Yindajihuang west main canal project started

11 24 April yindajihuang xiganqu canal project construction ceremony held in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Castle Township, marking the yindajihuang project has opened a new page. Vice governor Yan Jinhai announced the start.

it is understood that the yindajihuang project is a large-scale comprehensive water conservancy project, the main task is to solve the urban life, ecology, industry, agriculture and animal husbandry in Huangshui River water problem area. The project mainly consists of "general, two libraries, three main component, namely water diversion canal, stone gorge reservoir, Heiquan reservoir phase, two north, North and west main canal. Estimated total investment of 14 billion 182 million yuan. read more

Xining to build the Internet plus characteristics of industrial system development of emerging indus

Until 2018 this year, Xining will seize the "Internet plus" opportunities, pay close attention to the development of application of tracking data, cloud computing, networking, network Crowdsourcing, Internet business model, and actively develop new industries and new formats.

in a period of three years a new round of the main market development plan to double, Xining city will be based on the new road to industrialization, on the basis of digitalization and intelligentization of the integration of information technology and manufacturing technology and manufacturing depth, and actively implement the intelligent digital network manufacturing, perfect manufacturing technology innovation system.
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Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) held fun games to celebrate International Labor Day

On the morning of April 26th, the Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) organized part of the enterprise workers and cadres to carry out the celebration of the May Day International Labor Day Games, the game is divided into two parts of the tug of war and climbing competition

4 26 in the morning, the Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) organization of the enterprise workers and cadres to carry out to celebrate 51 international labor day worker games, games are divided into two parts and climbing tug of war game. The 6 representatives of the enterprises and the economic and Trade Commission took part in the competition. read more

Xining into the forest fire prevention period from March 9th to April 20th to prohibit all forest fi

with the spring equinox, the solar term Qingming approaching, grave worship, outing and other life and farming fire surge, coupled with the recent hot, windy weather emerged, forest fire danger rating high. In March 12th, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of forest fire prevention headquarters learned that Xining has entered the annual forest fire prevention period of martial law, during the period from March 9th to April 20th, all smoking, burning paper, blasting and other Yewaiyonghuo behavior will be banned in the forest zone. read more

With the characteristics of the color key to choose a large profit margins

we all know, the key in our life, is the most common, is also the most indispensable supplies. What about the color keys? With the key features, always very attractive to the eyes of consumers, but also the most market space for the development of the project choice!

color key?

color key from the market, it has been widely sought after. And in its infinite appeal, but also better upgrade the actual use of the key lock.

speaking of color key shape, it is said that without end, like a movie star, cartoon animation, Gemini, playful animal, flowers, animals, idols, lovers luminous everything, and can be divided according to use ordinary household keys, insurance, car keys, keys safe keys, motorcycle the key, the key to the bike. Consumers to buy a color key, then your keys are no longer the same, you find the key luminous products is a good helper. read more

Xining jumped plateau strawberry city attracted eight tourists

Xing Xiang, Zhang Ji, 99…… These great in the domestic famous strawberry varieties are now successfully "copy" to the Qinghai plateau, growing success, become a greenhouse in winter and the specialty of Vegetable & Fruit, Qinghai sunshine, climate temperature, and provides a natural environment for the growth of strawberry, make them taste better, this is probably the last few in Shandong, some northeast farmers moved to the Qinghai plateau planting reason.

January 17th, the reporter saw in the Datong County Shennong Taoyuan, tender and full of bright red strawberries in the greenhouse, a few acres of land size, many tourists picking in the greenhouse. Datong County, Taoyuan Taoyuan Shennong Shennong Li Fuxiang, began a few years ago in Qinghai province respectively in Datong County, strawberry, north area and other places have special strawberry greenhouses, found that the introduction of strawberry varieties from northeast where planting effect is very obvious, can yield to about five thousand pounds, and these do not have listed strawberry now, the rural tourism have become more and more prosperous, so to the picking season, from Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Beijing, Shanghai and other places of tourists in a Greenhouse Strawberry is in a continuous line, these tourists inside and outside the province of circular package. In the whole picking season, through the opening of strawberry picking tour, can benefit an acre of land to 20 million yuan. (author: Zhang Lifeng) read more

What will be released in the future of the province’s human society

11 month 22 days, reporters from the province to implement the social development of the cause of the "13th Five-Year" planning work meeting was informed that the "13th Five-Year" period, system and policy in our province will implement a series of measures to protect and improve the livelihood of the people in the sharing in more sense, so that the fruits of development more equitably benefit of all the people.

, the province’s social undertakings "13th Five-Year" planning is divided into 8 chapters and 31 sections, the province’s social development guidelines and 6 goals, 19 main indexes, set up 8 column. Put forward to realize more fully and higher quality of employment, establish a more equitable and sustainable social security system, to further promote the reform of personnel system, deepen the reform of income distribution system, to build a harmonious labor relations and a series of targeted and operable policy initiatives. read more

Provincial admissions letter sent an open letter to the college entrance examination students

the upcoming college entrance examination, the provincial admissions in May 27th issued the "open letter" to the 2016 college entrance examination candidates and their parents, the majority of candidates can hope that the integrity of college entrance examination, in any case do not undermine the fairness of the exam system.

open letter pointed out: candidates to participate in the college entrance examination will be subject to the cancellation of penalties for violations, cheating will also be included in the integrity of the file and accept social inquiries. In 2015, the state criminal law (Amendment nine) will also organize cheating, cheating and cheating, cheating and cheating in criminal law. Open letter to remind the majority of candidates: one according to the admission ticket admission admission time to take the exam. Before entering the examination room, all candidates must take the initiative to accept the use of metal detectors to check the safety check and the examinee identity verification. Candidates should remember: it is strictly prohibited to carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, toxic chemicals, cheating equipment and camera, scanning equipment, correction fluid, correction tape, book, notebook and mobile phone, electronic watches, bracelet, with wireless receiving and electronic memory function communication tool into the examination room. The two is to understand the foreign language listening test procedures, so as not to affect the test. If the candidates have opinions on the sound effect, must raise their hands, and are not allowed to make a sound, when the examiner came close to reflect my opinion, and then continue to answer. If the candidates do not raise their hands on the sound effect of the hearing problems, to the end of the examination, leaving the examination room after any comments are not accepted. Three candidates must enter the examination room on time. In the examination room to obey invigilator management, consciously abide by the examination discipline. 15 minutes after the examination is not allowed to enter the test center to take the examination on the spot (foreign language courses at 14:45 after admission, candidates banned 30 minutes before the end of the exam) can you play, you are not allowed to stay out in the vicinity of the examination room or talk. The four is the examinee to correct the test, serious discipline, get rid of all the luck, dispel all cheating idea, honest examination. If the candidates have cheating on the exam, will be in accordance with the Ministry of education, 33 orders, criminal law (amendment No. nine) and other relevant provisions of severe punishment. read more

The first independent Rural Center in Northern District

The economic impact on the biological environment by Huang project achievements evaluation

recently, experts in science and Technology Department of the province, fishery environmental monitoring station to complete the "Qinghai province evaluation" big economic effects of Huang project on aquatic and water environment project evaluation results, finds its achievements have reached the leading domestic level.

yindajihuang project is known as one of Qinghai water conservancy project". The project of Interbasin Water Transfer Project of water diversion area, water reduction and dehydration river fish, plankton, algae, benthic animal, aquatic plants and other aquatic species composition, quantity distribution, biomass and amplitude and dominant species, biodiversity has carried out detailed investigation work. Through the investigation of the basic situation of Datong River and Huangshui River aquatic biological status, a detailed study of the construction of facilities for fish and fish breeding station engineering protection measures were put forward for the first time in the Yellow River, an important tributary of the fish channel construction project EIA project has become wading, model and demonstration effect. read more

A month of net income of more than twenty thousand of the shop

has such a small shop, an area of less than 30 square meters, what makes it more than 20 thousand yuan monthly net profit. The 28 year old Chen tomorrow of restless, working in Beijing for more than 8 years, he has been the dream is to create a career. Once, he saw a door labeled "transferable" in Fengtai District Majiabao Road business daily necessities shop, more than and 20 square meters.

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How to make their own way of entrepreneurship

venture is a risky investment, as the saying goes: venture capital, investment need to be cautious. Not all entrepreneurs entrepreneurial process is smooth sailing. The process of entrepreneurship will inevitably have a lot of ups and downs, then how can we minimize the business as much as possible, how to make the road to become more entrepreneurial?

to give young entrepreneurs advice, I can give too much, but I think the most important thing is that every young entrepreneurs should find their own master, in spirit, in the business can really help you, because no matter how this industry change, not the nature of the business change, business model has not changed, the corporate governance has not changed, I think these old guys are experienced. Young entrepreneurs to self breakthrough and self growth, but this growth can not rely on their own to realize, it is too slow, can not rely on stumble, because in the event of a somersault fall not, perhaps you could not climb up. read more

Beautiful Nanchuan river will return to the people around

March 22nd, Henan Nanchuan comprehensive management engineering section officially started construction, after completion of the project, Nanchuan River Basin will form a complete flood control system, flood control standards across the board to meet the design standards, all along the river of sewage collection, the municipal government will be presented to the general public a clear and coastal green, smooth and beautiful scene of the Nanchuan river.

Deputy secretary, mayor Wang Yubo

, World Bank senior experts, water conservancy project manager Zhang Ximing, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Fan Guoqing, vice mayor Xu Guocheng, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Fan Xingliang attended the groundbreaking ceremony. read more

First impression as the starting point Huangyuan County Bureau of Commerce and industry to enhance t

this is the province’s industrial and commercial systems wind for two years after the first year of free evaluation, but also to participate in the democratic appraisal and ranking. In order to do this work, Huangyuan County Industrial and Commercial Bureau take effective measures, and strive to obtain good results of PCED political work.

It is reported that

, Huangyuan County Industrial and Commercial Bureau from three aspects of the political popularity of wind construction work. First through the "four first" service to enhance the image of "first impression" as the starting point, actively carry out a greeting, a smile, a chair, a cup of hot water works, and operators closer distance, establish a good image of the business team; "the first door sill as a focal point to create high quality service window;" the first duty "as the focus, standardize administrative law enforcement behavior;" first responsibility "as the key point, to strengthen the work style construction. The second is to take a variety of forms, open remonstrance. Again is to improve the rectification mechanism to ensure the effectiveness of wind construction. (author: Shi Hailing Yuan Fang)
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Plenary meeting of the delegation of Qinghai

The delegation of Qinghai to attend the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress held a plenary meeting – Luo Huining was elected as the vice president of Pengmu Dongsheng Hao head

3 3 pm, attended the National People’s Congress of the four meeting of the Qinghai delegation held a plenary meeting, unanimously elected Luo Huining as the head of the delegation of Qinghai, Hao Peng, deputy head of the army, as deputy head of the delegation of the people’s Republic of China (). read more

Organized by the municipal Party committee, I and the motherland together, I and Qinghai with the de

Recently, the Xining Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League organized in the city, I was working with the motherland, I and Qinghai with the development of the situation policy education campaign

recently, the Xining Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League organized in the city, I was working with the motherland, I and Qinghai with the development of the situation policy education campaign.

activity is closely combined with the youth ideological reality and development demand, further publicize the party’s the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee and 2011 national "NPC and CPPCC" spirit, promote our country and province, city "11th Five-Year" period of great achievements in economic and social development and valuable experience, "12th Five-Year" period of economic and social development of the guiding ideology, the general idea, goal and task the party and the country’s major initiatives and policies. By invitation of Party and government leaders, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs, outstanding young cadres, held a report meeting, seminars, discussion exchange and other forms of propaganda activities, guide the Youth League in our city further reinforcement learning initiative in the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee to carry out the party’s spirit, enhance the implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, accelerate the transformation of economic development responsibilities and a sense of urgency, and actively join in the reform and opening up and socialist modernization, to build Xining into a life of the city, the city of happiness and civilization of the city and the implementation of the "12th Five-Year" planning target full force. read more

How much food stores need to open 30 square meters of investment budget is now announced

people’s living standards gradually improve, the demand for food is also getting higher and higher, so open a food store can let investors benefit a lot, then the cost of opening a food store about how much? Small series to 30 flat store food store as an example to calculate for you.

import food store investment budget

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Datong village cadres for the private 193 practical things

in this year’s "four four promotion activities, strengthen the" Datong County in order to promote the normalization of style building as the main line, and actively guide the countryside cadres leaned down to earth, people linked to heart, will ensure that the preferential policies for farmers of the party in time to the grassroots, implement.

in order to change the past to read the work of reading newspapers, read a single dull form of the document, the county cadres to carefully design the form of a variety of activities in the countryside, rich way to preach. A field of opinion will not only become the villagers will comment on the village, but also became a cadre to eliminate barriers to promote the work of the talk. A blackboard, billboards, affairs column in a flexible layout, made a penetrating analysis of not only the policy of benefiting the agriculture, and the hot and difficult issues to answer questions, make the party’s "three rural" policy clearly to the villagers heart. read more

Network virtual property stolen public security department, said so tube

I am very easy to have the value of more than 10 thousand yuan of online equipment, who would have thought overnight, I have to make a statement." In January 4th, Mr. Xu said angrily. Public Security Department said that the network virtual property theft, the police still tube.

, according to Mr. Xu, during the new year’s day, playing games on the Internet when he suddenly blindsided, his account stolen, million worth of gaming equipment come to nothing but he worked hard, this a few years practicing out. 360 security experts Shi Xiaohong said, at present, many online games are set to the level of every level, game player can get value ranging from equipment, some unscrupulous persons is the virtual property on the Internet users, Internet users use the Trojan to steal account and gaming equipment, re sold, profits. Grand 7 online vendors and 360 security center recently signed a cooperation agreement to jointly deal with the Trojan, they will this month, continue to provide free anti Trojan tool for Internet users. read more

Datong county religious affairs management service center

recently, Datong county religious affairs management service center was formally established, which marks the Datong County has a special service for ethnic minorities and religious services.

Datong County is a minority Autonomous County, the county’s total population of 455 thousand people, of which 166 thousand were religious people, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, the Catholic clergy Temple 130, 431. Religious people, religious temples, religious work tasks, to further improve the national minority and the patriotic religious organizations and all religious services, give full play to the role of bridge group, Datong county invested 150 thousand yuan to set up the religious temple and teaching staff of digital platform, set up the temple temple construction management, examination and approval the religious personnel, approval for the record, Muslim pilgrimage service window for the clergy, religious believers and the community to provide comprehensive, meticulous service. read more