Xining has built 244 sanitation workers sanitation sanitation public rental housing 204 units

Since October 19th last year, Xining sanitation workers laid off 244 points, sanitation workers built public rental housing 204 sets, the transformation of the housing as a sanitation workers apartment 50. Xining four districts will also be new sanitation workers to rest, as one of the priorities of next year. This is November 13th, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of Xining.

in August 24th last year, the west city newspaper published reports "to the sanitation workers a stopping place", reflecting the four Xining city sanitation workers without rest space, only a small part of the sanitation workers in the nearby garbage transfer stations and public toilets management room, most of the sanitation workers rest open loop. After the publication of the report, caused strong repercussions in the community. Finally, in the West Sea metropolis newspaper urged, Xining has 138 sanitation workers rest. A number of units to the sanitation workers donated rice, flour, oil and other items, the public is also sanitation workers, sanitation work has more understanding and support. read more

Qinghai mutual hiking camping activities will be opened this year, more than and 300 provinces and b

7 in the morning, from inside and outside the province of more than and 300 lovers walking from Xining, gathered in the beautiful village of Huzhu Tu, held in Weiyuan in the town of the great beauty of Qinghai · similar cooperation "as the theme of the 2012 Qinghai mutual hiking camping activities.

it is reported that with the continuous improvement of living standards, set fitness, tourism, low carbon environmental protection in one of the hiking activities are springing up in our province, and has a good momentum of development, enjoys broad support in our province. In order to carry forward the Olympic spirit, promote our national fitness campaign, and further promote the beauty of Qinghai, stimulating mutual rich tourism and cultural resources, the Provincial Sports Bureau jointly with relevant departments, organized the event. At the same time, taking the hiking activities as an opportunity to create a series of outdoor activities, such as walking on the Qinghai Lake, Qilian, Qinghai, and so on.
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