festive couplets, hung red lanterns, the expression of good wishes for the future, Li old man face is happy and happy. read more

Earthquake bureau to carry out earthquake disaster reduction propaganda in Nanchuan road middle scho

the afternoon of May 10th, the Municipal Seismological Bureau had a knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction campaign in Nanchuan road middle school. Activities invited experts on the first grade of more than 300 students to carry out earthquake knowledge training, after the staff of the school I watched the earthquake evacuation drills organized by the school, and made a relevant guidance.


11 private enterprises to complete the work of archives management

Recently, a reporter from the Xining City District Archives Bureau was informed that, at present, Xining, Xining Dongbao printing factory of Limited Liability Company, Xining Steel Group Co. Ltd source and a total of 11 enterprises, has completed the work of archives management specification.

it is reported that private enterprise archives is the formation of private enterprises in the production, management, scientific research, infrastructure and management activities, with various historical records of text, graphics, audio, electronic and other forms of search to preserve the value of the enterprise. read more