What is the management of tea shop tips

milk tea shop is now a lot of friends like to relax the place, now there are a lot of tea shop on the market. If you want to open a milk tea shop, the management needs to pay attention to what skills? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

a, diversified products to attract more customers

how to manage milk tea shop? A lot of tea shop inside the operating species is very simple, in addition to milk tea juice, there is nothing else to buy varieties. Of course, they will tell you, I have a lot of varieties, strawberry milk tea, pineapple milk tea, chocolate milk tea. No less than 20 kinds of taste, written on the full price of the table. To know that there are always some people do not choose to drink milk tea, how to grasp the needs of this part of the consumer, such as a man and a girlfriend two people go shopping, the girl to drink pearl milk tea and boys do not drink. At this time, how do we grasp this part of the consumer groups. Develop new products for them. This can meet the needs of two people at the same time. read more

The overall quality of the women’s organizations at the basic level in the North District of Xining

in order to further strengthen the construction of grass-roots organizations of women’s Federation, Chengbei District of Xining city in accordance with the "construction of a good team, a good team, a good atmosphere, a good mechanism, a good number of base or entity", organization of towns, street Federation grass-roots women’s organizations and carry out renovation work, young women cadres talent shows itself a large number of high quality culture, a good mass base, strong working ability and rich experience. read more

The longest tunnel on the highway of the Min Min highway — the White Horse Temple tunnel

in May 15th, the Ministry of transportation as the "six plan" traffic construction concentrated poverty mountain area and destitute "city east of Qinghai province transportation development plan" in the network level major project, and to the people of Xiao Xia Road (hereinafter referred to as the people of small road) twin tunnel through the white horse temple.

the small starting point is located in Gansu province highway Honggu District Xinzhuang north end point in Xiakou connected with Xining City Bayi Road Interchange, the route length of 118.81 km, which belongs to a standard of highway. Highway tunnel with 16 seat, 2 seat bridge, bridge 23, 17 seat, 31 seat bridge bridge etc.. Highway construction started in January 2014, is expected to be completed in September this year. read more

Retired cadres held in Xining, double first recognition of the general assembly Wang Xiao attended a

May 29th, Xining retired cadres advanced collectives and individuals in recognition of the General Assembly held at the Victory Hotel. Provincial Standing Committee, Xining party secretary Wang Xiao attended and spoke.

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