IPO documents show Jingdong financing and development history

Jingdong originated in January 2004, Liu Qiangdong established an online retail site, since 2011, the company has experienced several shareholders from several financing.

2011, Jingdong issued 6 billion 237 million yuan through the issuance of ordinary shares. Which in April 2011, DST Global to about $200 million price of the acquisition of 39 million 821 thousand and 655 shares.

2012, Jingdong through the issuance of common shares, short-term bank loans and exercise warrants 2 billion 854 million yuan. read more

Taobao the day the sleeping beauty wakes up

in Pennsylvania in the United States of Pittsburgh, only a seventeen year old beautiful live version of the mermaid, the girl every day nearly 20 hours in the sleep, this often lasts for a month, the longest time even up to 64 days. It made her miss many good moments in her life.

in fact, many of our lives, although we wake up, but our thoughts are out of sleep, can not see the opportunity in their own side, can not grasp the good opportunity. Like some of the fledgling Taobao off, do not know how to promote their own, do not know how to better promote the product, do not know what kind of products should be promoted. read more

Share my hard journey and harvest for Taobao

The development and influence of the

Internet, a large number of real driving online entrepreneurs, whether it is Taobao or retail, online mall, advertising or other, are applied to the Internet has great relevance, so a lot of people really are online and a Wangzhuan industry, today to share with you my Taobao customer experience


actually I do Taobao off time is not long, but from which I really learn a lot of things, whether it is on the network’s understanding and operation, and development have a great impact! I do Taobao off is found with one of my colleagues have had the opportunity to chat, Yu Shima started read more

Invest 30 thousand to do e-commerce to earn ten million

we are living in a society with advanced technology, electronic commerce is gradually moving closer to us, and it brings us great convenience and opportunity. Who do not want to add color to their lives, who do not want to have a good life. As humans need a more easy way to make money, e-commerce is often all over the world.

today, inadvertently, let me find a piece of news on the Internet, the main content of this news is about a beauty after graduating from junior high school, in order to start to borrow 30 thousand dollars this year, to make a million. The online data on her numerous, for me, I did not see in the news, I really do not know who is Sun Yanyan? Just listening to friends mentioned, always think she is an entrepreneurial road a businesswoman for a long time. Today I know that she is only a girl of 24 years old, a 80 entrepreneurs, her hard work, she now e-commerce through this platform, let the little fluorescence stick into the CCTV "the same song". read more

WeChat officials individual purchasing new difficult to enjoy the consumer protection law protection

Legal Evening News (reporter Zhang Xin) the new "consumer protection law" the implementation of the full year, this morning, the Secretary of State Administration for Industry and consumer protection Yang Hongcan and China Consumers Association Secretary General Chang Yu network interviews on people.com.cn, the new "law" the implementation of various circumstances arise, an online exchange with netizens.

in the interview, Yang Hongcan said that the current rise of the individual purchasing WeChat, according to the new "law" provisions to protect the rights and interests of consumers. Chang Yu and remind consumers, online shopping regret right is no reason, if the goods have quality problems, can require businesses for three packs in the warranty period, do not be one concept. read more

E-commerce sites grow rapidly who will be the future overlord

Now the

electronic commerce website is more and more fire, B2B, B2C, C2C and so on, B2B is actually a kind of business to business model, free distribution network is a kind of rabbit model, which is the business release supply-demand information, some other businesses to buy. The B2C is also the most common, B2C is actually a business to customers a sales model, and the most typical even Dangdang and Jingdong mall. C2C is the customer to customer sales model, the most typical is Taobao and have these online shopping platform. read more